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We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to the many individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies who have helped to make UMS’s performances and educational programs possible.

Please call 734.647.1175 to make an additional gift, report changes, or make corrections.

◈ Denotes special appreciation to those donors who have made a dual investment in UMS as 2019-20 series subscribers as of August 10, 2019

UMS Annual Support

Thank you to our community of donors who have made generous annual gifts over the past year between September 1, 2017 and September 1, 2018.

◈ indicates individuals who have made an important dual investment in UMS as donors and series subscribers

Producers ($500,000 or more)
Directors ($100,000-$499,999)

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Rachel Bendit and Mark Bernstein ◈
Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
William Davidson Foundation
Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation ◈
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Michigan Medicine
Stavros Niarchos Foundation
University of Michigan Credit Union
The Wallace Foundation

Soloists ($50,000-$99,999)

Menakka and Essel Bailey ◈
Brian and Mary Campbell
DTE Energy Foundation
Ford Motor Company Fund
Patti Askwith Kenner
in memory of her father Bert Askwith (1911-2015)
Matt and Nicole Lester Family
Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs
Michigan Economic Development Corporation
National Endowment for the Arts
Tim and Sally Petersen ◈
Jay Ptashek and Karen Elizaga

Maestros ($20,000-$49,999)

Paul M. Angell Family Foundation
Emily W. Bandera, M.D. ◈
Bank of Ann Arbor ◈
Maurice and Linda Binkow ◈
Peter and Julie Cummings
Commission on Middle Eastern American Affairs
Stephen and Rosamund Forrest ◈
Susan and Richard Gutow ◈
David and Phyllis Herzig ◈
Michael and Kristie Martin/Martin Family Foundation
Thomas and Deborah McMullen
Michigan Engineering
Daniel and Sarah Nicoli ◈
Gilbert Omenn and Martha Darling ◈
PNC Foundation
Richard and Norma Sarns
Elaine and Peter Schweitzer
Joe and Yvonne Sesi/Sesi Lincoln
Nancy and James Stanley ◈
Mrs. Lois Stegeman
Louise Taylor ◈
Ronald and Eileen Weiser
Max Wicha and Sheila Crowley ◈

Virtuosos ($10,000-$19,999)

Ronnie and Larry Ackman
Jan and Sassa Akervall/Akervall Technologies Inc.
Barbara and Daniel Balbach
Elaine Bennett
Andrew and Lisa Bernstein
Carl Cohen ◈
Conlin Travel/Chris and Dana Conlin ◈
Dr. Lisa D. Cook
Mary C. Crichton Estate
Julia Donovan Darlow and John Corbett O’Meara ◈
Dennis A. Dahlmann and Patricia M. Garcia
Jim and Patsy Donahey ◈
John Dryden and Diana Raimi ◈
Barbara G. Fleischman
Barbara Garavaglia
Anne and Paul Glendon ◈
Joel Howell and Linda Samuelson ◈
Timothy and Jo Wiese Johnson ◈
Sally Kennedy ◈
in memory of David Kennedy
Kathy Legatski
in memory of Leo Legatski
David Leichtman and Laura A. McGinn
Level X Talent
Joseph Malcoun and Caitlin Klein
Masco Corporation Foundation
Mrs. Robert E. Meredith ◈
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Morelock ◈
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Agnes Moy-Sarns and David Sarns ◈
Mitchell and Caroline Nussbaum Family Fund
Old National Bank
James A. Read
Anthony L. Reffells ◈
Retirement Income Solutions
SavCo Hospitality
Jane and Edward Schulak ◈
Ellie Serras ◈
Anne and Knut Simonsen ◈
Gary and Diane Stahle
Peter Toogood and Hanna Song ◈
Matthew VanBesien and Rosie Jowitt
Robert O. and Darragh H. Weisman ◈
Ann and Clayton Wilhite ◈
Sandy and Jon Willen
in honor of Brian and Monika’s 15th anniversary
Gerald (Jay) and Christine Zelenock ◈

Concertmasters ($5,000-$9,999)

Michael Allemang and Janis Bobrin ◈
Carol Amster ◈
Karen Bantel and Steve Geiringer ◈
Joan Binkow ◈
Gary Boren ◈
Carl and Isabelle Brauer Fund
Edward and Mary Cady ◈
Valerie and David Canter ◈
Comerica Bank
Katherine and Clifford Cox ◈
Timothy and Robin Damschroder
Keith and Alison Dickey
John and Jackie Farah/Imagine Fitness & Yoga
David and Jo-Anna Featherman ◈
George W. Ford ◈
Betsy Foxman and Michael Boehnke ◈
The children of Marian P. and David M. Gates, in their memory
Charles H. Gershenson Trust, Maurice Binkow, Trustee
Katherine and Tom Goldberg
The Hagerman Foundation
Norman and Debbie Herbert ◈
Carl and Charlene Herstein ◈
Honigman LLP
Wally and Robert Klein
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Kolins ◈
Samuel and Marilyn Krimm ◈
Earl Lewis and Susan B. Whitlock
Carolyn and Paul Lichter ◈
Richard and Carolyn Lineback ◈
Tim and Lisa Lynch ◈
Mainstreet Ventures
The Mardi Gras Fund/Rob and Quincy Northrup
Elaine and Bertram Pitt ◈
Philip and Kathy Power ◈
Eleanor Pollack ◈
Rosenberg Foundation Fund ◈
Prue Rosenthal ◈
Lois Stegeman ◈
Stout Systems / Gail Ferguson Stout ◈
Karen and David Stutz ◈
Ed and Natalie Surovell ◈
Jim Toy ◈
Bruce G. Tuchman
Dody Viola ◈
Shaomeng Wang and Ju-Yun Li

Leaders ($2,500-$4,999)

Jim and Barbara Adams ◈
Michael and Suzan Alexander ◈
Arts Midwest Touring Fund
John and Lillian Back ◈
Dr. Carol Barbour and Dr. Sid Gilman ◈
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bartlett ◈
Bradford and Lydia Bates ◈
Anne Beaubien and Phil Berry ◈
Ronald and Linda Benson
Tom and Lori Buiteweg ◈
Carolyn M. Carty and Thomas H. Haug ◈
Anne and Howard Cooper
Ryan Davis
Marylene Delbourg-Delphis
Monique and Dennis Deschaine ◈
Sharon and Dallas Dort
Joan Engel ◈
Sara and Michael Frank ◈
Thomas and Barbara Gelehrter ◈
John R. Griffith ◈
Robert and Karen Hahn ◈
Randall and Nancy Harbour ◈
Clifford and Alice Hart ◈
Brandi and Charles Hudson
Ibrahim and Therese Jarjoura
Ms. Barbara Kaye and Dr. John Hogikyan
Tom and Connie Kinnear
Diane Kirkpatrick ◈
Phil Klintworth
Donald and Jeanne Kunz ◈
Ted and Wendy Lawrence ◈
W. Harry Marsden ◈
Jerry A. and Deborah Orr May
Erin McKean and Steve Sullivan
Bert and Kathy Moberg ◈
Paul Morel and Linda Woodworth
Ruth Mott Foundation
New England Foundation for the Arts
William Nolting and Donna Parmelee ◈
Susan Pollans and Alan Levy ◈
Rick and Mary Price ◈
Jim and Bonnie Reece ◈
Jeri Rosenberg and Vic Strecher
Dr. and Mrs. Nathaniel H. Rowe ◈
Charlie and Catherine Schwartz
Frankie and Scott Simonds ◈
Susan M. Smith and Robert H. Gray ◈
Juanita and Joseph Spallina ◈
Danielle Stewart
Robert and Cynthia VanRenterghem
Robert and Rose Wagner ◈
Stanford and Sandra Warshawsky
Elise Weisbach ◈
Brian Willen and Monica Hakimi ◈
Max and Mary Wisgerhof ◈

Patrons ($1,000-$2,499)

