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Financial Reports & Strategic Plan

As a nonprofit organization that is funded largely by contributions from individuals, local businesses, corporations, private foundations, and government agencies, UMS strives to be as transparent as possible to the people and agencies that provide generous annual support. The following links offer more detailed information about UMS, including past annual reports that offer a snapshot of recent seasons and accomplishments, our finances, and our plans for the future.

Annual Reports

Financial Statements

UMS Financial Information on Financial and other organizational information about UMS, including links to our annual IRS filings, can be accessed via Guidestar, a public charity that collects, organizes, and presents information about U.S. nonprofit organizations in easy-to-understand formats.

Audited Financial Statements

Strategic Plans

Cultural Data Project Funders Report: UMS participates in the Cultural Data Project, a system through which arts and cultural organizations enter financial, programmatic and operational information into a standardized online form. First launched in Pennsylvania in 2004, the CDP now serves more than 14,000 organizations in 12 states and the District of Columbia. The Funders Report included here was created for Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, the state arts agency in Michigan.