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Welcome back to live events!

As we enter our 2022/23 season, Covid is generally resulting in mild cases for most who contract it. In light of this, and the very high vaccination and booster rates in both the UMS and U-M communities, we are adjusting our health and safety policies.

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UMS is proud to be a part of the Ann Arbor community and we hope you enjoy your performance and time here as much as we do.

Did you know…

  • Ann Arbor has more restaurants per capita than New York City.
  • UMS has been around since 1879 and offers over 60 performances each year.
  • Ann Arbor has over 150 parks.
  • There are five colleges and universities located in the city.

Parking information and directions are available from each venue page. Please note: Parking structures are cash-only.

For more information about Ann Arbor, visit and

Love great music, theater, and dance?

Love great music, theater, and dance?

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