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Thank you to our community of institutional and individual donors who have made generous annual gifts over the past year.

Institutional Support

Thank you to the businesses, corporations, foundations, government agencies and University of Michigan SCUs who have made generous donations to UMS over the past year September 1, 2019 – September 1, 2020. We apologize in advance for any omissions or errors – please contact us at with corrections.



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Individual Support

Thank you to our community of donors who have made generous annual gifts to UMS over the past year January 1, 2021 – January 1, 2022. We apologize in advance for any omissions or errors – please contact us at with corrections and we will include those in our next update.

President’s Circle Platinum ($100,000-$499,999)

Robert O. Weisman, in memory of Darragh Weisman

President’s Circle Gold ($50,000-$99,999)

Menakka and Essel Bailey
Rachel Bendit and Mark Bernstein
Howard and Margaret Bond
Timothy and Jo Wiese Johnson
Patti Askwith Kenner, in memory of Bert Askwith
Tim and Sally Petersen
Jay Ptashek and Karen Elizaga
Eileen Lappin Weiser

President’s Circle Silver ($20,000-$49,999)

Emily W. Bandera, M.D.
Anne Chase
Timothy and Robin Damschroder
Gilbert Omenn and Martha Darling
John Dryden and Diana Raimi
Stephen and Rosamund Forrest
Margaret and Phil Guire, in memory of Ken Guire
Susan and Richard Gutow
David Leichtman and Laura A. McGinn
Mrs. Robert E. Meredith
Gil Omenn and Martha Darling
Judy and Don Rumelhart
Dick and Norma Sarns
Elaine and Peter Schweitzer
Linh and Dug Song
Louise Taylor
Shaomeng Wang and Ju-Yun Li
Max Wicha and Sheila Crowley

President’s Circle Bronze ($10,000-$19,999)

Carol Amster
Elaine A. Bennett
Maurice and Linda Binkow
Stephen and Faith Brown
Brian and Mary Campbell
Carl Cohen
Katherine and Clifford Cox
Julia Donovan Darlow and John Corbett O’Meara
Barbara Garavaglia
Charles H. Gershenson Trust
Anne and Paul Glendon
David and Phyllis Herzig
Joel Howell and Linda Samuelson
Tom and Connie Kinnear
Joseph Malcoun and Caitlin Klein
Michael and Kristie Martin
Martin Family Foundation
Tom and Debby McMullrn
Caroline and Mitchell Nussbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Morelock
Dan Nicoli
James Read
Anthony L. Reffells
Ellie Serras
Joe and Yvonne Sesi
Anne and Knut Simonsen
Steve Stancroff and Tamar Springer
Nancy and James Stanley
Matthew VanBesien and Rosie Jowitt
The Zelenock Family

Leadership Circle Gold ($5,000-$9,999)

Michael Allemang and Janis Bobrin
Karen Bantel and Steve Geiringer
Dr. Carol Barbour and Dr. Sid Gilman
David and Kiana Barfield
Rosemary R. Berardi and Carolyn R. Zaleon
Andrew and Lisa Bernstein
Sheldon and Barbara Berry
Betsy Foxman and Michael Boehnke
Gary Boren
Marco and Melissa Bruzzano
Edward and Mary Cady
Sarah Calderini
Valerie and David Canter
Mary Sue and Kenneth M. Coleman
Dr. Lisa D. Cook
Dennis Dahlmann and Patricia Garcia
Alison and Keith Dickey
Jim and Patsy Donahey
Sharon and Dallas Dort
David and Jo-Anna Featherman
Barbara G. Fleischman
George W. Ford
Drs. Reates Curry and Alec Gallimore
Barbara Garavaglia
Tom and Kathy Briggs Goldberg
Norman and Debbie Herbert
Sally Kennedy, in memory of David Kennedy
Wally and Robert Klein
Samuel and Marilyn Krimm
Ted and Wendy Lawrence
Carolyn and Paul Lichter
Richard and Carolyn Lineback
Martin Family Foundation
Jerry A. and Deborah Orr May
The Mosaic Foundation (of R. & P. Heydon)
Agnes Moy-Sarns and David Sarns
Elaine and Bertram Pitt
Larry and Sally Robson
Vivan D. Roeder
Prue and Ami Rosenthal
Susan M. Smith and Robert H. Gray
Gail Ferguson Stout
Karen and David Stutz
Peter Toogood and Hanna Song
Michael and Marcia Torrey
Robert and Cynthia VanRenterghem
H. Carl Walker and Abigail E. Rogers
Brian Willen and Monica Hakimi
Sandy and Jon Willen

Leadership Circle Silver ($2,500-$4,999)

Christopher and Lesli Ballard
Bradford and Lydia Bates
Anne Beaubien
Ronald and Linda Benson
John Billi and Sheryl Hirsch
Tom and Lori Buiteweg
Carolyn M. Carty
Ellen and Hubert Cohen
Christopher Dahl and Ruth Rowse
Ryan Davis
Sharon and Dallas Dort
Joan H. Engel
Penny and Ken Fischer
Sara and Michael Frank
Carol Gagliardi and David Flesher
Charles Witke and Aileen Gatten
Thomas and Barbara Gelehrter
Zita and Wayne Gillis
Robert and Karen Hahn
Maurita Holland
Ibrahim and Therese Jarjoura
Barbara Kaye and John Hogikyan
Jim Keller and Mary Ellen Hoy
Phil Klintworth
Donald and Jeanne Kunz
Tim and Lisa Lynch
Mary M. Matthews
Erin McKean and Steve Sullivan
William Nolting and Donna Parmelee
Mark and Margaret Pieroni
Susan Pollans and Alan Levy
Rick and Mary Price
John and Nancy Prince
Bonnie Reece
Frankie and Scott Simonds
Dana and Diana Stetson
Jeri Rosenberg and Vic Strecher
David and Margaret Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Edward and Colleen Weiss
Susan Whitlock and Dr. Earl Lewis
Peter and Karen Wildman
Max and Mary Wisgerhof

Leadership Circle Bronze ($1,000-$2,499)

Debra Aidun
Roger Albin and Nili Tannenbaum
Richard and Mona Alonzo
Sandra and David Anderson
Neil P. Anderson
Carmen and Chris Andrianopoulos
Ted St. Antoine
Harlene and Henry Appelman
Gaard and Ellen Arneson
Bob and Martha Ause
Lisa and Jim Baker
Laurence R. and Barbara K. Baker
Lynn Baldwin and Tim McIntyre
John and Ginny Bareham
David and Monika Barera
Robert and Wanda Bartlett
David and Hellen Bennett
Sara Billmann and Jeffrey Kuras
Joan Binkow
John Blankley and Maureen Foley
Charles and Linda Borgsdorf
Grace Jordison Boxer
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Bozell
R.M. Bradley and C.M. Mistretta
David and Sharon Brooks
Craig and Vicki Brown
Robert and Jeannine Buchanan
Alan J. Burg and Kenneth L. Hillenburg D.D.S., M.S.
Sally Camper and Bob Lyons
Jack and Susan Carlson
Charlie and Karen Chapell
Patricia Chatas
W Peter Cherry
Cheryl and Brian Clarkson
Deborah Keller-Cohen and Evan Cohen
John Coleman
Roger and Midge Cone
Mac and Nita Cox
The Cozad Family
Clifford and Laura Craig
Ellie and Ed Davidson
David Deromedi
Macdonald and Carolin Dick
Connie and Paul Dimond
Andrzej and Cynthia Dlugosz
Steve and Judy Dobson
Jill and Doug Dunn
Grace Duren
Charles and Julia Eisendrath
Alan S. Eiser
Charles and Julie Ellis
Harvey and Elly Falit
Michael and Ann Feeney
Steve Feenstra and Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra
Carol Finerman
Susan R. Fisher
Esther Floyd
Dan and Jill Francis
Charles and Julie Frayer
Leon and Marcia Friedman
Chris Genteel and Dara Moses
Heather and Seth Gladstein
Thea Glicksman
Drs. Vijay and Sara Goburdhun
John and Sherri Goff
Martha and Larry Gray
John and Renee Greden
Richard and Linda Greene
Linda Gregerson and Steven Mullaney
John R. Griffith and Sharon R. Quiroz
Arthur W. Gulick
Stephen and Jessica Gushee
Randall and Nancy Harbour
Cayenne Harris
Larry Hastie
Dan and Jane Hayes
Anne Heacock and Stephen Fisher
Stephen Henderson
Anne Hiller
Dr. Jeffrey and Maxine Hoffman
Robert and Barbara Hooberman
Jim and Colleen Hume
Ann D. Hungerman
Wallie and Janet Jeffries
Mattias Jonsson and Johanna Eriksson
Mark and Madolyn Kaminski
Barbara Kay
Rodney Smith and Janet Kemink
Charles and Christina Kim
Jean and Arnold Kluge
Carolyn and Jim Knake
William and Alice Kopp
Barbara and Michael Kratchman
Deborah Lamm
Kathy Legatski
Richard LeSueur
Margaret and Ronald Lomax
William and Lois Lovejoy
Barbara and Edward Lynn
John MacKrell
Preeti Malani and Mark Zacharek
Warde and Chrislan Manuel
Betsy Yvonne Mark
W. Harry Marsden
Emily Moore-Marshall and Tim Marshall
Ann W. Martin and Russ Larson
Laurie McCauley and Jessy Grizzle
W Joseph McCune and Georgiana M Sanders
Griff and Pat McDonald
Thomas and Lisa McKarns
John and Sally Mitani
Candy and Andy Mitchell
Paul Morel and Linda Woodworth
Cyril Moscow
Mullick Foundation
Hillary Murt and Bruce Friedman
Heidi A Naasko
Jan Barney Newman
Susan and Mark Orringer
Marysia Ostafin and George Smillie
Anna Owens and Tom Cook
Stephen and Elizabeth Palms
James and Joan Penner-Hahn
Marianne Udow-Phillips and Bill Phillips
Prof. Sara A. Pozzi, Ph.D.
Diana Pratt
Jeff and Katie Reece
Donald Regan and Elizabeth Axelson
Ray and Ginny Reilly
Malverne Reinhart
Randel Richner and Eric Russell
John Roos
Rosemarie Haag Rowney
Maya Savarino
Albert J. and Jane L. Sayed
John J. H. Schwarz
Erik Serr
Matthew Shapiro and Susan Garetz
Elvera Shappirio
Janet Shatusky
Nina Silbergleit
Carl Simon and Bobbi Low
Barbara Furin Sloat
Cynthia Sorensen and Henry Rueter
Juanita and Joseph Spallina
Becki Spangler and Peyton Bland
Gretta Spier and Jonathan Rubin
Katherine R. Spindler
Michael B. Staebler and Jennifer R. Poteat
Michael B. Staebler and Jennifer R. Poteat
Candis Stern
Cynthia J. Stewart
Eric and Ines Storhok
Louise Townley
Jeffrey and Lisa Tulin-Silver
Tyler Family Fund
Susan B. Ullrich and Charles Matthews
Alison and Matthew Uzieblo, in memory of Darragh Weisman
Jack and Marilyn van der Velde
Carol VanBesien
Karla and Hugo Vandersypen
Paul Ward and Laura Lamps
Harvey and Robin Wax
Richard and Gretchen Weir
Kathy White
Dianne Widzinski
Thomas K. Wilson
Charlotte A. Wolfe
Douglas Wood and Kay Holsinger
The Worsham Family Foundation
Mary Jean and John Yablonky