Richard and Mona Alonzo ◈
Christiane Anderson
Neil P. Anderson
Carmen and Chris Andrianopoulos
Mrs. E. Tissy Ansbacher
Harlene and Henry Appelman ◈
Bob and Martha Ause ◈
Jonathan and Teresa Ayers ◈
Lisa and Jim Baker
Laurence R. and Barbara K. Baker ◈
John and Ginny Bareham ◈
David and Monika Barera
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bartlett
Kathy Benton and Robert Brown
Rosemary R. Berardi and Carolyn R. Zaleon ◈
Ramon and Peggy Berguer
in honor of James Stanley MD
Raymond and Janet Bernreuter
Jack Billi and Sheryl Hirsch
Sara Billmann and Jeffrey Kuras
John Blankley and Maureen Foley
Howard and Margaret Bond ◈
Rebecca S. Bonnell
Charles and Linda Borgsdorf ◈
Grace Jordison Boxer ◈
in memory of Laurence A. Boxer
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Bozell ◈
R.M. Bradley and C.M. Mistretta
Pamela Brown
David J. Brown MD
Robert and Jeannine Buchanan ◈
Alan Burg and Kenneth Hillenburg ◈
Charles and Joan Burleigh ◈
Andrew and Michelle Caird ◈
Barbara and Skip Campbell
Sally Camper and Bob Lyons ◈
Thomas and Marilou Capo
Jean and Ken Casey ◈
Anne Chase ◈
Patricia Chatas ◈
Mark Clague and Laura Jackson ◈
Cheryl and Brian Clarkson
Deborah Keller-Cohen and Evan Cohen ◈
Ellen and Hubert Cohen ◈
Roger and Midge Cone ◈
Mac and Nita Cox
Kyle Cozad
Drs. Reates Curry and Alec Gallimore
Christopher Dahl and Ruth Rowse
in memory of David Krehbiel
Joanne Danto and Arnold Weingarden
Michele Derr
in memory of Ellwood Derr
Richard and Jill DeVries ◈
in memory of their son Robert Schafer DeVries
Sally and Larry DiCarlo
in honor Lois Stegeman
Macdonald and Carolin Dick
Andrzej and Cynthia Dlugosz ◈
Molly Dobson
DTE Energy Corporate Services
Jill and Doug Dunn
Peter and Grace Duren
Charles and Julia Eisendrath ◈
Johanna Epstein and Steven Katz
Harvey and Elly Falit ◈
David Fink and Marina Mata
Penny and Ken Fischer
Susan R. Fisher ◈
Esther Floyd
Dan and Jill Francis
Leon and Marcia Friedman
Bill and Boc Fulton ◈
Jan Garfinkle and Mike O’Donnell
Beverley and Gerson Geltner ◈
Zita and Wayne Gillis ◈
Heather and Seth Gladstein
Thea Glicksman ◈
Drs. Vijay and Sara Goburdhun
John and Sherri Goff
Trudy and Arthur Golden
Cozette Grabb ◈
John and Renee Greden ◈
Richard and Linda Greene
Raymond Grew
Ken and Margaret Guire ◈
Roopa and Hitinder Gurm
Stephen and Jessica Gushée
Jeff Hannah and Nur Akcasu
Alan Harnik and Professor Gillian Feeley-Harnik ◈
Larry Hastie
Dan and Jane Hayes ◈
Anne Heacock and Stephen Fisher
Sivana Heller ◈
Stephen Henderson
Maurita Holland ◈
Robert and Barbara Hooberman ◈
Robert and Joan Howe ◈
Dr. Joachim Janecke ◈
in memory of Christa Janecke
Drs. Kent and Mary Johnson ◈
Liz Johnson ◈
Alan Kalter and Chris Lezotte ◈
Jim Keller and Mary Ellen Hoy ◈
James A. Kelly and Mariam C. Noland
William and Mary Kinley
Jean and Arnold Kluge ◈
Carolyn and Jim Knake ◈
Michael J. Kondziolka and Mathias-Philippe Badin
Henry and Paula Lederman
Richard LeSueur ◈
Peter Levitt
Sally and Bill Lincoln
E. Daniel and Kay Long ◈
J. E. Long ◈
Fran Lyman
in honor of Jean Taylor
John and Cheryl MacKrell ◈
Chrislan and Warde Manuel
Betsy Yvonne Mark ◈
Emily Moore-Marshall and Tim Marshall
Ann W. Martin and Russ Larson ◈
Mary M. Matthews ◈
in memory of Chandler W. Matthews
Ernest and Adele McCarus ◈
Laurie McCauley and Jessy Grizzle ◈
Doug and Cate McClure
Griff and Pat McDonald ◈
Cyril Moscow
Mona Mullick
Heidi Naasko
M. Haskell and Jan Barney Newman ◈
John and Ann Nicklas ◈
Susan and Mark Orringer
Carlos Palomares and Julia Owens
Arthur Patstone
in memory of Charlotte VanCurler
Wesen and William Peterson
Pfizer Foundation
Mark and Margaret Pieroni ◈
Stephen and Bettina Pollock ◈
Sara A. Pozzi ◈
Helmut Puff
Jeff and Katie Reece
Donald Regan and Elizabeth Axelson ◈
Ray and Ginny Reilly ◈
Malverne Reinhart ◈
Guy and Kathy Rich ◈
Ted and Minney Robb
in memory of Ami Rosenthal
Savarino Properties ◈
Albert J. and Jane L. Sayed ◈
Erik and Carol Serr
Matthew Shapiro and Susan Garetz ◈
in memory of Janet Reinstein Shapiro
Janet Shatusky
Carl Simon and Bobbi Low ◈
Carl and Jari Smith
in memory of John B. Kennard
Rodney Smith and Janet Kemink ◈
Becki Spangler and Peyton Bland
Ted St. Antoine ◈
Michael B. Staebler and Jennifer R. Poteat
Steve Stancroff and Tamar Springer ◈
Eric and Ines Storhok
Dalia and Stan Strasius
Judy and Lewis Tann ◈
Keturah Thunder-Haab
Michael and Marcia Torrey ◈
Louise Townley ◈
Jeffrey and Lisa Tulin-Silver
Susan B. Ullrich ◈
UMS Ambassadors
in memory of Linda Levy
Jack and Marilyn van der Velde ◈
Alicia Van Pelt
Carol VanBesien
Bob and Liina Wallin ◈
Paul Ward and Laura Lamps ◈
Joyce Watson and Marty Warshaw
Harvey and Robin Wax ◈
Edward and Colleen Weiss ◈
Kathy White
Mac and Rosanne Whitehouse ◈
John and Pat Wilson
Charles Witke and Aileen Gatten
Drs. Margo and Douglas Woll
Douglas Wood and Kay Holsinger ◈
The Worsham Family Foundation ◈
Bruce and Lois Zenkel

Benefactors ($500-$999)

