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Thank you to our community of institutional and individual donors who have made generous annual gifts over the past year.

Institutional Support

Thank you to the businesses, corporations, foundations, government agencies and University of Michigan SCUs who have made generous donations to UMS over the past year September 1, 2019 – September 1, 2020. We apologize in advance for any omissions or errors – please contact us at with corrections.



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Individual Support

Thank you to our community of donors who have made generous annual gifts and/or ticket donations to UMS over the past year September 1, 2019 – September 1, 2020. We apologize in advance for any omissions or errors – please contact us at with corrections and we will include those in our next update.

President’s Circle Platinum ($100,000-$499,999)

Rachel Bendit and Mark Bernstein
Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation
Ronald and Eileen Weiser

President’s Circle Gold ($50,000-$99,999)

Menakka and Essel Bailey
Brian and Mary Campbell
Stephen and Rosamund Forrest
Timothy and Jo Wiese Johnson
Patti Askwith Kenner
in memory of her father Bert Askwith (1911-2015)
Matt and Nicole Lester Family
Tim and Sally Petersen
Jay Ptashek and Karen Elizaga

President’s Circle Silver ($20,000-$49,999)

Emily W. Bandera, M.D.
Maurice and Linda Binkow
CR Investments LLC, in honor of Mrs. Lois Stegeman
Dr. Lisa D. Cook
Susan and Richard Gutow
David and Phyllis Herzig
Mike and Kristie Martin/Martin Family Foundation
Thomas and Deborah McMullen
Dick and Norma Sarns
The Schweitzer Family Foundation
Joe and Yvonne Sesi
Nancy and James Stanley
Louise Taylor
Max Wicha and Sheila Crowley
Sandy and Jon Willen, in honor of Brian and Monika’s 15th anniversary
Valerie and Jeff Wilpon

President’s Circle Bronze ($10,000-$19,999)

Jan and Sassa Akervall
Andrew and Lisa Bernstein
Julia Donovan Darlow and John Corbett O’Meara
Jim and Patsy Donahey
John Dryden and Diana Raimi
Barbara Garavaglia
Anne and Paul Glendon
Sally Kennedy
Kathy Legatski
David Leichtman and Laura A. McGinn
Joseph Malcoun and Caitlin Klein
Agnes Moy-Sarns and David Sarns
Caroline and Mitchell Nussbaum
James Read
Anthony L. Reffells
Jane and Edward Schulak
Ellie Serras
Matthew VanBesien and Rosie Jowitt
Robert O. and Darragh H. Weisman
Gerald (Jay) and Christine Zelenock

Leadership Circle Gold ($5,000-$9,999)

Karen Bantel and Steve Geiringer
Joan Binkow
Edward and Mary Cady
Valerie and David Canter
Katherine and Clifford Cox
Timothy and Robin Damschroder
Keith and Alison Dickey
Sharon and Dallas Dort
Braylon Edwards
David and Jo-Anna Featherman
Barbara G. Fleischman
Betsy Foxman and Michael Boehnke
Beverley and Gerson Geltner
Katherine and Tom Goldberg
Marlys Hamill
Norman and Debbie Herbert
Tom and Connie Kinnear
Wally and Robert Klein
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Kolins
Samuel and Marilyn Krimm
Ted and Wendy Lawrence
Carolyn and Paul Lichter
Richard and Carolyn Lineback
Tim and Lisa Lynch
THE MOSAIC FOUNDATION (of R. & P. Heydon), in honor of Matthew VanBesien
Sarah Calderini Nicoli
Elaine and Bertram Pitt
Eleanor Pollack
Steve Stancroff and Tamar Springer
Gail Ferguson Stout
Karen and David Stutz
Ed and Natalie Surovell
Peter Toogood and Hanna Song
Jim Toy
Shaomeng Wang and Ju-Yun Li
Brian Willen and Monica Hakimi

Leadership Circle Silver ($2,500-$4,999)

Jim and Barbara Adams
Dr. Carol Barbour and Dr. Sid Gilman
Robert and Wanda Bartlett
Bradford and Lydia Bates
Anne Beaubien and Phil Berry
Ronald and Linda Benson
John Billi and Sheryl Hirsch
Tom and Lori Buiteweg
Christopher Dahl and Ruth Rowse
Sally and Larry DiCarlo, in honor of Lois Stegeman
Rosalie Edwards/Vibrant Ann Arbor Fund
Joan H. Engel
Ken and Penny Fischer
Phillip and Lauren Fisher
Thomas and Barbara Gelehrter
Zita and Wayne Gillis
John R. Griffith
Robert and Karen Hahn
Randall and Nancy Harbour
Clifford and Alice Hart
Brandi and Charles Hudson
Jim Keller and Mary Ellen Hoy
Diane Kirkpatrick
Phil Klintworth
Carolyn and Jim Knake
Donald and Jeanne Kunz
Earl Lewis
Mary M. Matthews
Jerry A. and Deborah Orr May
Erin McKean and Steve Sullivan
Candy and Andy Mitchell
Bert and Kathy Moberg
Paul Morel and Linda Woodworth
M. Haskell and Jan Barney Newman
William Nolting and Donna Parmelee
Susan Pollans and Alan Levy
Rick and Mary Price
Bonnie Reece
Frankie and Scott Simonds
Susan M. Smith and Robert H. Gray
Ted St. Antoine
Andrea and George Sugiyama
Ted and Eileen Thacker
Michael and Marcia Torrey
Elise Weisbach
Max and Mary Wisgerhof