Patrons ($500-$999)

Susan Alcock
James and Catherine Allen
Christine W. Alvey
Helen and David Aminoff
Barbara A. Anderson
Dave and Katie Andrea
Elaine and Ralph Anthony
Reg and Pat Baker
Lois and David Baru
Karen Park and John Beranek
Lynda W. Berg
Ramon and Peggy Berguer
Joel Bregman and Elaine Pomeranz
Ellen and Brian Buggy
Lawrence and Valerie Bullen
Charles and Joan Burleigh
Susan and Oliver Cameron
Thomas and Colleen Carey
Jenny and Jim Carpenter
Matt Castanier and Anne Marsan
Angela Cesere and Rob Thomas
John and Camilla Chiapuris
Felix and Ann Chow
Mark Clague and Laura Jackson
Jonathan Cohn and Daniela Wittmann
Mary Sue and Kenneth Coleman
Arnie and Susi Coran
Richard D. and Nancy M. Cowan
George and Ann Crane
Marylee Dalton and Lynn Drickamer
Susan T. Darrow
David L. DeBruyn
Brian Dervishi
Sally and Larry DiCarlo
Ed and Mary Durfee
Jane Dutton and Lloyd Sandelands
Gavin Eadie and Barbara Murphy
James Eder and Kim Redic
Arnold Fleischmann
Susan L. Froelich and Richard E. Ingram
Randall and Ellen Frank
Chris Gardiner and Cynthia Koch
David and Maureen Ginsburg
Steve Glauberman and Margaret Schankler
Patricia and John Glidewell
Nicki Griffith
Alan Harnik and Professor Gillian Feeley-Harnik
David N. Harris
Diana Hawes
Katherine D. Hein MD
Alfred and Therese Hero
Margaret Higley
Paul and Nancy Hillegonds
Gideon and Carol Hoffer
Che Huang
Richard and Lesley Hume
Eileen and Saul Hymans
Anthony and Marilyn Iesulauro
Dr. Joachim Janecke
Feng Jiang and Lydia Qiu
Drs. Kent and Mary Johnson
Henry and Billie Johnson
Jim Joyce and Emily Santer
Professors Monica and Fritz Kaenzig
Bonnie and Robert Kidd
Paul and Leah Kileny
John Alexander and Carolyn King
Catherine and William King
Rosalie and Ron Koenig
Joseph and Marilynn Kokoszka
Linda Korobkin
Marvin Krislov
Jane Fryman Laird
Stephen and Pamela Landau
Danielle and Mika LaVaque-Manty
James and Melissa Lewis
Evie and Allen Lichter
Jeffrey and Deborah Liker
Fran Lyman
Jayne Maerker
Regent Emerita Olivia P. Maynard
Margaret and Harris McClamroch
Daniel and Carol McDonnell
James H. McIntosh and Elaine K. Gazda
Marilyn Meeker
Lynne Metty
Fei Fei and John Metzler
Dagmar Moore
Trevor Mudge and Janet Van Valkenburg
Bernhard and Donna Muller
Drs. Louis Nagel and Julie Jaffee Nagel
Kay and Gayl Ness
Sarah W. Newman
Susan and Daniel Noetzel
Christer and Outi Nordman
Fola Odetola
Elisa Ostafin and Hossein Keshtkar
Carlos Palomares and Julia Owens
Michael and Leslee Perlstein
Wesen and William Peterson
Donald and Evonne Plantinga
Stephen and Bettina Pollock
Mary Post
Peter Railton and Rebecca Scott
Floretta Reynolds
Jonathan and Anala Rodgers
Doug and Nancy Roosa
Stephen Rosenblum and Rosalyn Sarver
Amy Saldinger and Robert Axelrod
Michele and Eli Saulson
Ann and Tom Schriber
Ruth Scodel
Larry and Bev Seiford
Susan and Patrick Shields
Sue and Don Sinta
Brooks Sitterley
Sidonie Smith and Greg Grieco
Mary C Spires
Jan and Elena Stegemann
Stephan Taylor and Elizabeth Stumbo
Bette M. Thompson
Carrie and Peter Throm
Hitomi Tonomura
Claire Turcotte
Kay Tuttle and Gordon Larsen
Joyce A. Urba and David J. Kinsella
Paul and Marcia Valenstein
Virginia Wait
Arthur and Renata Wasserman
Richard and Madelon Weber
MaryLinda and Larry Webster
Professor J. Wehrley and Mrs. Patricia Chapman
Neal and Susan Weinberg
Robert Westveer
David and Anne Wilhoit
Lawrence and Mary Wise
Steven and Helen Woghin
Frances A. Wright
Gail and David Zuk

Associates ($250-$499)

Diane M. Agresta
Raymond and Sandy Aldrich
Catherine M. Andrea
Linda and Michael Balogh
Dr. Jayapalli R. Bapuraj
Richard M. Barron
Frank and Lindsay Tyas Bateman
Rajeev Batra and Priscilla A Spencer
Gorman and Andrea Beauchamp
Astrid B. Beck
Kenneth and Eileen Behmer
Christina Bellows and Joe Alberts
Dr. Elizabeth S. Bishop
Mary E. Black
Bobbie and Don Blitz
Ronald and Mimi Bogdasarian
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Laura Bomia
Christie Brown and Jerry Davis
Cindy Browne
Tony and Jane Burton
A. Craig Cattell
Cynthia Chase
Donald and Astrid Cleveland
George Collins and Paula Hencken
Angelos and Kathy Constantinides
Jeff Cooper and Peggy Daub
Anne and Howard Cooper
Roger Craig and Sherry Root
Susan Bozell Craig and Family
Richard and Penelope Crawford
Amal and Gregory Dalack
Connie D’Amato
Ed and Judi Davidson
Monique and Dennis Deschaine
Don and Kathy Duquette
Swati Dutta
Nick and Kelly Dyer
Morgan and Sally Edwards
Johanna Epstein and Steven Katz
Barbara Ericson
The Drs. Fauman
Sara and Bill Fink
Kathleen Fleming
Larry and Dorothy Fobes
Jessica Fogel and Lawrence Weiner
Scott and Janet Fogler
Ruth C. Forrest
Judy and Paul Freedman
Bernard Friedman and Sarah Mack
Philip and Renée Woodten Frost
Gwyn and Jay Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Gargaro
Sandra Gast and Greg Kolecki
Ronald Gibala and Janice Grichor
J. Martin and Tara Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Janet Goss
Dr. Leslie M. Green
Robert and Trudy Grimmer
Henry Grix and Howard Israel
Susan Harris
D Craig Hausman and Holly Heaviland, PhD
Joel and Jacqui Heidelbaugh
Carol and Dieter Hohnke
Rebecca Hong
Paul Hossler and Charlene Bignall
James S. House and Wendy Fisher House
Linda S. Hubbard
William and Sarah Hufford
Jane H. Hughes
Greg and Carol Hulbert
Stuart and Maureen Isaac
Elizabeth Kassab
Robert and Jeri Kelch
Dr. Barbara J. Kelly
Charles Kelly and Allison Sugiyama
Edward Kimball
Shira and Steve Klein
Michael Koen
Michael J. Kondziolka and Mathias-Philippe Badin
Tim and Kathy Laing
Lucy and Ken Langa
Linda M. Langer
Anne T Larin
John K. Lawrence and Jeanine A. DeLay
John and Theresa Lee
Marie Lewis
Michael and Debra Lisull
Daniel Little and Bernadette Lintz
Bruce Loughry
Marjorie Lynn
Marilyn and Frode Maaseidvaag
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Jane MacQueen
Prof. William Malm and Jutta Gerber-Malm
Sandra Lau Martins
James E. Maslanka and Catherine E. Giebel
Doug and Cate McClure
Carole and Dennis McNamara
Dr. Gerlinda S. Melchiori
Mike and Rachelle Michelon
Melinda Morris
Lisa Murray and Michael Gatti
Lora G. Myers
Sarah Naasko and Jonathan Smith
Andree Naylor
Thomas and Barbara Nelson
Nathan Ng
John and Martha Nitz
Arthur S. Nusbaum
Constance K. Olson
Beverly Olson
Elizabeth Ong
Liz and Mohammad Othman
Karen Pancost
William and Hedda Panzer
Stephen R. Perrin
Margaret and Jack Petersen
Emily Peterson and Anish Wadhwa
Tom Porter
Jeffrey and Joanna Post
Linda Powell and James Taylor
Karen and Berislav Primorac
Venkat Rao
Lou and Sheila Rice
Douglas and Robin Richstone
Felix and Caroline Rogers
Sherry Root and Roger Craig
Diana and Aaron Rosenzweig
Daria and Erhard Rothe
Carol D. Rugg and Richard K. Montmorency
Linda and Leonard Sahn
Jay and Susan Sandweiss
Michael and Kimm Sarosi
Mike and Annmarie Savitski
Helga and Jochen Schacht
Mary A. Schieve
David Schmidt and Jane Myers
Stuart Baggaley and Amy Seetoo
Suzanne Selig
Patrick and Carol Sherry
Sandy and Dick Simon
Jurgen Skoppek
Will and Megann Smith
Richard Soble and Barbara Kessler
Cheryl Soper
Jeff Spindler
Andrea and Gus Stager
Daniel Stankey
Daniel and Susan Stepek
Rick and Lia Stevens
Mary Stockwell
James L. Stoddard
Suzanne Tainter and Kenneth Boyer
Nancy Teichert
William Tennant
Denise Thal and David Scobey
Nancy Thompson
Mary Tift
Alvan Uhle
Fawwaz Ulaby and Jean Cunningham
Bram van Leer
Sara E. Vander Voort
Richard and Shelley Walinski
Bob and Liina Wallin
C. Glen Walter and Edite B. Walter, MD
Margaret Walter
Jo Ann Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Weiermiller
Hermann Weiss and Rebecca Hoort
James and Karen Westphal
Julie Wheaton
Mary Ann Whipple
Amy White
James B. White and Mary F. White
Robin Wilson
I. W. Winsten
Katherine Woo
Eric Woodhams