Julie and Bob Abel
Sallie Abelson
Roger Albin and Nili Tannenbaum ◈
Michael Allemang and Janis Bobrin ◈
in memory of Dennis Serras
Michael Allemang and Janis Bobrin ◈
in memory of Ami Rosenthal
James and Catherine Allen ◈
Susan and Richard Allison
David Ammer and Nell Duke
Barbara A. Anderson
Gaard and Ellen Arneson
Penny and Arthur Ashe ◈
Reg and Pat Baker ◈
Dr. Jayapalli R. Bapuraj
Nancy Barbas and Jonathan Sugar ◈
Astrid B. Beck ◈
LS Berlin and Jean McPhail ◈
in honor of Ken Fischer
Inderpal and Martha Bhatia ◈
Charles Bright and Susan Crowell ◈
William Brinkerhoff and Kathy Sample
David and Sharon Brooks ◈
Trudy Bulkley ◈
in memory of Jonathan Bulkley
Barbara and Albert Cain
Susan and Oliver Cameron ◈
Thomas and Colleen Carey ◈
Jack and Susan Carlson ◈
Jenny and Jim Carpenter ◈
John and Bogdana Carpenter ◈
Karen and Charlie Chapell ◈
Laurence Cheung
John and Camilla Chiapuris
Hilary U. Cohen ◈
Jon and Cindy Coleman ◈
Mary Sue and Kenneth Coleman
Connie and Jim Cook
Arnold and Susan Coran
George and Ann Crane ◈
John and Mary Curtis ◈
Joseph R Custer MD and Bonnie Pankopf Kulp ◈
Amal and Gregory Dalack
David Deromedi ◈
Gary Dolce and Karen Yamada ◈
Jane Dutton and Lloyd Sandelands
Gavin Eadie and Barbara Murphy ◈
Alan S. Eiser ◈
Eva Feldman
Phillip and Phyllis Fellin
Carol Finerman ◈
Kathleen and Philip Fleming
Scott and Janet Fogler
George W. Ford ◈
in memory of Steffi Reiss
Spencer Ford and Susan Goldsmith
David Fox and Paula Bockenstedt ◈
Betsy Foxman and Michael Boehnke ◈
in memory of Ken Guire
Judy and Paul Freedman
Susan L. Froelich and Richard E. Ingram
Janet and Charles Garvin ◈
Sandra Gast and Greg Kolecki ◈
David and Maureen Ginsburg
Steve Glauberman and Margaret Schankler
Robert A. Goldberg
Kathryn Goodson and John Hieftje
Martha and Larry Gray
Linda Gregerson and Steven Mullaney ◈
Nicki Griffith
Jeremy and Cynthia Guiles
in memory of David Kennedy
Arthur W. Gulick
Talbot and Jan Hack
Carl Haske ◈
J. Lawrence Henkel and Jacqueline Stearns ◈
Margaret Higley
Paul and Nancy Hillegonds
Timothy Hofer and Valerie Kivelson
Carol Hollenshead and Bruce Wilson
Jim and Colleen Hume
Ann D. Hungerman ◈
Eileen and Saul Hymans
Jean Jacobson
Henry and Billie Johnson
Mark and Linda Johnson ◈
Lawrence Jones ◈
Mattias Jonsson and Johanna Eriksson
James Joyce and Emily Santer
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Mark and Madolyn Kaminski ◈
Carol and Mark Kaplan
Charles and Christina Kim
Laurence King and Robyn Frey King
Rich and Myra Klarman
Jane Fryman Laird ◈
John K. Lawrence and Jeanine A. DeLay ◈
James Leija and Aric Knuth
Rod and Robin Little
John and Shannon Lohr ◈
William and Lois Lovejoy ◈
Brigitte Maassen ◈
Preeti Malani and Mark Zacharek ◈
Melvin and Daisy Jean Manis ◈
Martha Mayo and Irwin Goldstein ◈
William and Jan Maxbauer
Margaret and Harris McClamroch ◈
Susan McClanahan and Bill Zimmerman ◈
Daniel and Carol McDonnell
James H. McIntosh and Elaine K. Gazda ◈
Joanna McNamara
in memory of Dr. Paul Kissner
Semyon and Terry Meerkov
Fei Fei and John Metzler ◈
James M. Miller and Rebecca H. Lehto ◈
Candy and Andy Mitchell
Kara and Lewis Morgenstern ◈
Genevieve and James Morrissey ◈
Trevor Mudge and Janet Van Valkenburg ◈
Drs. Louis Nagel and Julie Jaffee Nagel
Erika Nelson and David Wagener
Beth Nissen ◈
Marylen S. Oberman
Elizabeth Ong ◈
Marysia Ostafin and George Smillie ◈
Elisa Ostafin and Hossein Keshtkar ◈
Karen Park and John Beranek ◈
Marianne Udow-Phillips and Bill Phillips
Joyce Plummer ◈
Bill and Diane Pratt
John and Nancy Prince ◈
Patricia L. Randle and James R. Eng ◈
Jessica C. Roberts ◈
in memory of MK Joscelyn
Doug and Nancy Roosa
Richard and Edie Rosenfeld
Eric Russell and Randel Richner
Ina and Terry Sandalow
Ashish and Norma Sarkar
John Scudder and Regan Knapp
Harriet Selin ◈
Elvera Shappirio ◈
Nina Silbergleit ◈
Edward and Kathy Silver ◈
Sandy and Dick Simon ◈
Robert and Elaine Sims
Sue and Don Sinta
Brooks Sitterley
Sidonie Smith and Greg Grieco
Barbara Furin Sloat ◈
Gretta Spier and Jonathan Rubin ◈
Sandra and Doug Bitonti Stewart
Cynthia Stewart ◈
Stephan Taylor and Elizabeth Stumbo ◈
Stephanie Teasley and Thomas Finholt
William Tennant
Ted and Eileen Thacker ◈
Claire Turcotte ◈
Joyce Urba and David Kinsella ◈
Karla and Hugo Vandersypen ◈
Elizabeth A. and David C. Walker ◈
Arthur and Renata Wasserman ◈
in memory of James Kister
Gwyneth Webb
in memory of David Kennedy
Richard and Madelon Weber ◈
John Weber and Dana Zakalik
Deborah Webster and George Miller ◈
Neal and Susan Weinberg ◈
Stephen and Amy West
Robert Westveer ◈
James B. White and Mary F. White ◈
Fred Whithouse
Marina and Robert Whitman
in memory of Ami Rosenthal
Dianne Widzinski
David and Anne Wilhoit ◈
Thomas K. Wilson ◈
Lawrence and Mary Wise
Deanne Woodruff ◈
Mary Jean and John Yablonky ◈
Thomas and Karen Zelnik ◈

Associates ($250-$499)

