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What to Expect

One of the joys of attending live performances is sharing these experiences with others and feeling the energy that a room full of people creates.

We also know that everyone enjoys the performance experience in different ways, so we encourage you to think about making choices when you enter the venue that allows you to be present, leave the worries of the day outside, and receive what the experience holds in store.

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Is there a dress code? What should I wear?

Wear what you want to the performance — this is Ann Arbor, after all! If you feel inspired to dress in some way related to the show, go for it. Express your own creativity.

Think about whether it is necessary to wear your favorite perfume to the performance. Chances are that the folks sitting around you may appreciate an unscented experience.

Can I take photos?

Pre- and post-concert selfies and stage shots are great moments to share. Use the hashtag #UMSpresents and we may even feature your post! As a courtesy to your fellow audience members and our artists on stage, please remember that taking photos or using mobile devices while the performance is in progress is strictly prohibited (unless otherwise authorized by the artists).

More Tips for a great shared experience

Turn off cell phones and electronic devices. We all know how terrible it is when a phone rings during a performance. It breaks that special bond between a performer and the audience. Illuminated screens on phones are also a visual distraction in a darkened theater.

Our volunteer ushers are invaluable. They will show you to your seat, give you a program, answer questions, assist patrons with accessibility needs, and welcome you to the experience. Please do not hesitate to ask them for help.

While we do our best to speed things along, you should anticipate a minimum of a 10-minute wait for will call pick-up tickets.

Thankfully, we manage to keep last-minute changes to a minimum, but please remember that all artists and programs are subject to change at a moment’s notice. Make sure that our Ticket Office has your email address on file as we often communicate last-minute changes through email.

Large-print programs are available. Ask an usher.

We make every effort to begin performances on time. The start time reflects a combination of considerations. Late seating is not guaranteed. Once a performance has begun, we will seat you if there is an appropriate break in the program. We work with the artists to determine late seating breaks that will not disrupt their performance or the experience of the audience.