Advocates ($100-$249)

Joseph and Sandra Walls
Joanne Alexander
Lynn Allison
Sharon Altrogge
Becky and Rick Altschuler
James and Cathy Andonian
Ravi and Padma Anupindi
Lisa and Scott Armstrong
Dan E. and Monica Atkins
Michael Atzmon
Tracey Baetzel
Scott and Denise Bailey
Thomas and Sarah Baird
John Ballard
Jorg and Ingeborg Baumgartner
Joyce Beasley
Alan and Nancy Bedell
Emile Bendit
Patricia Benson and Brian Chodoroff
Christy Kelly-Bentgen and Barney Bentgen
Maria Beye
Narendra K. and Nishta G. Bhatia
Erika and Peter Bigalow
Leah Bobbey
Vicki Botek and Bill Edwards
Daniel and Leona Bronstein
Jennifer M. Brown
Martha Brown
Phil Bucksbaum and Roberta Morris
Julie Claire Burgess
Maureen Burns
Lou and Janet Callaway
Margaret W. (Peggy) Carroll
Christian and Anne Casper
Lee and Susan Cassanelli
Sally and Thomas Chase
Barry and Marjorie Checkoway
Matthew and Katherine Chosid
Monica Clarke
Lynette Clemetson
Barbara Comai
Jennifer Conlin and Daniel Rivkin
Judith Connett
Matthew and Amy Corriere
Jane Cowan-Zeidner
Joyce Crane
Ewa Danielewicz
Katherine K. Delaney
Sue Dempsey and Gregory Czarnecki
Frank and Karen Deogracias
Sandra Desico
Della DiPietro and Gary Kade
Daniel Edwards
Barbara and Tony Eichmuller
Rose and Moses Everett
Jason Fahlstrom
Kay Felt
Ronda Ferber
Norman and Barbara Fichtenberg
Parker Finn
Michael Finnane
Lisa and Hugh Flack, Jr.
Ruth Flanders
Spencer Ford and Susan Goldsmith
Mike and Heather Fosket
John and Normal Fosket
Sarah Frankland
Stephanie and Tim Freeth
Joanna and Richard Friedman
Bob Friestad
James and Robin-Frisch Gleason
Martha Froseth
Jerrold A. and Nancy M. Frost
Hilary Garton
Michael Gerdenich and Ina Hanel-Gerdenich
Leonore Gerstein
Scott Gerstenberger and Liz Sweet
Thomas M. Gervasi
Scott Gibson
Brian and Allyson Gill
Heather Glidden
Edie Goldenberg
Peter and Hanna Goodstein
Steve and Carol Grafton
Gail Graham
Peter Granda and Kari Gluski
Svea Gray
Jeffrey B. Green
Anne Grove
Iris and Fred Gruhl
Michael Hall
Michael Hammer and Matthew Dolan
Ken Handwerger
James M and Carolyn P Hansen
Joan Harris and Ed Sarath
Susan S. Harris
Pat Herbst and Vilma Mesa
Mark and Janette High
Mark and Lorna Hildebrandt
Carla and Jamie Hine
Jerry and Mary Hiniker
Mark Hiselman
Dr. Peter Honeyman
Vicki and Mark Hopper
Sandra Hostetler
Ken and Carol Hovey
Jennifer Howard
Gaye Humphrey
Linda Spector and Peter Jacobson
Deborah Jameson
William and Joan Jaynes
Erich and Ann Marie Jensen
Dr. Jon Oscherwitz
Duncan Jones
Perry and Denise Kantner
Kathleen I. Operhall
Jenny and Dave Keil
Jerold Kellman
Barbara Kelly
David and Gretchen Kennard, in memory of John Kennard
Nancy Keppelman and Michael Smerza
Edith Kieffer
King’s Keyboard House
Marilyn Klar and Steven Lauer
Jim and Carolyn Knaggs
Donald Knight and Family
Lyle Knoerr
Christie Kojima
Ann Marie Kotre
Brenda Krachenberg
Sheryl Krasnow
Colleen Lacivita
Lorraine Lamey
John Lang
Jane Langeland
Linnea Lannon and Rick Rattner
Mike LaPenna
Judith and Jerold Lax
Frances Lee
Melissa and Michael Lee
Laura Lein and Benjamin Kuipers
John Lesko and Suzanne Schluederberg
Emmy Lewis
Nancy Lewis
Don and Erica Lindow
Julie M. Loftin
John Lofy and Laura Rubin
Mary Long
Barbara R. Lott
Marjory S. Luther
Timothy Lyons
Michele Madden
John and Linda Magree
Edward F. Maroney
Ginny Marvin
Judythe and Roger Maugh
Kelly and Rose Maxwell
Edith A. Maynard
McConnell Family
Peggy McCracken and Doug Anderson
Jill McDonough and Greg Merriman
Beth McNally
Wendy Mead and Richard Coy
Martha and Dady Mehta
Roger Menear
Guy and Janice Merriam
Ricki Meyer
Barbara and Michael Steer
Sue and Michael Miller
Jim and Kathleen Mitchiner
Thomas Mobley
Dr. Van C. Momon and Dr. Pamela L. Berry
Michael and Catina Mooney
Patricia E. Mooradian
Deborah Dash Moore
Duke Morrow
Marjorie Mullen
Stephen and Barbara Munk
Surayyah R. Muwwakkil
Peter Nagourney and Reena Liberman
Lynne Nickle
Els Nieuwenhuijsen
Shannon and Christopher Nitchie
Jim and Linda Oldfield
Rosalie Oliveri
Beverly Ostrowiecki and Ray Siciak
Mara Palty
James Park and Cynthia Weaver
Rodger and Terri Park
Henry Paulson and Sarah Buss
John and Mary Pedley
William Penniman
Judith Pennywell, Ed.D.
Claire Pensyl and Ira Bell
Perry Pernicano
George and Wendy Pettett
Ruth and Bryan Pfingst
Douglas Phelps and Gwendolyn Jessie-Phelps
Nancy S. Pickus
Robert and Mary Ann Pierce
Jessica and Piotr Adamczyk
Julian and Evelyn Prince
Carmencita and Thomas Princen
Steve and Ellen Ramsburgh
Martha Ream
M I Reiser
Anne Remley
James Reynolds
Jessica C. Roberts
Kathryn Robine and Dr. Kevin Kerber
Mary M Roby
Robert and Karen Rock
David Rolston and Kathryn Rinehart
Richard and Edie Rosenfeld
Andy Rosenzweig and Rebecca Chottiner
Randall Ross
Jean Rowan
James and Tamara Royle
Michael Rucinski and Marianne Wilczak
Grant and Stephenie Ruttinger
El Sandler
Lacie and Matt Sandstrom
MaryAnn Sarosi
L. Scherdt
Audrey Schmidt
Karen Schulte and Bill Sverdlik
Ellen Schuster
Susan Schuur
Laurence Shear
Cliff and Ingrid Sheldon
Yvonne Shepherd-Johnson
Jean and Thomas Shope
Michael Singer
Scott and Joan Singer
Janet L. Smith
Versell Smith, Jr.
Tom and Elinore Sommerfeld
Lydia Soo
Andrea Stevenson
Dr. Janice Stickney
James B. and Carolyn A. Stokoe
Allison Stupka and Harry Fried
Eugene Y. Su and Christin Carter-Su
Megan Sugiyama
Dennis and Jan Sullivan
Laura Kathleen Sutton
Mari Suzuki
Drs. Joel and Michele Swanson
Azumi Ann Takata
Thomas and Nancy Taylor
Randy and Babette Ten Haken
Janet E. and Randall C. Torno
Elena Tsai
Linda Tubbs
Karen Tuttle
Shirley Urdal
Suzanne Van Appledorn
Ann Marie Van Duyne
Joan VanAntwerp
Gary and Teresa Vasilash
John and Jane Voorhorst
Robert and Rose Wagner
Lori Walker
John Wallbank
Arnold J. Weiner
Lois Weisman
Lisa and Steve Weiss
Pamela Widmayer
Matthew Wikander
Ann and Robert Wiles
Ashley Williams
Kathy Williams
Norma Wilson
Stewart and Carolyn Work
Roger Wykes
Peter Young

Friends ($5-$99)

