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Student Experiences: Oresteia of Aeschylus
U-M students share their experiences of the rehearsal process.
Our Interview with Kodo’s Jun Akimoto
We chatted with Jun Akimoto, Kodo company manager, about the power of taiko drums, Kodo's mission to represent the living folk performing arts of Japan, and what they're looking forward to in their upcoming visit to Ann Arbor.
My Encounters with Gilberto Gil
It is an honor and a pleasure to be asked by UMS to write about Gil. Yet it wasn’t so easy to know where to start. I decided not to try to cover his music career or work as Minister of Culture, but instead to write about my personal memories of Gil, some of our common friends, and what it was like to see him here in Michigan, after so many years since our last encounter.
Rhino as Participant
Utilizing the expertise and enthusiasm of odd-toed herbivores in the family Rhinocerotidae to invite participatory experiences with the performing arts.
Presenting: UMS Tweet Seats Pilot Project
This season, UMS is launching a new pilot project: an experiment at the cross-section of live performing arts and technology commonly known as “tweet seats.”
(APAP + RCLA) ^ DC = LDI x 2
3 months ago, I provided some riveting coverage of the first convening of the second cohort of the LDI program. It is about time to revisit our progress. But you probably already concluded...
Einstein, Again
One of our most exciting events during the 2011-2012 season were the preview performances of Einstein on the Beach at the Power Center in January. Some UMS staff revisited Einstein at Luminato Festival. Learn what happens when you see Einstein twice.
Renegade Reflections – Guest Blog by Leslie Stainton
Lobby contributor Leslie Stainton will guest blog the San Francisco Symphony American Mavericks festival throughout this weekend.
My next-door neighbor, Goran Bregovic
It is serendipitous, even ironic, that here in Ann Arbor, Michigan I will see perform, for the first time, my neighbor from Sarajevo. Balkan music icon and acclaimed film composer Goran Bregovic,...
UMS on Film Series
Our 5 film picks for the 11/12 UMS Season!
Ahmad Jamal: Sampled Into The Hearts Of Hip-hop
While there are countless musicians of yester years that found revival in this hip-hop age, its legendary jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal that would contribute to some of the greatest hip-hop records of all time. The Loop Detroit's Kelly "K-Fresh" Frazier writes about the sampling of Ahmad Jamal.
11/12 International Theater Series
This year’s International Theater Series features three productions at the Power Center. A major series highlight is "Einstein on the Beach," the seminal opera by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson with choreography by Lucinda Childs. Considered one of the most remarkable performance works of our time, this performances launches a world tour of what will likely be the last reconstructions of this work designed and led by its original creators.
Ask an Artist: Jun Akimoto, Kodo member
The traditional Japanese drumming ensemble Kodo was last in Ann Arbor in 2008. The group was  a hands-down hit with audiences of all ages. Kodo returns to Hill Auditorium next Wednesday, February...
ONCE. MORE. Tour: 1960s Ann Arbor in Memory and Imagination
This past August, UMS Interim Director of Education Claire Rice made an interesting proposition: research and design a tour of the most important ONCE Festival-related sites in Ann Arbor. Of course, many of the original venues that housed ONCE performances or served as hangouts for the city’s artistic and political revolutionaries have been replaced or, even worse, erased. Thus the project became an exercise in excavation and imagination, as I set off to recreate, revisit, and remember some of the local sites that helped shape—and were shaped by—the artistic and political upheaval so prevalent at that time.
ONCE. MORE.: an introduction by Mark Clague
“Once” signals intensity, a singularity of purpose. Never a thing, once is always in action: a fleeting opportunity to be seized in time and witnessed. Once is energy, excitement, ambition, possibility, community. Every art, in its broadest sense, aspires to once. Performance catalyzes intent to transform time into communication: while materials may be reused—performer, audience, and context are always in motion, always changing, and thus artistic expression occurs in precisely the same way only once.
UMS Staff Picks: Takács Quartet selected by Liz Stover, Programming Coordinator
We’ve heard the Takács Quartet perform many times here in Ann Arbor (12, to be exact), but I’m also excited to hear them collaborate with other notable musicians: pianist Jeffrey Kahane (who is also music director of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and Colorado Symphony), bassist John Feeney (principal bass of the Orchestra of St. Luke’s in New York), and cellist Paul Katz (who performed here three times as cellist of the Cleveland Quartet).