Judith Abrams
Diane M. Agresta ◈
Gordon and Carol Allardyce
John Allison and Julia Miller
Helen and David Aminoff
Catherine M. Andrea
Ann Arbor Area Piano Teachers Guild
in memory of Gail Davis Barnes and Natalie Matovinovic
Ralph and Elaine Anthony ◈
Michael Atzmon ◈
Lynn Baldwin and Tim McIntyre
Barbara Barclay ◈
Robert and Linda Barry ◈
Frank and Lindsay Tyas Bateman
Gary Beckman and Karla Taylor ◈
in memory of Michael Bonner
Christina Bellows and Joe Alberts
Merete B. Bengtsson
in memory of Erling Bengtsson
Sheldon and Barbara Berry
Mary E. Black
Roberta and Donald Blitz ◈
Ronald and Mimi Bogdasarian
in memory of Howard Cooper
Mrs. Laura and Mr. Mark Bomia
Joel Bregman and Elaine Pomeranz ◈
Raya and Morton Brown ◈
David Burks ◈
Tony and Jane Burton ◈
Matt Castanier and Anne Marsan ◈
MJ Cartwright and Tom Benedetti
Angela Cesere and Rob Thomas
Samuel and Roberta Chappell
Felix and Ann Chow ◈
Reginald and Beverly Ciokajlo ◈
Lynette Clemetson
Gerald and Vivan Cole
Barbara Comai ◈
Jane Cowan-Zeidner
Susan Bozell Craig and Family
Clifford and Laura Craig
Edwin and Ruth Curley
Marylee Dalton and Lynn Drickamer ◈
Connie D’Amato
Susan T. Darrow ◈
Ed and Ellie Davidson ◈
Brian and Meg Delaney ◈
Dr. Kirk Donaldson D.D.S. and Dr. K. Guenther D.D.S. ◈
John Dryden and Diana Raimi ◈
in honor of the wedding of Jeffrey Ellison and Anastasia Cadotte
Don and Kathy Duquette ◈
Ed and Mary Durfee
Swati Dutta ◈
James Eder and Kimberly Redic
Morgan and Sally Edwards ◈
Charles and Julie Ellis ◈
Susan Feigenson ◈
Kay Felt
in honor of DJ and Dieter Boehm
Herschel and Adrienne Fink ◈
C. Peter and Beverly A. Fischer
Jessica Fogel and Lawrence Weiner
Ruth C. Forrest ◈
Paul and Jennifer Fossum ◈
Randall and Ellen Frank
Bernard Friedman and Sarah Mack ◈
Esther and Peretz Friedmann
Philip and Renée Woodten Frost ◈
Carol Gagliardi and David Flesher
Chris Gardiner and Cynthia Koch ◈
Gwyn and Jay Gardner
Michael Gatti and Lisa Murray
Chris Genteel and Dara Moses
Renate Gerulaitis ◈
J. Martin and Tara M. Gillespie
Brenda and John Gillespie
in memory of Ken Guire
Hanna and Peter Goodstein
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Janet Goss
Michael L. Gowing
Christopher and Elaine Graham ◈
Linda Grekin ◈
William and Martha Grimes
Joan Grissing
Henry Grix and Howard Israel
in honor of John Lawrence and Jeanine DeLay
Susan Guszynski and Gregory Mazure
Drs. Erik and Dina Hanby
Marci Hannewald ◈
Susan R. Harris ◈
David N. Harris ◈
Martin and Connie Harris ◈
Jim Heaton and Lou Ellyn Green ◈
Joel and Jacqui Heidelbaugh
Lisa and John Herrst
in honor of Sarah Nicoli
Maxine and Jeff Hoffman ◈
Carol and Dieter Hohnke
Ronald and Ann Holz
Marjorie Horton and John Kuwada
Paul Hossler and Charlene Bignall ◈
Ken and Carol Hovey
Rowell and Alice Huesmann
Mrs. Gaye Humphrey
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Suzette Isackson ◈
Sue and Kevin Johnson
in memory of Ami Rosenthal
Sharon and Jack Kalbfleisch
Monica and Fritz Kaenzig
David and Gretchen Kennard ◈
in memory of John B. Kennard, Jr.
James and Patricia Kennedy ◈
Bonnie and Robert Kidd ◈
Paul and Leah Kileny ◈
Elizabeth Kirksey ◈
Michael Koen ◈
Rosalie and Ron Koenig
Joseph and Marilynn Kokoszka
Bert and Geraldine Kruse
Tim and Kathy Laing ◈
David Lampe and Susan Rosegrant ◈
Lucy and Ken Langa ◈
Linda M. Langer
John and Theresa Lee
Frank Legacki and Alicia Torres ◈
John Lesko and Suzanne Schluederberg
Joan and Melvyn Levitsky ◈
Don and Erica Lindow
Julie M. Loftin ◈
E. Daniel and Kay Long ◈
in memory of Ken Guire
Barbara and Michael Lott
Barbara and Edward Lynn
Louis and Carol MacCini ◈
Prof. William Malm and Jutta Gerber-Malm ◈
Tamar Margolis
Susan E. Martin ◈
Rowena and Larry Matthews
in memory of Minor J. Coon
Judythe and Roger Maugh
Peggy McCracken and Doug Anderson ◈
Courtney and Paul McCreadie
Marilyn Meeker
Dr. Gerlinda S. Melchiori ◈
Herman and Bernice Merte ◈
Jerry and Emily Miller ◈
John and Sally Mitani ◈
Dagmar Moore ◈
Brian and Jacqueline Morton
Bernhard and Donna Muller
Joy and Allan Nachman
in honor of Sarah Nicoli
Thomas and Barbara Nelson
Sarah W. Newman ◈
Richard and Susan Nisbett
Laura Nitzberg ◈
Arthur S. Nusbaum
Robert Oliver and Alyson Robbins
Elizabeth Ong
Mohammad and Elizabeth Othman
Steve and Betty Palms ◈
Karen Pancost ◈
Zoe and Joe Pearson
John and Mary Pedley
Donald and Evonne Plantinga ◈
Tom Porter
Nancy Powell ◈
Dennis Powers ◈
Lorna B. Prescott
Karen and Berislav Primorac
Rita and KP Ravikrishnan
in memory of Dr. Paul Kissner
Ariella and Tzvi Raviv
Marnie Reid
Floretta Reynolds ◈
Frank and Betsy Richardson
Jonathan and Anala Rodgers
Susan Rose, D.O. ◈
Stephanie Rosenbaum ◈
Victor and Valerie Rosenberg
Stephanie Rosenbaum ◈
Stephen Rosenblum and Rosalyn Sarver
Rosemarie Haag Rowney ◈
Carol D. Rugg and Richard K. Montmorency ◈
Jay and Sunny Sackett
Ellen Sapper
Michael and Kimm Sarosi
Douglas and Wendy Scales ◈
Helga and Jochen Schacht ◈
David Schmidt and Jane Myers ◈
John J. H. Schwarz ◈
Ruth Scodel ◈
Suzanne Selig
Sandra and Stanley Shapiro
Bill and Chris Shell
Patrick and Carol Sherry
George and Gladys Shirley
Susan Shore
Anne and John Sloan
Art Smith and Connie Barron Smith ◈
Gregory Smith, MD and Margaret Smith ◈
Richard Soble and Barbara Kessler
Jim Spevak
Andi and Gus Stager
Leslie Stainton and Steven Whiting
in memory of Bobbie Levine
Daniel and Susan Stepek ◈
Dr. Janice Stickney ◈
Allan and Marcia Stillwagon ◈
James L. Stoddard
Cynthia Straub
Nancy B. Sudia ◈
Charlotte B. Sundelson
Suzanne Tainter and Kenneth Boyer ◈
Brian and Lee Talbot ◈
Sandy Talbott and Mark Lindley ◈
May Ling Tang ◈
Eva Taylor
Denise Thal and David Scobey ◈
Nigel and Jane Thompson
Hitomi Tonomura ◈
Janet E. and Randall C. Torno
in memory of Enid Gosling
Fawwaz Ulaby and Jean Cunningham
Joe and Suzanne Upton
Rebecca Van Dyke ◈
James and Barbara Varani
Jo Ann Ward
Karen Watanabe and Richard Cheng ◈
Ken and Lynn Wegner
in honor of Dennis Dahlmann
Professor J. Wehrley and Mrs. Patricia Chapman ◈
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Weiermiller ◈
Lisa and Steve Weiss
Michael Wellman ◈
Carol Campbell Welsch ◈
Ken and Cherry Westerman
in memory of Ken Guire
Professor J. Wehrley and Mrs. Patricia Chapman ◈
Shelly F. Williams ◈
Diane and Dwight Wilson
I. W. and Beth Winsten
Kirsten Williams and Jay Alcock
Steven and Helen Woghin ◈
Charlotte A. Wolfe ◈
Frances A. Wright ◈
Gail and David Zuk◈

Advocates ($100-$299)