Myra Aaronson
Nina Abani
Wayne Abbott
Sally Abel
Christine Abraham
Sarah Abramowicz
Chris and Tena Achen
Karen Acker
Rick Acosta
Justin Adams
Pamela Adams
Philip I. Adamson
Ruth Addis and Marj Schloff
Dr. Solomon Adera
Olga Agalakova
Joan Aghevli
Gren Agresar
Anthony Aguirre
Gwen (Geun Hae) Ahn
Linda Ahrold
Hayriye Aka
Irene Akiyama
Devon and Dharma Akmon
Tramell Alexander
Sondra Alexander
David Alexander
Jennifer Alkema
Emma Allotey
Norma Almanza
Maureen Alterman
Roann Altman
Jeanne Altmann
Tayo Aluko
Joshi Alumkal
Dan Alverson
U Amachi
Robert Ancker
Beth Andersen
Alecia Anderson
Darcy Anderson
Katherine Anderson
Diana Andrade
Mary Andres
Arthur Andrews
Leslie Ani
David and Ann Cordero
Randall and Ann Bizer
Thomas M. And Linda A. Annesley
Jody Ansell
Iris Antman
Kathleen Anzicek
Mark Anzicek
Patrick Aquart
Barbara Arbuckle
Patricia Arcana
Penny Archer
Amber Arellano
Jana Argersinger
Curtis Armitage
Laurie Arroyo
Fidel Asante
Rita Asch
Haukur Asgeirsson
Annamarie Asher
Brett Ashley
Fahad Ashraf
Mackenzie Astin
Dana Astmann
Karen Athan
Veronica Attah
Judith Augustus
Mary Auslander
Joanne Austin
Aaron Austin
Sandra Austin
Dale Avers
Mary and Nicholas Avrakotos
Nicholas Azzaretti
Kristina Babbitt
Jaclyn Babcock
Susan Badger
Alyssa Baginski
William Bagley
Vanessa Bailey
Ellen Bain
Allison Bainbridge
Sarah Baird
Zuri Baker
Jerry Baker
Kathy Baker
Deborah Ball
Alexander and Olga Balyabo
Maya Bam
Ms. Jennifer Bandyk
Pat Bantle
Edward Baranoski
Sandra Baranski
Lynn Barclay
Carlos Barillas
Carol Barlow
Helen and Phil Barnes
Laura Barnett
Mefi Barrera
Currie C Barron
Alfred Barrow
Ms. Liz Barry
Jose Bartolomei
Robert Barton
Eliana Barwinski
Steve Basch
Samantha Basile
Sonya Baskerville
Linda Baskey
Alexis Batra
Ron and Linda Battle
Francis Baudry
Jim Bauer
Thomas J. Bauld Ph.D.
Peter Baumann
Lisa Baumbick
Priscilla Baxter
Kimberly Bay
Randy Mcgrady-Beach
Joel and Kathryn Beam
Melanie Beaulieu
Peter Beaven
Gary Bedard
William Bednar
Joann Beers
Mary Ann Beird
Charles Belk
Dianna Bell
Ciel Benedetto
Rita Benham
Kori Benion
George Bentley
Kathryn Bentley
Thomas Benzoni
Martha B. Berardi
Mark and Frances Berg
Christopher Van Den Berg
Kathleen Bergin
Aaron Berkholz
Linda Berkowitz
Diane Berman
Tracy Berman
Irene Bernstein
Penelope Bernstein
Janice Bernsten
Stephen Berrey
Andrew H. Berry, D.O.
Henry Bertoni
Noah J. Betman
Bernard Beutel
Debi Bezeau
Piper – Heather Bianciotto
Jeffrey Bieszki and Trudy Hughes
Paul Bigler
Viki Bigler
Celesta Billeci
Dawn Biller
Nancy Billmann
Bonita Bingham
Kimberly Binns
Bonnie Bishop
Robyn Bishop
Tina Bissell
Sue Bissell
Irmgard Bittar
Salvatore Bizzarro
Lars Bjorn and Susan Wineberg
Debra Black
Daina Blackstone
Donna Blackwell
Carmela Allen-Blackwood
Christopher Blair
Leonard M Blakely
Mary Steffek Blaske and Thomas Blaske
Brian Bledsoe
Leslie Bloch
Kim Blue
Sarr and Diane Blumson
Kristen Saacke Blunk
Molly Blyth
John Boehret
Linda Bolton
Deborah Bonner
Jane Bonner
Mr. Eddie Bonnewit
Diane Bonsall
Dr. and Ms. Donald J. Bord
Marylynn Boris
Neil Boris
Judge Paul Borman
Michelle Boston
Carol Botsch
Eleonora Botti
Glenn Bottomly
Paris Bottoni
Ernestine Boukhriss
Monica Boulan
Eileen Bourassa
Lynette Bowden
Sonia Buhrer-Bowen
Robert K. And Janet L. Bower
Robin Bowles
Margaret Bowles
Laura Bowman
Rose De Bie-Bowman
Cheryl Bowser
Melinda Box
D Regina Boyd
Ronald Boyd
Dr. Lynn Boyer
Connie Boykan
Bridget Boylan
Sara Boys
John Boze
Marilyn Bradshaw
Janet Braggs
Nancy Bramberg
Janet Branch
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Bratcher
Joseph and Michelle Braun
Bryan and Machelle Braxton
Krachenberg Charitable Fund
Marcy Breslow
Marilyn Breslow
Deanne Brewster
Gretchen Brewster
Howard Brick
John Briegel
Richard Brigham
Enzie Briskey
Shennandoah Britten
Azeb Samuel-Britton
James Britton
Ms. Helene Brody
Cleo Brooks
Michael Broome
Michael Broussard
Joel S. Brown
Karen and Lawrence Brown
Irene Brown
Philip Brown
Ellen Brown
Ellen Miller-Brown
Heidi Shore-Brown
Joi Brown
Kate Brown
Roosevelt Brown
Vance Brown
Francine Brownley
Nancy Brucken
Irene Bruenger
Paul Brumley
William Bruns
Carrie Bell and Bryan Snook
Eugenia Bryant
Norman Bucknor
Amy Lynn Budd
Trudy Bulkley
Eric Bunke
Barbara Bunker
Jane Bunten
Edwin Bunton
Desiree Burch
Jan Burgess
Jenifer Burke
Ann K. Burke
Gail Burke
Dana Burkley
Lori Burns
Alida Burt
Ann Burton
Michele Simms-Burton
Jonathan and Anne Busch
Charles Butler
Eric Butler
Nan Butterfield
Kristine Buyers
Melinda Byrd
Cindy Byron
Margaret Mancinelli-Cahill
Gena Caldwell
Christopher Caltieri
Linda and Bruce Campbell
Julie Campbell
Mary Denise Cancellare
Jerry Cantor
Lawrence Carlson
Rosalyn Carlton
Elizabeth Carmichael
Lesley Carmichael
Janet Carpenter
Raymond Carr
Teresa Carson
Joy Casey
Jean Castiglione
Joanne Ferguson Cavanaugh
Guillermo Cazares
Jane Century
Gianna Chachere
Felicia Chambers
Naomi Chamblee
May Chan
Jen Chance
Karen Chandler
Elizabeth Chang
Alicia Chapman
Wallace Chappell
Danielle Chard
Lynette Charity
Stacy Charlesbois
Tom and Charlotte Rech
Joshua Charlson
Allan Charlton
Eileen Chauvet
Lynette Chekan
Diane Cheklich
Siyu Chen
Ann Cheng
Caroline Cheng
Briston Chester
John Childers
Gunhild and Chris Mcmillan
Ms. Hui Hua Chua
James Church
Dian Chute
Linda Ciavonne
Richard D. Cieslak
Barbara Cingel
Anne Clark
Elizabeth Clark
Raynell Clark
Charles Clark
Mariah Clark
Martha Clark
Elizabeth Mustard and Scott Clarke
Thomasina Clarke
Tori Clayton
Tamara Clements
Marcia Clinton
Beth Coates
Renee Coates
Terry Cheatham-Cobb
Michael Coffey
Elizabeth Cohen
Joanna Cohen
Rachel Cohen
Laura Colby
Allan Cole
Michael and Marie Cole
Marcie Cole
Jim Coleman
Marilyn Coleman
Sharon Coleman
Carolyn Collette
Linda Collier
Dwight Collins
Susan Collins
Ken Collinson
Mack Combs III
Karry Comfort
Judie Compher
Kevin and Judith Compton
Paul Conklin
James Conley
Joan Conley
Alex and Ileen Conn
Carmella Conner
Elizabeth O’Connor
Nicky Connors
Katherine Conover
Frederick Conrad
Barbara Conrad
Mark Consuelos
Cheryl Conway
Laura Conway
Jennifer Conway
Cheryl Cook
Edwin Cook
Sue Cooke
Felicia Cooper
Beverly Cooper
Barbara H. Cooper
Sean Copeland
Laura Coplin
Iola Corbett
David Corbin
Linda Corey
Carla Cornette
Sharon Cornu
Allison Correll
Christine Corser
Ronald M. Costell
James Cotelingam and Christina Wong
Callie Cothern
Felicia De Courcy
Jacqueline Courteau
Mary Cox
Monica Coyne
Celeste Craig
Ana Croegaert
Richard Crosby
Rebecca Crosson
Dale Crouse
Diriest Alesia Crowell-Buffington
James Crowfoot
Maxine Crump
L. Ivanna Cullinan
Anne Culver
Rachel Cummins
Cheryl Cunningham
Kathleen Cunningham
Jody Curl
James Czirr
Debotri Dahr
MS Dailey
Rene Daniels
Vanessa Dantes
Jeremy Dantzler
Robert Darbee
Tamiko Dargan
Anneke Darling
Hiroshi Date
Jeanne Davies
Fontaine Davis
Michelle Davis
Gary and Mary Davis
James Davis
Angela Davis
Christopher Davis
Jerome Davis
Shedrick Davis
T Davis
Pamela Davis-Kean
Alonna Dawes
Molly Day
Paralee Day
Mars and Iruschka De Ritis
Andrea Deagostino
Sarah Dean
Charlotte Deane
Ann D. Deangelis
Rodney Debs
Richard Defouw
Rita Defrees
Jeff and Staney Degraff
James Degraffenreidt
Martha Denckla
Teresa Dennis
Tony Derezenski
Lyn Desilets
Jill Devore
Simone Devore
Ian Dewaal
Jeff Diamond
Cynthia Diaz
Michael Dickens
Sheila Dickson
C Sue Diehl
Elaine Dinitz
Barbara Dixon
Amy Dixon
Gwen Dixon
Robert Dixon
Sally Dobbie
Emily Dobbs
Brtnard Dobroski
Margaret Docherty
Debbie Dodge
Karen Donahue
Donald and Julie Stolt
Annemarie Donjacour
Marlene Donoghue
Marguerite Donovan
Nicole M Dorrell
William Dorsey
Kristie Dotson
Nathan and Megan Doud
Susan Douglas
Akosua Dow
Lawrence Downing
Christiana Drapkin
William Driver
Charlotte Droll
Nisha and Anthony D’Silva
Todd Duesing
Caitlin Duffy
Rachel Duffy
Siobhan Dugan
Linda Duggins
Donna Dughi
Chening Duker
Theodora Dule
Shirley Devine-Dumolga
David Duncan
Vicki Duncan
Karen Duncan
Melanie Dunn
David Dupont
Stacey Duprey
Mary Jo Durivage
Larry Dutton
Nancy Dutton
Kathleen Dvorak, D.C.
Beth Dwoskin
Doris Dyer
Karen Dyson
Ivan and Paula Dzombak
Marc Eady
Darryl Eaton
Guisela Eberle
Angela Ebreo
Janice Eckert
Susan Edelsberg
John Eder
Katherine Edison
Ralph Edlow
Margo Edmunds
Robert and Mary Edwards
Kaye Edwards
Maggie Edwards
Melanie Edwards
Richard Edwards
Margaret Efkeman
Nancy Eggert
Ms. Bette Ehrenberg
Mikel Ellcessor
Mark Elliott
Thea Ellis
Victoria Ellison
Scott and Betsy Ellsworth
Rochelle Elson
Theo England
Wayne Englander
DJ Engle
Brenda English
Stephen H. And Laurel S. Epstein
Margaret Erickson
Lynda Erinoff
James Eschman
Cindy Esselstyn
Karen Evans
Mariwyn Evans
Shelley Evans
Jean Evansmore
Jennifer Evanson
Jana Everett
Beth Everett
Barbara Sturgis-Everett
Tina Fabrique
Kathy Falkner
Kwabena R. Falson
Kelly Fanning
Katie Farmer
Dolores Farmer
John Farmer
Mary Farmer
Faizal Farook
Darlene Farrow
Paul Fassler
