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UMS Rewind is our searchable online database of performances, programs, and repertoire, dating back to our first concert in 1879.
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(Ex: Berlioz, Coppelia, Beethoven)


UMS is thrilled to share our history through UMS Rewind, our searchable online database of performances, programs, and photos. UMS Rewind covers everything from Sergei Rachmaninoff’s UMS debut in November 1920 to the Chicago Symphony’s 205th UMS concert in October 2015, and we hope you’ll be able to re-live memories of attending UMS performances in Ann Arbor whether you’re a long-time local patron, a U-M alumnus now living afar, or a new U-M student on campus! We encourage you to share your comments and memories of performances with us through our “Tell Us Your Memories” feature.

We are also delighted to welcome researchers, musicologists, and colleagues at arts organizations throughout the world. We hope you’ll find UMS Rewind a valuable tool for discovering information about the history of touring in the performing arts in America, as well as snapshots of artists’ careers, notable debuts, and world premieres that have taken place at venues on the University of Michigan campus, in Ann Arbor, and in Southeast Michigan.

The information contained within the archive has been edited for style, consistency, and accuracy. Errors, however, are inevitable. Find something that doesn’t look right? Have other feedback you’d like to share? Please contact us and let us know.

The Future of UMS Rewind

UMS Rewind will continue to grow with every UMS performance and season. The archive is up-to-date with artist, repertoire, and performance information, with digitized programs accompanying each event as of April 2020. A selection of photos from our photo archive are also available to view. A large selection of our photo archive also remains to be digitized and will be added in the future. Many other forms of media exist in UMS’s offline archive, including press clippings, audio and video recordings, scrapbooks, print pieces, marketing materials, and artist files. We look forward to making these accessible as we successfully secure funding and permission to do so.

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