MaryAlice Abbott
in memory of Ken Guire
Michael Allemang and Janis Bobrin ◈
in memory of Barney Klein
Becky and Rick Altschuler
Alejandro Amezcua
Ravi and Padma Anupindi ◈
Lisa and Scott Armstrong ◈
Dr. Frank Ascione
Kathryn and James Ashton-Miller
in memory of Ken Guire
Scott and Denise Bailey
Teresa Bartholomew ◈
Leslie Bash
Jorg and Ingeborg Baumgartner ◈
Bruce Beier ◈
Linda Bennett and Bob Bagramian
Joan D. Bentz
In memory of Rodney R. Bentz
Joy Berent
Lynda W. Berg
William and Patricia Berlin ◈
Katarzyna Bigoszewski ◈
Dr. Elizabeth S. Bishop ◈
Tina Bissell
James Blackburn and Lynn Videka
Staci Blackburn
in memory of Paul Kissner, MD
Fran and Joy Blouin
Anita Bosky
Victoria C. Botek and William M. Edwards
Sally and Bill Bowers ◈
John and Jan Boyd
Les and Bonnie Bricker
Charles Brown
Christie Brown and Jerry Davis ◈
Gary Brown and Diane Sommerfield Brown
Cindy Browne ◈
Phil Bucksbaum and Roberta Morris
Robert Burak and Carolyn Anderson-Burack ◈
David Burks ◈
Dan Burns and Smilka Zdravkovska
in memory of Carolyn Dana Lewis
John and Jean Cares
Ruth Carey
in memory of Ralph Carey
Barbara Mattison Carr
Andrew Caughey MD and Shelly Neitzel MD
W Peter Cherry ◈
Barry and Marjorie Checkoway
Toby Citrin and Phyllis Blumenfield
Donald and Astrid Cleveland
Dr. Bruce E. Cohan
Dr. Mark Cohen and Dr. Erica Person
Gordon Comfort ◈
Jeff Cooper and Peggy Daub ◈
William Cooper
Richard D. and Nancy M. Cowan ◈
Don and Susan Cramer
Joyce Crane ◈
Edith M. Croake ◈
Dave Daniszewski
William Dauer
John and Virginia Daugherty
Jacqueline Davis
Katherine K. Delaney ◈
Sue Dempsey and Gregory Czarnecki ◈
Frank and Karen Deogracias
Melanie Develyn
Abby Dilley
Della DiPietro and Gary Kade ◈
Richard and Ann Dougherty
Rita Dunlop
Julie Ellison and Mark Creekmore ◈
Inta Ertel ◈
Roger and Deborah Espinosa
George Evans
Don and Gwen Evich ◈
Jennifer Fairfield
Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra and Steve Feenstra ◈
John and Karen Fischer
Hugh Flack, Jr. ◈
Larry and Dorothy Fobes ◈
Kathleen Ford and Charlie Brown ◈
Rosamund Forrest
in memory of Linda Levy
Pamela Fowler
Alfred Franzblau and Lisa B. Slattery ◈
Sue Frazier
in memory of Ken Guire
Joann Freethy
Joanna and Richard Friedman
Tamara Friedman
Sean Galanti
Enid Galler
Elizabeth Garofalo and Jeff Warren
Michael Gerdenich and Ina Hanel-Gerdenich
Scott Gerstenberger and Liz Sweet
Ronald Gibala and Janice Grichor
Zita Gillis
in memory of Linda Levy
Edie Goldenberg
Peter Granda and Kari Gluski
Mary Sue Grant
Carl and Elizabeth Grapentine
Jeffrey B. Green ◈
Dr. Leslie M. Green
Dunrie Greiling
Sharon Haar and Robin Wagner ◈
Marcia Haddox
Anne Haeckl
in memory of Ken Guire
Richard Haertel
Daryl M. Hafter ◈
in honor of Margaret and Ron Lomax
Michael Hall ◈
Yoshiko Hamano
Susan S. Harris
Jim and Esther Heitler
Norman and Debbie Herbert ◈
in memory of David Kennedy
Alfred and Therese Hero ◈
Stephen Hillman ◈
Jack W. and Davetta J. Horner
Jennifer Howard ◈
Linda S. Hubbard ◈
Jane H. Hughes
Greg and Carol Hulbert ◈
Wallie and Janet Jeffries ◈
Marilyn J. Jeffs ◈
Erich and Ann Marie Jensen
Kerin Jones
in memory of Dr. Paul Kissner
Linda Kartes ◈
Elizabeth Kassab
Don and Cheryl Kehrer
Barbara Kelly
Nancy Keppelman and Michael Smerza
Elizabeth Keslacy and Alexander Tzinares
Edith Kieffer
Kathleen Kiehl
Edward and Martha Kimball ◈
Catherine King ◈
Arlene Kindel and Ashley Froelich Flores in memory of Gail Davis Barnes
Shira and Steve Klein
Jim and Carolyn Knaggs
Ann Marie Kotre
Brenda Krachenberg
Gary and Barbara Krenz
Ajay Krishen
Lawrence La Fountain
Roger Lane and Jill Cohen ◈
Anne Larin
Edward Larsen
Judith and Jerold Lax ◈
Melissa and Michael Lee
Mike Leib
Bernard Levine ◈
Gloria Kitto Lewis ◈
James Lewis
Arthur and Karen Lindenberg ◈
Maria Lisowsky
in memory of Gail Davis Barnes
Carl and Mary Lofy ◈
Eve Losman and Erikjan Wamsteker
Bruce Loughry
Linda Lowe
Karen Luther
Marjory S. Luther
James Lyon
Stacia K. Lyon
Malcolm and Cynthia Macdonald
Laura Machida
Jane Maehr
Jayne Maerker
in honor of Bob and Darragh Weisman
James Maslanka and Catherine Giebel
Charles Mason
Edith A. Maynard
Ann McCarren
Isaac McFarlin Jr.
Beth McNally
Martha and Dady Mehta ◈
Stephano Mengozzi
James and Margaret Meyer
Joetta Mial
Katherine Mikesell ◈
Cheryl Miller
in memory of Ken Guire
Dianna Minadeo
Donna and Daniel Minock
Peter and Carrie Molesa
in memory of Dr. Paul Kissner
Dr. Van C. Momon and Dr. Pamela L. Berry
Deborah Dash Moore ◈
EA Jackson Morris
in memory of Ken Guire
Surayyah R. Muwwakkil
Lora G. Myers ◈
Sarah Naasko and Jonathan Smith ◈
Frank Nagy
Gerald Naylor
Bob and Kim Needham ◈
M. Haskell and Jan Barney Newman ◈
in memory of Ken Guire
Mark Newton and Patricia Rideout
Elva Mae Nicholson ◈
Len Niehoff and Lisa Rudgers
John and Martha Nitz
Patricia Noordhoorn
Marc Norman
Richard Norton
Patrick O’Brien and Corrie Yablon
Robert Oliver and Alyson Robbins
Paul and Maryclare Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Olson, Jr.
David Orr and Gwynne Jennings ◈
Dr. Jon Oscherwitz
Constance Osler ◈
Marie Panchuk
William and Hedda Panzer ◈
William Passer
Sumer and Mickey Pek
James and Joan Penner-Hahn ◈
Steven Pepe
Nancy Perloff
Stephen R. Perrin ◈
Kai Petainen
Douglas Phelps and Gwendolyn Jessie-Phelps
Nancy S. Pickus
Julianne Pinsak
Nancy Pirslin
Linette Popoff-Parks
Amy Porter
Mary Post
Rich and Lauren Prager
John Prescott
Michael Provine and Frani Feit
in memory of Dr. Edward Powsner
Cynthia and Cass Radecki
Ellen and Steve Ramsburgh
Fred and Anne Remley
Paul Resnick
Linda Rexer
Lou and Sheila Rice
Jerry Robbins ◈
Kathryn Robine and Kevin Kerber
Shelley Roland
Alice Rolfes-Curl
in memory of Rane L. Curl
Lawrence and Margaret Root ◈
Elizabeth Rose
Victor and Valerie Rosenberg
in memory of Ken Guire
Joan Rosenblum ◈
Jean Rowan
Michael Rucinski and Marianne Wilczak ◈
Sally Rutzky
Scott A. Ryan
Carole and Mitchell Rycus
Oleg Sadykhov
Linda and Leonard Sahn ◈
Judith Sale
Robert Sanecki
Harry and Elaine Sargous
Maya Savarino
in memory of Gail Davis Barnes
Michele and Eli Saulson ◈
Bonnie R. Schafer ◈
L. Scherdt
Alan and Shirleyanne Schlang
Yaniv and Joanna Segal
Yvonne Seymour
Victoria Shaw
Laurence Shear ◈
Cliff and Ingrid Sheldon
Susan and Patrick Shields
Janet and David Shier
Jean and Thomas Shope
Michael Singer ◈
Scott and Joan Singer
Jürgen Skoppek ◈
Elena and Edward Snyder
Tom and Elinore Sommerfeld ◈
Cheryl Soper
Cynthia Sorensen and Henry Rueter ◈
Barbara Soyster
Jeff Spindler
Daniel Stankey ◈
Joanne Stein
Andrea Stevenson
Vernee and Michael Stevenson ◈
James B. and Carolyn A. Stokoe
Cynthia Straub
in memory of Linda Levy
Eugene Y. Su and Christin Carter-Su
Catherine Sullivan
in honor of Marilyn Meeker
Dennis and Jan Sullivan
Nancy Szabo and Steven Ratner
Sandra and Emanuel Tanay
Carolyn Tarzia ◈
Sarah Taub ◈
Louise Taylor ◈
in memory of Linda Levy
Louise Taylor ◈
in memory of Barney Klein
Jacquelin B. Telesford
Randy and Babette Ten Haken
Bette M. Thompson
Tom and Judy Thompson
Carrie and Peter Throm ◈
Renuka Tipirneni
Bruce Tobis
Patricia J. Tompkins
Jacqueline V. Tonks
Jon Trupin
Marc and Leslie Tuchman
Tyler Family Fund
Virginia Murphy and David Uhlmann ◈
Wendy Uhlmann ◈
U-M Information Assurance Office
in honor of Alan Levy
Herbert and Anne Upton
Bram van Leer
Michael Van Tassel
Donald Vereen and Susan Collins
Nicholas and Agatha Vlisides
Emily Wadhwa
Jack Wagoner, M.D. ◈
Virginia Wait ◈
Don and Antoinette Walker ◈
Alan Walthall
Jane Warren and Richard Hertel ◈
Karl F. Weihman
Richard and Gretchen Weir
Lois Weisman ◈
Cory and Meghan Wernimont ◈
Steven Werns ◈
Julie Wheaton ◈
Susan B. Whitlock
John and Nancy Widman
in honor of Dr. Edward Powsner
Ann and Robert Wiles
Donna Winkelman and Thomas Easthope
Sarajane Winkleman
Kenneth Wisinski and Linda Dintenfass ◈
Katherine Woo
Eric Woodhams
Bryant Wu
Roger Wykes ◈
Paul Zimmerman ◈