Ms. Katrina Fasulo
Hellen Fatherley
Donna Fathke
Mrs. Margaret I. Faulkner
Nicole Faulkner
Richard Faulkner
Helen Fauteux
Ruth Favro
Peter Fayroian
Anna M. Fecteau
Ira Feirstein
Susan Fekety
Wendi Felgner
Nancy Fenton
Priscilla Lindsay and Richard Ferguson-Wagstaffe
Katherine Ferrara
Carolyn Ferrari
Sandra Field
Heidi Fields
Hughlyn Fierce
Linda Findlay
Amy Fingerle
Denise Finn
Denise and Bruce Astrein-Finn
Debora Finn
Lewis Finney
Lonnie Firestone
Barbara Firestone
Michael Firlik
Susan Fisch
Norman and Jeanne Fischer
Leandrea Fisher
Steve Fisher
Katty Vera De Fisher
Mary Ann Fisher
David Fitterman
Susan Fitzgerald
Susan Fleenor
Sue Fletcher
Monique Floer
Christine Flug
Thomas and Sarah Flynn
Hilary Flynn
Lisa Foggia
Joann Foltz
Kristin Fontichiaro
Phyllis Ford
Wanita and William Forgacs
Merrill Forman
Arlene Fosdick
Paul and Jennifer Fossum
Bonnie Fought
Mariko Foulk
Janice Fournier
Patricia Fowler
Judy Foy
Elena Fracassa
Annette Alexander-Frank
Jeffrey Frank
Joann Frank
Randall and Ellen Frank Fund
Sally Frank
Susan Frank
Lora Frankel
Rosalie Frankel
Burton Franzman
Alexis Frazier
Leslie Freck
Donnamarie Frederick
Stephen Freeland
Beth Freese
Becky Freligh
Sara Frey
Gloria Fryzel
Margene Fudenna
Suzanne Fullar
Caroline Fuller
Carolyn Fulton
Sylvia Funk
Sally Furgeson
Stephanie Furlong
Stacy Furukawa
Mary Fusoni
Rob Gaddi
Paul Gagliardi
Susannah Gal
Tracy Gallup
Don Galluzzi
Evelyn Galster
Cynthia Lisle Galster
Joseph and Catherine Galura
Valerie Smith-Gamble
Xiang Gao
Christine Gardner
Greg Gardner
Karen Gardstrom and Richard Bootman
Robert Garner
Cheryl Garnett
Carol Garramone
Patricia Garrett
Richard Garrett
Joann Garrigan
Janna Garrison
William Gartenberg
Pamela Garvin
Joseph Gasiorowski
Harriett Gaston
Kathleen Young and Gary M. Gatien
Gay Gauder
Wilson Gautreaux
Mary Gavin
Thomas Gay
Bruce Geffen
Lisa Genova Isserstedt
Denise Gentry
Mary George
Maryanne George and David Broat
Claudine Gerber
Jocelyn Gerich
Kay Gering
Marc Gerstein and Eleanor Linn
Stephanie Getzler
Steve Ghannam
Faison Gibson
Richard Gibson
Miguel Gijón
Dan Gilbert
David Gilbert
Mary Lou Gillard
Colin Gillens
Elizabeth Gilles
Beth and David Gilliland
Teresa Gillotti
Janet Gilmore
John Gingrich
Laura Ginsburg
Nicholas Giordano
Steven Girard
Dolores Gitlin
Ursa Brown-Glaberman
Maureen Glassman
Lynn Glazewski
Jonathan Gleit
Paul Glendon Vanguard Balanced Index Fund
Alice Glicksberg
Carol Glynn
Marianne Gocker
Penny Godboldo
Alex Eskenazi-Gold
Jerold Gold
Nancy Gold
Barbara Goldberg
Linda Goldberg
Stephen Goldberger
Rosalind Goldfarb
Louis Goldich
Anita and Albert Goldstein
Nancy Hagen Goldstucker
Arturo Gomez
Ron Gonzales
Ana Maria Gonzalez Hernandez
Edward Goode
Elyssa Gooding
James Goodman
Polly Goodwin
Jon Gordon
Devon Gordon
Ingrid Goree
Susan Gorman
Jane Gorsi
Patricia R. Gotfredson
Keiko Goto
Judith Gourdji
Christina GRAF
Sally Graham
James Grant
Michele Grant
G Grant
Christine Grapes
Carol Graves
Kenneth B. Gray
Judith Lempert Green
Steven Green
Meridith Green
Minnedore Green
Raina Green
Elizabeth Greene
Sara and Steve Greene
Janet Greenhut
Leah Greenwald
Lee Greenwald
Jozeffa Greer
Ken Gregg
Joan Gregor
Jonathan Gressel
George and Gretchen Zuiderveen
Eugene Grewe
Julie Griffin
Penny Griffith
Gina Grimes
Tracy Gross
Owen Grossman
George Grumbach
Donna Guillaume
Ellen Guise
David Guldin
Bruce Gunn
Lauren A. Gunner
Joan Gunzberg
Ms. Emily S. Guo
Monica Das Gupta
Priya Gupta
Bipasha Guptaroy
Regina Gurst
Caroline Guthrie
Peter Guttchen
Jonney Guy
Robert Haas
Camilla Haase
Philip I. Haber
Margaret Hader
Khaled and Mary Lee Hafez
Cynthia Haffey
Kat Hagedorn
Anne Hagiwara
Catherin Hall
J Hall
Vincent Hall
Deanna Hallagan
Gloria Halper
Catherine Hamilton
Marilyn Hammill
Marga and Matthew Hampel
Jacqueline Hamric
John and Char Hanchak
Dave Hancock
Joanne Hansen
Norma Harb
Susan Harding
Lisa Hardy
Sandra Harewood
Shuler Harmon
Melora and Harold Goosey
Wendell Harp
Jan Harper
Nailah Harrell
George Harrington
Leslie Harrington
Sarah Harrington
David Harris
Gwendolyn Harris
Mary Harris
Tawanna Harris
Vale Hartley
Bobbi Hartwell
Anita Prather Harvell
June Haskell
Dorian Hastings
John J. Haus
Rex Hauser
Regina Hauser
Ida Hawkins
Amy Homkes-Hayes
Catherine Hayes
Barbara Hayes
Kathryn Slining Haynes
Joi Haynes
Bonnie Hebert
Oded Hecht
Karen Heck
Sarah Hedrick
Jennifer Heggie
Betty Heineke
Ed Heinzelman
Elizabeth D. Heller
Paul Heller
Dr. Joseph I. Helman
Frank Hemko
Nancy Hemmes
Kamilah and Cornelius Henderson
Linda Henderson
James Hendriksen
Sandi Henry
Christopher Hensick
Debbie Henslee
Mary Henslee
Elizabeth Hepp
Ellen Herman
Prof. Leslie R. Herrenkohl
Edie Herrold
Margaret Herron
Ellen Hertzmark
Aaron and Lauren Herzig
Sandra Hess
Eileen Hesseling
Steven and Mary Hewlett
Janet Hieshetter
Paul Higgins
Millicent Higgins
Kip Higgins
Carol Hill
Martha Scott Hill
Steven Hill
Carol Hillman
Jon Hinkle
Shelley and Jeff Hirshberg
Natasha Hitchcock
Vicki Hoard
William Hodge
Michael Hodges
Cheryl R. Hodges-Selden
Marsha Hoecker
Daniel and Barbara Hoffman
Jill Hoffmann
Signe Hoffos
Deborah Holbrook
Alice Holbrook
Kristi Holcombe
Bernard Holicky
Melvin and Verna Holley
Catherine Holm
Ms. Suzanne Holm
Risa Holmes
Randy Holtzman
Michael and Nina Homel
Patricia Honton
Marcy Ryan-Hooker
Eliza Hooper
Angela Hoover
Mark Horowitz
Susan Hosticka
Donald Houck
Christopher Hourclé
Lucille Householder
Aletia Howard
Norman and Cristine Howe
Lauren Howe
Timothy Howerton
Waleed R. Howrani
Merrill Hoyt
Amy Hubbard
Marilyn Huddell
John Hudson
Judith Hudson
Claire Hughes
Roger Hughlett
Jeannie Hulan
Dean and Lucy Hully
Kerry Hulsing
Ray Hunter
Marlene Hurshman
Susan Hutcher
Sheryl Hutchinson
Anne Cong-Huyen
Fracaswell Hyman
Marsha Imprescia
Linda Ingram
Myrna Iny
Elizaveta Levina and Edward Ionides
David Ippel
Ninalee Irani
Lucy Irwin
Gabriela Islas
Bill Ives
Mel Ivey
Dr. Kelly A. Jabbusch
Emilda Jaccard
Kay Jack
Leslie Jackowski
Valerie Payne-Jackson
Jane Jackson
Denise Jacob
Earl Jacobs
Laura Jacobs
Sorella Jacobs
Laura Jacobson
Charles Jaffe
Thrupti Jagadish
Bailey James
Diane Jamison
John and Jane Lumm
Allison Jarrett
Nelson and Jean Freeman
Mary Jeffers
Clarence Jefferson
Michael and Isabella Jenkins
Matt Jennings
Carey Jernigan
Stephen Jervey
Anthony Jeskey
Brenda Jeter
Richard and Joann Hirth
Brenda and John Gillespie
Mark and Linda Johnson
Denise and Jerry Johnson
Joyce Johnson
Katherine Johnson
Rex Johnson
Niki Johnson
Ross Johnson
Vita Johnson
David Johnson
Eithne Johnson
Erik Johnson
Ifetayo Johnson
Rose Johnson
Patrice Johnson
Ruth Johnson
Valerie Johnson
Robert Jolly
Steven Jonas
Donna Jones
Kate Jones
Katie Jones and Diana Perpich
Charlie Jones
Debra Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Jeannie Jones
Keane Jones
Lotus Jones
Nolan Jones
Verna Jones
Mary Ellen Joseph
Matthew Joseph
Florence Jowers
Joy Joyce
Richard J Brazan Jr
John Smith Jr.
William Mciver Jr.
William Robinson, Jr.
Judith Halloran
James Judson
Nicholas Jurich
David Kagan
Ann Kahn
John Kalb
Miriam Kalichman
Lois Kallunki
Leslie Kamil
Mark and Marsha Goldsmith Kamin
Emily Kania
Leslie Kantor
Mr. and Mrs. Allyn D. Kantor
Carol and Mark Kaplan
Elinore Kaplan
Noah and Helen Kaplan
Susan Kaplan
Nancy S. Karp
Carolyn Karpin
Bethany Karram
Mark Kastel
Maria Katherman
Thomas and Kathy Allbaugh
Oksana Katofiacs
Jan Katz
Katherine Katz
Ellen Katz
Shirley Katz
Shawn Ehlert-Katzman
Toni Kaus
Jacqueline Kauza
Harold Kay
Gavin Kayner
Geraldine Kazenoff
Jeffrey Kear
Evelen Keating
Ralph nd Erika Keith
Scott Kelley
Keith and Leslie Kellman
Brian Kelly
Daniel Kelly
Mary Ellen Kelly
Lynden Kelly
Diana Kelsay
Margaret Kelso
Richard Kendall
Michael Kennedy
Mark Kenny
Marty Kerns
Corrine Kent
Cora Lee Khambatta
Roland and Jeanette Kibler
Helen Kiefer
Arthur Kilduff
Marlie Killen
Christopher Kim
Barbara Kincaid
Jennifer King
Julie King
Marv King
Laurence King and Robyn Frey King
Evelyn King
Marse Kingsberry
Deborah Kinnebrew
Linda Kirk
Peter Klehm
Gilbert Kliman
Karen Klott
Katherine Klykylo
Betsy Knaak
Jennifer Knapp
Alison Knapp
James Knol
Marisa Kobar
Bonnie Koblitz
David and Lisa Kohn
Angela Kolz
Marlene and John Kondelik
David Kors
Leah Korth
David Koslow
Eleanor Kostecki
Jane Kotenko
Akua Kouyate-Tate
Cassandra Kozlowski
Eileen Kraus
Shelley Krause
Adam Kridler
Joan Kritzberg
Ruth Krzyzowski
Lisa Kuerzel
William Kumbier
Marcia Kunstler
Monica Kuptz
Hatsephi Kushma
Jim and Val Kushman
Ken Kyle
Paula Labadie
Ken and Maria Laberteaux
Ronni S. Lacroute
Lily Ladin
Alex Lagrassa
Marcia Lahaie
Joe Lalich
Joshua Lam
Terry Lambeth
David Lampe and Susan Rosegrant
Rachel Lampert
Vicki A Lancaster
Jennie Lane
Karen Lang
Henry Lappen
Leon Laptook
Barbara Larsen
Adam Larson
Pamela Lasazen
Nancy Lasher
Evelyne Laurin
Joan Lavell
Linda Lavelle
Anne Lawrence
Han Le
Angelyn Leaver
Karen Leclair
Mr. Richard Leder
Karen Lederer
Julia Lederman
Bob Lee
Byung Lee
Sua Lee
Pil Lee
Carmen Green-Lee
Prof. Ann R. Thomas and Dr. Robert R. Lee
Teresa Leggard
Naomi Lehman
Judith Lehman
Rayleigh Lei
Carolyn Leith
Kevin Lemelle
Patricia Lennington
Nancy Leon
Chris Leone
Kimberly Leong
Kiyoko Lerner
Judy Leshefka
Carol Lessure
Barbara Lester
Helios Leung
Norman Levey
Barbara Ann Levine
Robin Levine
Marcia Levinson
Jerry Levy
Arnold Lewis
Elizabeth Lewis
Jeanne Lewis
Geoffrey Lewis
Xihao Liang
Richard Liberatore
Cathy and Rene Lichtman
Yatidi Lightfoot
Jim Lilienthal
Grace Lin
Stuart Linas
Lynda Lincoln
Linda Thompson
Russ Linden
Daniel L. Lisuk
Edna Litten
Audrey Little
Thomas Litwack
Lillian Liu
Rafael Loera
Sarah Loewenbein
Mari Lohela
Karen Lohmann
Jerry Lohmeyer
Erik Lohr
Kathryn Lomax
Stephanie London
Thomas Long
Valeria Long
Kimberly Lonsway
Daniela Lopez
Benjamin Lorch
Deborah Lord
Carol Loree
R Lott
Jacquelyn Lowe
Alberto Loya
Debora Lozito
Carol Lucas
Marisa Brown Ludwig
Lorene Ludy
Paul Ludzki
Aaron Luk
Joseph Lunz
Robert Lusardi
Colleen Lutinski
Anne Lutostanski
Diane Lutwak
Lori Lutz
Valerie Lynch
Sheila Lynn
Morgan Lyons
Darlynn Lyons
Adrian Ma
Alan Maass
Holly Macfarlane
Karin Mack
Barbara Mackintosh
Eugene Maddred
Leah Maddrie
Joan Madison
Sanganur Mahadeva
Randall Maharry
Ann Mahoney
Rosemary Mahoney
William Mahoney
Natale Majkut
Inder Makin
Dr. Oksana Malanchuk
Lou Malchie
Marty Malenshek
Adam and Ayasha Mall
Robert Malone
Veronica Malone
Saul Malozowski
Miriam Manary
Reginald C. Brown and Camilla Mannino
Carol Manshady
Joyce Mantell
Kathleen Marafino
Moira Kelly
John Maravich
Helenka Marcinek
Mark Mardirosian
Kathleen Marinan
Michaele Mark
Geri and Sheldon Markel
Ronald Marklin
Deborah Markow
Amy Marquardt
Cathy Martin
Laura Martin
Susan E. Martin
Molly Resnik and John Martin
Vicki Martin
Darrick Martin
Juan Martin
Pamela Martinetti
Roz Martinez
Joel Marver
Appleton Mason
Irma Mason
Matthew Mason and Renate Klass
Nancy Mason
Robert M Mason Jr
Donna Massie
Michele Masuda
Suzan Matero
RB Mathews
William Mathewson
Judith Mattscheck
Ginny Maturen
Margaret Mauti
Brian Maxey
Micheline Rice-Maximin
Broderick Maxwell
Ms. Gabriele Mayer
Curtis Mayfield
Charles Mays
Salome Mazard
Hermann Mazard
Fereshteh Mcallister
Laura Mcauliffe
Michael and Katherine Mcbride
D Mccain
Marilyn Mccallum
Arlene Mccarthy
Carol Mccarthy
Sean and Martha Mcclatchey
Janet Mcclintock
Regina Mcclinton
Wyethia Mccoy
Robin Mccoy
Thomas Mccoy
Carolyn Mccray-Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Mccready
Carolyn J. Mccreary
Maggie Mcdermott
Jazmyn Mcdonald
Carol Mcelhinney
Walt Mcenery
Patricia Horne Mcgee
Patricia Mcgee
Sarah Mcgregor
Saundra Mcguire
Mickey and Allana Mcguire
Melvin Mcinnis and Sofia Merajver
Nancy Mcintosh
Arleen Mckay
Jennifer Mckee
Tashima Mckenney Fund
Laura Mcknight
David Mclaughlin
Barbara B. Mclendon
Eddrice Mcmullan
Sherrie Mcnall
Melodi Mcneil
Linda Mcpherson
Deborah Mcwilliams
Sherry Medwin
Frederick A. Meek III
Irene Mehlos
Devon Seybert Meier
Rosie Meinholz
Steven Melamut
Robert and Sharon Melendes
Karina Mendoza
Sarah Menezes
Pai Meng
Alberto Mercado
Mr. James Mercurio
D. Meredith Dobson
Patrick Merkel
Barbara Mesropian
Mr. Tom Metcalfe
Michael Meyer
Karen Meyn
Carmela Micallef
Gina Michael
Michael Flöer
J. Michael Rembor
Carla Michaud
Donna Mickleson
Joy Middleton
Terri Middleton
Eiji Miki
Sheri Miklaski
Carla Miller
Karen Miller
James Miller
Abigail Miller
Annise Miller
CT Miller
Joanne Miller
Theresa Miller
Rose Mills
Kristin Minot
Noemi Mirkin
Maria Miskatovic
Hannah Mitchell
Joni Mitchell
Penelope Mitchell
Toya Mitchell
Wolfgang Mittig
Hattula Moholy-Nagy
Ruth Mohr
Bernard Mohr
Cynthia Mokray
Wendolyn Molk
Cynthia Salzman Mondell
Anita Monga
Elaine Monnier
Helen Monroe
Alonza Montgomery
Thomas Moore
Adenike Moore
Dallas Moore
Nancy Moore
Virginia Moore
Kristine Mooreland
Ms. Carolyn Morado
Bia Moraes
Kittie Berger Morelock
Christina Morgan
Madison Morgan
Palmer and Susan Morrel-Samuels
Marie Knoerl and Andrew Morrill
Brent` Morris
Emma Morris
Rita Morris
Stephen Morris
Diane Morrison
Laura Morrison
Virginia Morse
Judy Moskus
Janice Moss
Dana Mosser
Sumiyah Mshaka
Janice Mucker
Bernd Mueller
Jeffrey Muhammad
Khalil Gibran Muhammad
Patrick Mulcahey
Monique Mulcare
Jan Mulder
Alfred Muller
Sheryl Mullice
Brian Mulligan
David Mulligan
Donna Mullins
Catherine A. Murau
John Murphey
Kellie Murphy
Terence R. Murphy
Angela Murray
Judith Mcmanus-Murray
Adrienne Musci
Michael Muse
Lisa Myers
Jennifer Myers
Sarah Myers
Tucker and Karen Myers
Leslie Myrick
Mark Nadel
Bernadette Nagler
Leonard Nakamura
Susan Nalepa
Michael Nash
Robert and Susan Nash
Susan Nash
Elaine Nathan
Tom Neal
R. Fagin and F. Neeper
Dorothy E Neill
Susan Nelson
Karen Nelson
Shawn Nelson
Helene Neu
Janet Neurauter
Amy Newberg
David Newman
Jerry Newman
April Newman
Donna Newton
Tiffany Ng
Quock Ng
Cynthia Nicely
Clinton Nichols
Kenneth and Carol Nicholson
Nancy Nickelson
Karen Nixon
Susan Noack
Ryan Noel
Pauline Nol
Brian Nolan
Kate Nordstrum
Kenneth Norman
Lois Williams-Norman
Margaret Norris
Carlette Norwood
Marcianna Nosek
Elaine Novak
Ms. Carol Novak
Patty Novak
Bonnie Nowakowski
Jacqueline Nowell
Dennis Oakes
Kenneth Oates
Colin and Nancy Oatley
Kim O’Connell
William O’Connor
Susan Odessey
Krista Oelschlaeger
Randle Samuels and Gail Offen
Nancy Louis Ogilvie
D O’Keefe
Robyn L. O’Keefe
Barbara O’Kelly
Maury Okun
Deborah Oliver
Maryl Olivera
Ms. Frances P. Olson
Vivian Omagbemi
Bill O’Meally
Susan Oneal
Anita St Onge
Angela Oonk
Anna Simmons and Scott Oostendorp
Margaret O’Reilly
Dorothy Ormes
Diane Oropeza
Ann L. Orwin
William Osanitsch
Jane Osburn
Michael O’Shea
Michael Osmond
Phyllis Oster
Genny Ostertag
Karen Ostlie
Anne Ostling
Hank Ostwald
Marcus Osullivan
Edgar and Julianne Otto
Tracey Outlaw
Laurie Overmann
Carol Overvold
Penny Owen
David Owens
Sabrina G. Owens
Sally Oxman
Susan Oyama
Alan and Susan Paikin
Nettie Paisley
Jane Palzere
D. Aviva Panush
Catherine Pappas
Charles Paris
Linda Parisi
Linda Park
Janet Parker
Angela Barber-Parker
Janice Parker
Anna Pasek
Judith Pasich
Amita Patel
Mr. Arvind Patel
Kathryn Patetta
Sheila Patton
Ellen Patton
Kevin Paul
Alexander Paul
Deshant Paul
Barbara Payne
Teresa Payne
Shelia Payton
Michelle Peabody
Carolyn Peacock
Jan Peake
Heather Peck
Linda L. Peck
Maryjane P. Peck
Rhoda Pell
Timothy Pemberton
Trish Pengra
Frank Pentti
Jose Peralta
Rachel Perelson
Deborah Perry
Lynn Perton
Willie Cupples and Peter F. Norlin
Christabelle Peters
Jacquelyn Peters
Anne Peters
Marc Peters
Maybelle Peters
Glen Peterson
Ken Peterson
Richard Peterson
Seth Peterson
Sara J. Peth
Joann Pettus
Scott D Pfeiffer
Nancy Pflasterer
Allyson Phelps
B Phelps
Lou Philipson
Michelle Phillips
Joyce H. Phillips
Earl Picard
Barbara Jones-Picou
Harvey Pillersdorf
Roxanne Pin
Samuel Pinger
Tania Piotrowski
Chris and Kathy Piper
Dale Pittman
Lolita Pitts
Carol Pixton
Pedro Pizarro
Joanne Pohl
Sandy Polishuk
Katherine Marshall-Polite
Constance Pollard
Susan Pollay
Gwynne Pomeroy
Ashley Popp
Lynn Portnoff
Rachel Portnoy
Margaret Poscher
Robyn Pospy
Garry S. Post
Sydelle Postman
Stephen Poteet
Ruth Potter
Sarah Pouliot
Angela Powell
Nathaniel L. Powell
Susan Pratt
Allen Prebus
Louis Pressman
Lesta Ann Preston
Jim Price
Gretchen Price
Lee Price
Valerie (Efua) Prince
Susan Pringle
Judith Promisel
Sam Prout
Denise Provenzano
Char Floyd-Pruitt
Annette Puente
Mary Puls and Lewis Schlanbusch
Hope Punnett
Ann F. Putallaz
Robert Quartell
Ramona Quesada
Linda Quillin
Mary Quinn
Douglas and Leslie Quint
Jennie Quon
Judith Rabitcheff
Christopher J. Radke
Daryl Ragan
Marcy Rahner
Debbie Ramirez
Vicky Tripp Ramsden
Anne Ramsey
Dana Randall
Keven Randolph
David and Judy Ranheim
Myrna Ranney
Joseph Ranney
Sophia Raptis
Gary Ray
Clovis Raymond
Leslie Raynor
Aja Razumny
Stephen and Agnes Reading
Maria Rebbert
Joyce Rechtschaffen
Richard Redfearn
Katie Redman
Devin Redor
Russ and Nancy Reed
Jane Regan
John Regenhardt
Karen Rehrauer
Glenda L. Haskell and Rick Reichman
Caron Reid
Michael Reingold
Benjamin Remos
Alison Rene
Catherine Rennert
Dan Repinski
Tucker Respess
Michelle Revels
Monica Reynolds
Linda Reynolds
Laurel Rhyne
Ann and Richard Grzeskowiak
Marla and Richard Goldstein
Gwen Richard
Jerry Richard
Frank and Betsy Richardson
Irene Ridgeon
Karen Riedel
Don Riegger
Janna Riley
Roxanne Riley
Roger Rindge
Wendy A Ritger
Iruschka De Ritis
Rafat Rizk
Janice Robb
Larina A. Robbins
Lisa Marra and James Robert
Douglas Robertson
William Robertson
Diane Robins
Beth Robinson
Marietta Robinson
Qawi Robinson
Jill Robinson
Leah Robinson
Robin Robinson
Robyn Robinson
Ernest Robles
Ann Roche
Bj Roche
Theresa Rodello
Jimmy Rodgers
Kelly Beaudry-Rodgers
Velmaris Rodriguez
Nicola Roe
Theresa Rohlck
Janice Roller