Friends ($1-$99)

in memory of Ken Guire
in memory of Gail Davis Barnes
Julie Abod
Amanda Ackerly
Mayra Acuna
Ruth Addis and Marj Schloff
Dorit Adler
in memory of Gloria Abrams
Robert Adwere-Boamah ◈
Gwen (Geun Hae) Ahn
Patricia Ahrens
Jessica Allen
Janet Ammann
Valerie Amo and Richard Brandt
Margot Amrine
James and Cathy Andonian
Monica Andrei
James Andonian
Kate Andrias
Dwight Angell ◈
Henry Anghel
Sandy Aquino
in memory of Linda Levy
Warwick Armstrong
William Armstrong
Lynda Asher ◈
Emilia Askari
Rosemary Austgen
Carolyn D. Autrey-Hunley
Catherine Badgley
Grace Ball ◈
Bernard and Barbara Banet ◈
Gary Banks
Karen A. Bantel ◈
in memory of Linda Levy
Pat Bantle ◈
in memory of Linda Levy
Michael Barger
Thomas Barrett
Carlos Basulto
Elliott Baum
Margaret Beahan
Todd Beard
John Becic
Prof. Udo Becker
Sarah Bendit
Paul Berkowitz
Gary and Lisa Berman
Margaret Besh
Noah Betman
Peter BeVier
Vignesh Bhaskaran
Christopher Bidlack
Dennis Bierlein ◈
Carla K. Bisaro
Steve Black
Daina Blackstone
Donna Blaszczak
Lindsey Bloor
John Bochnowski
Jean Borkowski
Todd Bos
Olivia Bottum
Marcy Breslow
Kathy and Thomas Brewer
Jane Bridges
Matthew and Candice Briere ◈
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bright
Cliff and Amy Broman
Elizabeth Brooks ◈
Karen and Lawrence Brown
Reginald C. Brown and Camilla Mannino
Elaine Brown
Lisa Brown
Nancy Brucken
Robert Bubeck ◈
Mary Ann Buckley ◈
Norman Bucknor
Nancy Bunge
Amelia Burke
Holly Burmeister
Robb Burroughs
Karen V. Busch
John Came
I. J. Campbell
Yvonne and Michael Carl
Stephanie Caponigro
Susan Y. Cares
Follett Carter
Sean Carter and Heidi Bennett
Katie Chan
Curtis Chapman
Kristen M. Chapman
Sally and Thomas Chase
Jiayu Chen
W Peter Cherry
Salli Christenson
Morris and Karen Christlieb
Irene and Tom Christy
Barbara Cingel
Andrew Clopton
Mary Closser
Kimberly Clugston ◈
Ben and Julie Cohen
David Cole
Maria Comninou
John Connell
Kathryn G. Coon
Thomas Coppeans ◈
Paul Courant and Marta Manildi
Dorothy Ann Coyne
Don Cramer
Hiroko Crary
Richard and Penelope Crawford
John Crisman
Kathleen Culbertson
Vicki Daane
Philip Dakin
Peter Dale ◈
Elizabeth Damianov
Dave Daniszewski
Sheldon and Sandra Danziger
Jude Davies
Pamela Davis-Kean
Jens Decker
Heidi Deininger
Victor Del Corral ◈
Krystle Dellihue
Bryant Dennison
Mona C. DeQuis
Anthony and Catherine Derezinski
Michael Dergis
in memory of Linda Levy
Patricia Diakonis
Larry Diebel
Susan Diehl ◈
Chris Dietel
Francis DiPierro
Bobby Dishell
Jeffrey Dixon
Ryan Dodds
Dan Doelker
Anne Dolan
Jean Dolega
Maria Dorantes
Adam Dorfman
Sharon Dort
in memory of Linda Levy
Bill and Mary Doty
William Downey
David Dubay
Matthew Dufon
Kathleen Dvorak, D.C. ◈
Beth Dwoskin
Angela Ebreo ◈
John Eder ◈
Paul Eichbauer
Avraham and Emily Eisbruch
Jon Elliott
Paula England
Daniel Enos
Carolyn Epplett
Marcy Epstein
Barbara Ericson
Pamela Esser
Maia Evans
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Fall
Susan Fancy
Chris Farnum
Katherine and Damian Farrell
Susan Gayle Farrell
Kloe Ferriman
Ernesto Figueroa
Thomas Filardo
Susan Fisher ◈
in memory of Linda Levy
Susan Fitzpatrick
Juan Flores
Thomas and Sarah Flynn
Wanita and William Forgacs
Sara Forsdyke
Amy Frank
Lora Frankel
Bill Frazier
Sally Freeman ◈
Rob and Nancy French
Jim Frey
Alison Fried
Candace Friedman
Susan and Gary Frierson
in memory of Rick Hammond
Martha Froseth ◈
Callie Furmaniuk
Harriet Gales
Katherine Galzerano
Elena Gapova
Karen Gardstrom and Richard Bootman
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Gargaro
Richard Garner ◈
Sara Gebriel
Kristin Gedeon
Beverley and Gerson Geltner ◈
in honor of Dr. Jerry Rosenberg
Maryanne George and David Broat
Leonore Gerstein
Bruce Giffin
Stephen and Nanette Gill
Jonathon Gillenwater
John Gingrich
Thomas and Ann Gladwin
Jens Glaser
James Gleason and Robin Frisch-Gleason
Tobias Glik
Joyce Glisson
Jennifer and Simon Glynn
Reynaldo Goicochea
Leora Goldbloomhelzner
Gertrude Golden
Michael Goldenberg
Mark and Marsha Goldsmith Kamin
Anita and Albert Goldstein
Ben Gonek
Gladys Gonzalez
Sharri and Michael Gordon
Gale Gorzynski
Siri Gottlieb
Vera Grant
Svea Gray
Judith Lempert Green
Dr. Robert F. Green ◈
Clinton Greenstone
Olivia Gregg
Bronson Gregory
Cathleen Griffith
Penny Griffith
Terence Groening
Fred and Iris Gruhl
Beth M. Grzelak-Lee
Ricardo Guajardo
Dr. and Mr. Suat Gurkan D.D.S.
Michael Gustafson
Gage Guswiler
Lorraine Gutierrez and Robert Peyser
Monroe and Daryl Hafter
John H. Halford III ◈
Sarah Hall
Scott Hall
Deborah Haller
Gregory Hallock
Aaron Harden
Alexis Harris
Diane Harris
Lisa Harris
Ingrid Hartman
William Hatcher
John Hawley
Katy and Craig Held
Bill Helfer
Dr. Joseph I. Helman
Caroline Helton
Damon Henry
Stephanie and Ryan Henyard
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hensinger
Edie Herrold
in memory of Lloyd and Edith Herrold
Jonatan Hervoso
Lynn Hilkene
Tara Hilliard
in memory of Lee W. Bird
Kurt and Kathy Hillig ◈
Peter G. Hinman and Karen C. Snyder
Betty Hitchcock
Chad and Ilene Hogan ◈
Annemarie Hohman
Alice Holderby
Christeen Holdwick
Ann Hollopeter
Gwynne Holz
Michael and Nina Homel
Patricia Honton ◈
Michael Hortsch
Edythe Hough
Nancy Howard
Cristine Howe