Victoria Romain
Mary Romero
Katie Romney
Bonnye Roose
Kirsten Roque
Cheryl and Erik Rosaen
Teri Rosales
Judith Rose
Charles Rose
John Rose
Richard Rose
Ms. Amy Rosenberg
Richard Rosenberg
Steven Rosenberg
Jill Rosenkrantz
Carol Rosensteel
Nathaniel Rosenthal
Ronnie B. Rosner
Cindy Rosner
Earl Ross
Marlene Ross
Marsha Ross
Sarah Ross
Daniel Ross
Diane Ross
Eldora Ross
Linda Ross
Avery Ross
Alina Rossetter
Richard and Patricia Rossman
Beryl Roth
Barbara Rothenberg
Nick Roumel
Franklin Rouse
John Rowntree
Nick Royal
April Royster
Ted Rozelsky
Peggy Rubens
Suzanna Rubright
Mark Rudelson
Theodore Rudolph
Rimantas and Cheryl Rukstele
David Rumford
William Rupe
Robin Rusinko
Carolyn Russell
Sarah Russo
Elizabeth Ryan
Celia Ryder
Shigeru Sadakane
Patricia Sadler
Hazem Said
Jeanne Saier
Andrew Sajor
Badriyyah Salaam
Henry Salazar
Iris Salcedo
Domenic Salerni
Deborah Salerno
Abby Salinas
Christine Sam
Ms. Christine Samida
Tracy Samilton
Greg Sampson
Paula Sampson
Jose Sanchez
Joan Sandberg
Linda Sandefur
I N Sanders
Gabriela Santos
Paula Sapienza
Joan Harris and Ed Sarath
John Saveland
Julie Saville
Arlene Saxonhouse
Charles Saydah
Karen Schaefer
Mr. and Ms. David Schaeffer
Howard Schaffer
Diane Schattenberg
Ilene Schechter
Claudia Schellenberg
David Schemer
Karyn Scher
Peter Schermerhorn
Michael Schichtel
Catherine Schiedler
Jefferson Schierbeek
David Schifeling
Janet Schinco
B J Schmidt
Chris Schmidt
Mark Schneyer and Deborah Field
Ms. Nicole Scholtz
Sebastian Schoneich
Jackie Schroder
Deborah Schroth
Grace Schuchard
Joyce Schulte
Dianne Schultz
Richard A. Schultz
Elizabeth and Curtis Schuster
Erika Schuster
Eric Schwartz
Steven Schwartz
Randy K. Schwartz
Alexandra Scott
Andrea Scott
Marilyn Scott
Jamieson Scott
Lesli Scott
Robert Scott
Toni Scott-Daniel
Vanessa Scowden
Malcolm Scully
Elizabeth Grudzinski-Seal
Elizabeth Sears
Fred Sebulske
Jeannie Segall
Joel Seguine
Laura Selby
Jordan Selha
Helen Sell
Tabbye Sellers
Robert Sendra
Elizabeth Sengupta
Lewis Seton
Kimberly Severn
Mr. and Ms. Farouq Shafie
Carl Shafto
Alice Shands
Robert D. Shannon
Carol Shannon
Allan Shapiro
Ali Shapiro
Deborah Shaw
Milton Shaw
Marguerite Shearer M.D.
Paula Sheinberg
Stacie Sheldon
Frances Shelly
Vanessa Shelton
Kay Shen
Violet Shenkman
Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Sherick
Larry Sherman
Ms. Mary Sherrill
Kitty Sherwin
Tom Shields
Ruth Shillingford
Leslie Shimomura
George and Gladys Shirley
Kathleen Sideli
Marielle Sidell
David Siegel
Julianne Siegel
Karen Sielaff
Paige H. And Jeffrey L. Silence
M Sanford Sillman
Naomi Silver
Barbara Silver
Jeffrey Silver
Susan Silver
Vickie Silver
Mr. and Ms. Richard Silverstein
Brandyn Simmons
Helen Simon
Leslie Simon
Joseph Simonetti
Cathy Simpson
Meredith Simpson
Dayla Sims
Malcolm Singer
Donald Singleton
Michele Siqueiros
Sarah Sisk
Bert Skellie
Sandra Sklar
Karen Slagle
Elizabeth Sloan
R. Solomon Sloan
Carmen Sluter
Ronald Small
Dirk Smile
Josh Smith
Rebecca Smith
Rhonda Smith
Bette V. Smith
Karl Smith
Natalie Smith
Sandi Smith
Sharon L Smith
Valerie Smith
Shannon Smithey
Bill Snyder
Katie Snyder
William Snyder
Donna J. Snyder
Jan and Mark Sockness
Todd Sodano
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Soenen
Robert Soffer
Nicholas Sokach
Nancy Solo
Ben Solomon
Kirk and Kelly Soluk
Christine Sommer
Annette Sorah
M B Sorensen
Ruth Sosniak
Lucia Sotomayor
Stamatia Soumela
Jane Sowers
Kimberly Sparkmon
Bill and Laura Sparrow
Charlene Spears
Linda Speck
Cynthia Spencer
Janine Spencer
John Spencer
Judith Spicer
Carol Spiegel
Karen Spindel
Cathie Spino
Pat Spitzmiller
James Sponder
Margie Sprecher
Kay Spreitzer
Helen Sprenke
Sharon Spurlin
Ms. Brenda Squibb
Janet Stansberry
Mary Decker Staples
Virginia Starbird
Lisa Starke
Meredith Starkman
Prof. and Ms. Robert Starko
Karen Starks
J C States
George Stclair
Loraine Stear
Dr. Robert Stecker
Nancy Steed
Carol Steele
Karen Steele
Mary Stefani
Joel Stefl
Sandra Stegman
Carl Stein
Naomi Stein
David Steiner
Steven Steinkeler
Mareah Steketee
David Stephan
Susan and Stephen Kute
Linda Stephens
Sharon Stepp
Adam Sterling
Barbara Stern
Lee Stetson
Leilani and Steven Kitler
Cindy Stevens
Odette Stewart
Colleen Stewart
Karen Stewart
Linda Jay Stewart
Stephanie Stewart
Linda Stinnett
Carol and Jon Stinson
Katherine Stinson
Jessica Stitt
Andrew Stocking
Karen Stokes
Judy Stone
Patricia Storace
Sandra Stout
Kate Straub
Ramona Stricker
Catherine Stricklin
Jim Strinka
Iana Strominger
K Bernard Strong
Marcia Strong
Sharon Strong
Julia Stuart
Amy Stuart
Stephen Stubleski
Ellen Stutman
Christa Suggs
Bruce Suilmann
Lise Suino
Lynn Suits Lamkin
Cynthia Sulaski
Carolyn Sullivan
Heather Sullivan
Julie Ann Sullivan
Thomas Sullivan
Jing Sun
Fay Sunada
Lauren Surface
Jean Sussman
Daniel Swank
Kathlene Swanson
Eric and Sarah Swanson
Deborah Swanson
Lawrence Sweet
Tree Swenson
Nancy Swimm
Sheryl M. Szady
Margaret Szczykutowicz
Kay Szekely
Eva Tak
Richard Murphy and Cara Talaska
Philip Tamoush
Robin Tartaglia
Peter Tassone
David Tatgenhorst
Ann Taurick
Beverly Tempro
Chris Tempro
Art Tenbrink
Julia Tenbrink
Phyllis Tera
Peter Terhorst
David Terrill
Frank Tetreault
Chaula Thacker
Mariella Theuma
Carla Thomas
Anthony And Eileen Thomas
Leona Thomas
Laurita Thomas
Tim Thomas
Rob Thomason
CJ Thompson
Robert Yekovich and Michelle Thompson
John Thomson
Janet Thornburg
Janice Thorup
Melissa Thun
Vivian Thurman
Shirley Stewart-Tibbs
Joel Ticknor
Alice Tillman
Michael Timmer
Albert and Rebecca Tochet
Maxine Todd
John Toljanic
Terril and Patricia Tompkins
Judy Tomsovic
Louise Toppin
Judy Torres
Kristen Tourangeau
Margaret Traina
Cynthia Trisler
Joseph Troncale
Kathleen Trotter
Jessica Trotter
Valery True
Galina Tucker
Linda Tumarkin
Barry and Gail Tuohig
Elizabeth Tuohy
Sheila Rosselli Del Turco
Gloria and Tom Turner
Janette Turner
Natalie Turner
Carol Tvelia
Richard Boyd and Karen Twyman
Lois Tyler
Keith Umemoto
Lauren Ungar
Rebecca Unternahrer
Lee Ustinich
Miriam Utter
Naomi Vaive
Leticia Valdez
Ansley Valentine
Monica Valluri
Alice Van Wambeke
Gail Vanbrimer
Robert Vancamp
Karen Vanderhorst
Stephen Vandervoort
Sharon Varga
Thomas A. Vargo
Alexandra Vasquez
Frederick Vaughn
George Vaughn
Lyudmila Vaysman
Rodolfo Nava Vega
Val Veirs
Rosanne Vidaver
Lucia Viers
Jeanne B. Vigeant
Izabella Vilensky
Melissa Villanueva
Steven A. Vinson
Alexander and Olga Volberg
Kristen Vongruben
Ilene Vroom
Gracelyn Wade
Ann Wagar
Andy Waisler
Margaret Waite
Darlene Waithe
Yvette Walcott
Thomas and Marcy Waldinger
Janice Walker
Mary R. Walker
Nancy Walker
Carol Wall
Colleen Wallnau
Lisa Walsh
Russell E. Walstedt
Posy Walton
Donna Walton
Dr. Erik-Jan Wamsteker M.D.
Xinchang Wang
Lisa Wansley
Alice Ward
Catherine Ward
Andrietta Ward
Ella Ward
Josh Warn
Patricia Washington
Samuel Washington
Mari Hunt Wassink
Noriko Wataru
Madeleine Watkins
Stephanie Watkins
John Watson
Timothy Watson
Carolyn Watson
Avis Watts
Frank Wayman and Ellen Schwartz
Liz Weamer
Tom Weatherly
Karen Weathermon
Charles Weaver
Martha Webb
Brian Weber
Tom Weidinger
Claire Weiner
Ms. Lora Weingarden
David Weinstein
Susan Weinstein
Elissa Weiss
Beth Weitzman
Mel Weldon
Joan B. Wells
Lynn Wendling
David and Wendy Reinhardt
Charles Werney
Kathleen West
Sherry Wheaton
Erin Whitaker
Laurie Whitcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. White
Mr. and Mrs. John H. White
Nettie White
April Whitehead
Bruce Whiteman
Cynthia Whitham
Ann Whiting
Margaret Whitsett
Michelle Whitten
Deb Wickersham
Frances Wiggins
Sandy Wight
Kathie E. Wilder
Michael Wiley
Willie Wiley
James Wilking
Maureen Wilkinson
Gail and Hal Willens
David Willett
Ed Willgress
Henry Williams
Meredith Williams
Elizabeth Williams
Esther Williams
Gwen Williams
Janice Williams
Warren and Judy Williams
Paulette Williams
Savannah Y. Williams
Delano Willis
Sharon Willis
Wayne Willis
Kerry Wills
Bliss Wilson
Jonnie Wilson
Mark Wilson
Michaelle Wilson
Nila Wilson
Robert M. Wilson
James Windak
Regina Windham
David Winett
Debra Wing
Daniel Winnick
Emily Winograd
Susan Wintringer
Eleanor Witherow
Bjorn Woldbeck
Allan Wolf
Jeffrey Wolf
Lynn Wolff
Lori Wolff
Lynn Wolfgram
Wendy Wolock
Betty Woo
Clifton Woods
Kristin Woods
Harold Woodson
Claudia Wooley
Cindy Works
Damita Wray
Leslie Wright
Lorna Wright
Mary Wright
Belinda Wright
Joanne and Cornell Wright
Paul C Wright
Sandra Wright
Timothy Wright
Chihping Wu
Mark Wukas
Delores Wurst
Samuel Wyche
Lynn Yamamoto
Bijan Yaminafshar
Clyde Yancy
Beth Yanke
Sue Yarrington
Wilma Yoakum
Arthur Yost
Emily Youatt
Vincent Young
Hazel Green Young
Susan Young
Velma Young
Jennifer Clark Young
Lotus Yu
Dominick Zaccone
Sue Zaleski
Lesley Zark
Barbara Zatrine
Julie Zavage
Marilyn Zeigler
Bruce and Suzanne Zellers
Tom Zelman
Kevin Dennis and Jeremy Zeltzer
Eugene Zenzen
Feng Zhu
Cathleen Zick
Karen Ziech
Emily Zutz

Renegade Ventures Fund Donors

The following have provided matching gifts to the the Renegade Ventures Fund:

$100,000 and above
Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation
Michigan Economic Development Corporation
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Mary and Brian Campbell in memory of Herbert Amster
The Dahlmann Campus Inn
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
The Power Foundation

Jane and Edward Schulak
James and Patricia Read
Edward Surovell Realtors
Glenn Watkins
University of Michigan Health System

Subir and Malini Chowdhury Foundation
The Herbert and Junia Doan Foundation
Susan and Richard Gutow
Carl and Charlene Herstein
David and Phyllis Herzig
Jerry and Dale Kolins
Stephen and Barbara Munk
Prue and Ami Rosenthal
Judy and Lewis Tann

Learn more about the fund

Endowed Funds

The success of UMS is secured in part by income from UMS endowment funds. You may contribute to an existing endowment fund or establish a named endowment with a minimum gift of $25,000. We extend our deepest appreciation to the many donors who have established and/or contributed to the following funds:

H. Gardner and Bonnie Ackley Endowment Fund
Herbert S. and Carol Amster Endowment Fund
Catherine S. Arcure Endowment Fund
Carl and Isabelle Brauer Endowment Fund
Dahlmann Sigma Nu Endowment UMS Fund
Hal and Ann Davis Endowment Fund
Dallas and Sharon Dort Endowment Fund
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Endowment Fund
John R. and Betty B. Edman Endowment Fund
Epstein Endowment Fund
Stephen and Rosamund Forrest Student Ticket Endowment Fund
Ilene H. Forsyth Endowment Funds for Choral Union, Chamber Arts, and Theater
James Garavaglia Theater Endowment Fund
Anne and Paul Glendon Endowment Fund
Susan and Richard Gutow Renegade Ventures Endowment Fund
George N. and Katharine C. Hall Endowment Fund
Norman and Debbie Herbert Endowment Fund
David and Phyllis Herzig Endowment Fund
JazzNet Endowment Fund
William R. Kinney Endowment Fund
Wallis Cherniack Klein Endowment for Student Experiences
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Kolins Shakespearean Endowment Fund
Frances Mauney Lohr Choral Union Endowment Fund
Natalie Matovinović Endowment Fund
Medical Community Endowment Fund
Dr. Robert and Janet Miller Endowment Fund
NEA Matching Fund
Ottmar Eberbach Funds
Palmer Endowment Fund
Mary R. Romig-deYoung Music Appreciation Fund
Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal K-12 Education Endowment Fund
Charles A. Sink Endowment Fund
Herbert E. and Doris Sloan Endowment Fund
James and Nancy Stanley Endowment Fund
Susan B. Ullrich Endowment Fund
UMS Endowment Fund
The Wallace Endowment Fund
The Zelenock Family Endowment Fund

Gifts in Kind

Join us in thanking these fine area restaurants and businesses for their generous gifts in-kind, made as of September 1, 2018.

Interested in making UMS patrons your customers? Businesses providing in-kind support of $500 or more gain exposure to a loyal group of audience members who might well become your best customers.

For more information, please contact the UMS Development Office at 734.764.8489 or


216 East Washington

Buddy’s Pizza
3153 Ann Arbor Saline Road

Carson’s American Bistro
2000 Commonwealth

The Chop House
322 South Main Street

Dixboro House
5400 Plymouth Road

326 South Main

Knight’s Downtown Steakhouse
600 East Liberty

Maizie’s Kitchen & Market
Michigan League, Ground Level

347 South Main Street

Real Seafood Company
316 South Main Street

Red Hawk Bar & Grill
316 South State Street

revive + replenish
619 East University
revive: 734-332-3366 • replenish: 734-332-3355

216 South State Street

The Original Cottage Inn
512 East William


Ann Arbor Regent Hotel & Suites
2455 Carpenter Road

Bell Tower Hotel
300 South Thayer Street

Gifts and Services

PNC Bank
101 South Main Street

Quest Productions
7015 Marshall Rd, Dexter

Sesi Motors
3990 Jackson Road

Tom Thompson Flowers
504 S Main St

4150 Varsity Drive


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