Megan Hudson
Brian Hughes
Richard and Lesley Hume
Stephanie Hunter
in memory of Ken Guire
Fred and Debra Huntzicker ◈
Omar Hussain
Pamela Iden
Jaeho Im
Michael Imperiale
William and Betty Ingram
Dr. Jorge Iniguez, Ph.D
Michael Edward Jacobson
John Jasa
Elizabeth Jarzembowski
Michael and Isabella Jenkins
Marsha Jessup
Anita Johnson
Bruce Johnson
David Johnson
in memory of Minor J. Coon
Katherine Johnson
Marilyn Johnson
Mark Johnson
Mary K. Joscelyn
Sucheta Joshi
Harold Juran
Norbert and Carolyn Kaczmarek
Joan and Alfred Kadis
Mary and Glenn Kagan
Lois and Gordon Kane
Ayano Kaneko
Carol and Mark Kaplan
in memory of Linda Levy
Kevin Kauffman
Joshua Kavner
Bonnie Kay
Sahira Kazanjian
Philip and Julia Kearney
John and Eleanore Keenan ◈
Ralph and Erika Keith
Brian Kelley
Barbara Kelly
Beatrice Kelly-Andrews
Viktoriya Khaykin
Mary Khoshnegah
Roland and Jeanette Kibler
Raymond Klavon
Christopher Klimowicz and Francine Dolins
Patricia Kloosterman
Katherine Klykylo
Lisa A. Kohn ◈
John and Marlene Kondelik
Ira Konigsberg
Olga Kourdioukova
Erica Kovacs
Michael Kozakiewicz
Sheryl Krasnow
Joseph Krauss
Shannon Krug
Karen Kunkler
Curtis J. Kuo
Sophia Kwitny
Donald John Lachowicz
Lily Ladin
in memory of Gloria Abrams
Peter Laesch
Frances A. Laird
Robert and Christine Larson
in memory of David Kennedy
Mika and Danielle LaVaque-Manty ◈
Harry Lawrence and Wendy Zohar
Judith and Jerold Lax
in memory of Ken Guire
John Leahy
Maria Leal
Angelyn Leaver
Sua Lee
Byung Lee
Edward Lee-Ruff
Mark Legnini ◈
Leva Lessure ◈
Sonya Lewis
Michelle Liang
Tom Libby ◈
Yatidi Lightfoot
Morgan Lindback
Dawn Linden
Yaoyang Liu
Richard Lobert ◈
Evan Locey
Rafael Loera
Elaine Logan
Jason Loiselle
Demario Longmire
Benjamin Lorch
Margaret Lourie
Richard and Pamela Lowe
in memory of Gail Davis Barnes
Alberto Loya ◈
Juergen Lucas
Gregory Luna
Liisa Lusk
Karen Glorio Luther
Marjorie Lynn
Jim and Tindy MacBain
Robert MacKenzie
Michael Madden
Jeff and Jackie Madwed
in memory of Dr. Paul Kissner
Elaine Maher
Elham Mahmoudi
Jeffrey Maisels
Philip Maiuri
Lauri Mallonen
Rita Malone ◈
Donna and Richard Manczak ◈
Rebecca Manery
Patricia Manley
Mary Manor
Donald Martin
Octavio Martinez
Matthew J. Mason and Renate Klass
Randy Massey
Craig S. Matteson
Ginny Maturen
Robert and Susan Matz
Judythe and Roger Maugh ◈
in memory of David Kennedy
Elizabeth McCallister
Rob and Ayanna McConnell
Mary Ann McCourt
Carolyn J. McCreary ◈
Norman McFall
Ian McKenny
Margaret McKinley
John McMorrough
Richard McMullen
The McMullen Family
Claire Medley
Semyon and Terry Meerkov
in memory of Linda Levy
Roger Menear III
Nick Mergaert
Paula Merideth
Patrick Merkel
Charles Messer
Mike and Rachelle Michelon
Candice Middlebrook
Frederick Miller
Marie Missler
Marla Moiseev
Gail L. Monds
Barrett Moore
Sheri Moore
Kittie Berger Morelock
Victoria Morgan
Kathleen Mortensen
Devin Mudd
Jose Camino Munoz
Donald and Ann Munro
Jennifer Murray
Dorothy Nagle
Rochelle Najmy
Seigo Nakao
Debra Navarre
Andree Naylor
Rachel Nelson
Elizabeth M. Nolan
Jennifer Norman
Silas P. Norman
Joan Nowinski
Christopher Ohmer
James Olin
Robert Oliver and Alyson Robbins
Marcela Olson
Kornelis Oosthoek
Elsie Orb
Nadia Orman
Dr. Sarah Osborn Ph.D.
Edgar and Julianne Otto ◈
Rebecca Pagels
Ronald Pagereski
Alan and Susan Paikin
Mara Palty ◈
Janet Parker
Vivian Patraka
William and Susan Patton
Dale Payne
Kimberly Pennington
in memory of Ken Guire
Robert Peters
Nelly Petrock
Melvin Phillips
Maria Ponti
Ernest Poortinga
Alexander Popovici
Janet and Steven Popper
Dr. Kathleen Potempa
Michael Powers ◈
Bruce Powsner
Anne Preston ◈
Stacie Printon
Arnold Prostak and Joyce Blinn
Emma Puglia
Gail Quader
Joanna Quigley
Mark Quimby and Liz Buvinger
Jon Quintal
Brian Raeker
Scott Ragon ◈
Peter Railton and Rebecca Scott ◈
Steve Raphael
Christopher Ratte and Claire Zimmerman
Martha Ream ◈
Anne Rebandt
Deepkaran and Seema Reddy
John Regenhardt
Linda Reider
Anne and Fred Remley
Glenda Renwick
Molly and John Resnik
Patricia Ressler-Billion
Luis E. Resto
Janice Richards
Sherry Richards
Douglas and Robin Richstone ◈
Helen Rishoi
Daniel Rivkin and Jennifer Conlin Rivkin
Christa Roberts
Claire Roberts-Thomson
Renee and John Robbins
in memory of Gail Davis Barnes
Jean Robin
Melissa and Jim Rogers
Derrick Roman
Arturo Romero
Teri Rosales
Gail Ross
Jill Ross ◈
in memory of Linda Levy
John C. Rossman
Nancy W. Rugani ◈
Rimantas and Cheryl Rukstele
Robert Russell
The Ruth Family
Kwesi Rutledge
Grant and Stephenie Ruttinger
Shigeru Sadakane
Charlotte Sadler
Anna Sadovskaya
Anita Salustro
Deborah Salzberg
Gary Samuels
Maria and Pedro Sanchez
Katherine Sandmaier
Myranda Sangster
Eric Sargent
Drew and Judy Sauer ◈
Joseph Saul and Lisa Leutheuser
Michael and Allie Schachter
Karen Schaefer
Audrey and Roy Schmidt
Lorenz and Rebecca Schmitt
David and Karyn Schoem
Faye Schuett
Paul Schulte ◈
Art and Pamela Schwartz
David Seaman
Elizabeth Sensoli
Jaclyn Shaheen
Edward and Patricia Shalis ◈
Charles Sheeley
Stacie Sheldon
Bill and Chris Shell
in memory of Linda Fink Levy
Randy Sherman
David Sibbold
Kenneth Sikora
Kelly Simon
Alice Simsar ◈
Sanjiv Sinha
Thomas C. Skrobola Sr.
Rheme Sloan
Sarah Smalheer
Prema Lindsay Smith

David and Renate Smith
Paul and Julia Smith
Margaret Smoller
Miriam and Maurice Snyder
John Snyder
Jo Ann R. Socha
Roberta Sokol
Sherri Solomon
Janelle Songer
Lydia Soo ◈
Michael Soszynski
Katherine Spindler ◈
Cathie Spino
Lori Sprague
Charles E. Sproger
Patrick Stauffer
Dana Stetson
Abby Stewart and David Winter ◈
Steve and Gayle Stewart
Victoria Stockton
Bradford Stone
Lynn Suits
Akiho Suzuki
Lois Swartzell
Allison and Justin Sweet
Sheryl M. Szady ◈
Pamela Tabbaa
Hideyuki Tamura
David D. Tao

Carolyn Tarzia
in memory of Ken Guire
Eva Taylor
Michael and Ellen Taylor
Kevin Taylor
Valerie Taylor
Margie and Graham Teall
Barbara Thayer
in honor of William Nachtrab’s 70th birthday
Anne Thomas
Ryan Thomas
Frank Thompson
Beth Tibbs
Albert and Rebecca Tochet
Luke Tracy
Joe Tyrrell
Oge Udegbunam
Leticia Valdez
Marcia Valenstein
Ann Marie Van Duyne
John VanBrouck
Michael Vanek
James VanSteel ◈
Anna Veksler
Connie Velin
Sonali Vijayavargiya
Jason Villano
Rob and Marie Vogt
A Gaia von Meister
John and Jane Voorhorst
John Wallbank
Alex Walling
Joseph and Sandra Walls
Joseph C. Walters
Maria Wandzel
Josh Warn
Seth Warschausky
Michal Warshow
Addie Weaver
Donald Wedding
Donna Wegryn
Marshall Weingarden
Dawn Weirauch
Thomas Weisskopf and Susan Contratto ◈
Kathy and Jim Welch
in memory of Ken Guire
Charles Werney ◈
Kate Whitaker
Fred White
Douglas M. White
Matthew Wikander
Katherine Wilcox
Lynly Williams
Marcus A. Williams
Carrie Wilson
Robin Wilson ◈
Dr. Carl Winberg
Annie Winkler
Frank Winters
Joshua Wirgau
Jeff and Sherri Wolf
Eugenie Wolfson and Bruce Baker
Patrick Woodman
David Woolf
Dana Wright
Angelene Ku
Elizabeth Yakel ◈
Frances Yeh
James Yeip
Janel Yoder
Vilma Yuzbasiyan
Dominick Zaccone
Charles Zahara
Wendy Zellers
in memory of Linda Levy
Shawn Zentner
David Zerbe
Justin Zhao
Feng Zhu
Christopher Zientek
Ian M. Zitron


Renegade Ventures Fund Donors

The following have provided matching gifts to the the Renegade Ventures Fund:

$100,000 and above
Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation
Michigan Economic Development Corporation
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Mary and Brian Campbell in memory of Herbert Amster
The Dahlmann Campus Inn
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
The Power Foundation

Jane and Edward Schulak
James and Patricia Read
Edward Surovell Realtors
Glenn Watkins
University of Michigan Health System

Subir and Malini Chowdhury Foundation
The Herbert and Junia Doan Foundation
Susan and Richard Gutow
Carl and Charlene Herstein
David and Phyllis Herzig
Jerry and Dale Kolins
Stephen and Barbara Munk
Prue and Ami Rosenthal
Judy and Lewis Tann

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Endowed Funds

The success of UMS is secured in part by income from UMS endowment funds. You may contribute to an existing endowment fund or establish a named endowment with a minimum gift of $25,000. We extend our deepest appreciation to the many donors who have established and/or contributed to the following funds:

H. Gardner and Bonnie Ackley Endowment Fund
Herbert S. and Carol Amster Endowment Fund
Catherine S. Arcure Endowment Fund
Carl and Isabelle Brauer Endowment Fund
Dahlmann Sigma Nu Endowment UMS Fund
Hal and Ann Davis Endowment Fund
Dallas and Sharon Dort Endowment Fund
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Endowment Fund
John R. and Betty B. Edman Endowment Fund
Epstein Endowment Fund
Stephen and Rosamund Forrest Student Ticket Endowment Fund
Ilene H. Forsyth Endowment Funds for Choral Union, Chamber Arts, and Theater
James Garavaglia Theater Endowment Fund
Anne and Paul Glendon Endowment Fund
Susan and Richard Gutow Renegade Ventures Endowment Fund
George N. and Katharine C. Hall Endowment Fund
Norman and Debbie Herbert Endowment Fund
David and Phyllis Herzig Endowment Fund
JazzNet Endowment Fund
William R. Kinney Endowment Fund
Wallis Cherniack Klein Endowment for Student Experiences
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Kolins Shakespearean Endowment Fund
Frances Mauney Lohr Choral Union Endowment Fund
Natalie Matovinović Endowment Fund
Medical Community Endowment Fund
Dr. Robert and Janet Miller Endowment Fund
NEA Matching Fund
Ottmar Eberbach Funds
Palmer Endowment Fund
Mary R. Romig-deYoung Music Appreciation Fund
Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal K-12 Education Endowment Fund
Charles A. Sink Endowment Fund
Herbert E. and Doris Sloan Endowment Fund
James and Nancy Stanley Endowment Fund
Susan B. Ullrich Endowment Fund
UMS Endowment Fund
The Wallace Endowment Fund
The Zelenock Family Endowment Fund

Gifts in Kind

Join us in thanking these fine area restaurants and businesses for their generous gifts in-kind, made as of September 1, 2018.

Interested in making UMS patrons your customers? Businesses providing in-kind support of $500 or more gain exposure to a loyal group of audience members who might well become your best customers.

For more information, please contact the UMS Development Office at 734.764.8489 or umsgiving@umich.edu.


216 East Washington

Buddy’s Pizza
3153 Ann Arbor Saline Road

Carson’s American Bistro
2000 Commonwealth

The Chop House
322 South Main Street

Dixboro House
5400 Plymouth Road

326 South Main

Knight’s Downtown Steakhouse
600 East Liberty

Maizie’s Kitchen & Market
Michigan League, Ground Level

347 South Main Street

Real Seafood Company
316 South Main Street

Red Hawk Bar & Grill
316 South State Street

revive + replenish
619 East University
revive: 734-332-3366 • replenish: 734-332-3355

216 South State Street

The Original Cottage Inn
512 East William


Ann Arbor Regent Hotel & Suites
2455 Carpenter Road

Bell Tower Hotel
300 South Thayer Street

Gifts and Services

PNC Bank
101 South Main Street

Quest Productions
7015 Marshall Rd, Dexter

Sesi Motors
3990 Jackson Road

Tom Thompson Flowers
504 S Main St

4150 Varsity Drive

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