Leadership Circle Bronze ($1,000-$2,499)

Roger Albin and Nili Tannenbaum
Michael Allemang and Janis Bobrin
Richard and Mona Alonzo
Christiane Anderson
Neil P. Anderson
Carmen and Chris Andrianopulos
Elaine and Ralph Anthony
Mrs. E. Tissy Ansbacher
Harlene and Henry Appelman
Gaard and Ellen Arneson
Bob and Martha Ause
Jonathan and Teresa Ayers
Laurence R. and Barbara K. Baker
Lisa and Jim Baker
Lynn Baldwin and Tim McIntyre
Rosalyn, Joshua and Beth Barclay, in memory of Mel L. Barclay, MD
John and Ginny Bareham
David and Monika Barera
Kathy Benton and Robert Brown
Rosemary R. Berardi and Maureen Foley
LS Berlin and Jean McPhail
Sara Billmann and Jeffrey Kuras
John Blankley and Maureen Foley
Charles and Linda Borgsdorf
Grace Jordison Boxer
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Bozell
R.M. Bradley and C.M. Mistretta
David and Sharon Brooks
Pamela Brown
David J. Brown MD
Trudy Bulkley
Michelle and Andrew Caird
Susan and Oliver Cameron
Sally Camper and Bob Lyons
Thomas and Colleen Carey
Jack and Susan Carlson
Jean and Ken Casey
Charlie and Karen Chapell
Patricia Chatas
Cheryl and Brian Clarkson
Mark Clague and Laura Jackson
Ellen and Hubert Cohen
John Coleman
Kyle Cozad
Ryan Davis
David Deromedi
Michele Derr
Monique and Dennis Deschaine
Macdonald and Carolin Dick
Andrzej and Cynthia Dlugosz
Molly Dobson
Peter and Grace Duren
Gavin Eadie and Barbara Murphy
Charles and Julia Eisendrath
Harvey and Elly Falit
Carol Finerman
David Fink and Marina Mata
Norman and Jeanne Fischer
Susan R. Fisher
David Flesher and Carol Gaglardi
Esther Floyd
Food Art
Leon and Marcia Friedman
Bill and Boc Fulton
Alec Gallimore and Reates Curry
Jan Garfinkle and Mike O’Donnell
Chris Genteel and Dara Moses
Heather and Seth Gladstein
Drs. Vijay and Sara Goburdhun
John and Sherri Goff
Golden Family Fund
Martha and Larry Gray
John and Renee Greden
Margaret Guire
Roopa and Hitinder Gurm
Stephen and Jessica Gushee
Elizabeth and Robert Hamel
Jeff Hannah and Nur Akcasu
Alan Harnik and Professor Gillian Feeley-Harnik
Larry Hastie
Dan and Jane Hayes
Anne Heacock and Stephen Fisher
Maxine and Jeff Hoffman
Maurita Holland
Robert and Barbara Hooberman
Dr. Joachim Janecke, in memory of Christa Janecke
Wallie and Janet Jeffries
Drs. Kent and Mary Johnson
Barbara Kaye and John Hogiykan
Deborah Keller-Cohen and Evan Cohen
Charles and Christina Kim
Jean and Arnold Kluge
Michael Kondziolka and Mathias Philippe-Badin
Henry and Paula Lederman
Richard LeSueur
Peter Levitt
Jennifer Lewis and Marc Bernstein
E. Daniel and Kay Long
Joan Lowenstein and Jonathan Trobe
Karen Luther
Barbara and Edward Lynn
John and Cheryl Mackrell
Chrislan and Warde Manuel
Betsy Yvonne Mark
W. Harry Marsden
Emily Moore-Marshall and Tim Marshall
Margaret and Harris McClamroch
W Joseph McCune and Georgiana M Sanders
Griff and Pat McDonald
John and Sally Mitani
Elizabeth and John Moje
Genevieve and James Morrissey
Cyril Moscow
Mona Mullick
Hillary Murt and Bruce Friedman
Heidi A Naasko
Susan and Mark Orringer
Constance Osler
Elisa Ostafin and Hossein Keshtkar
Carlos Palomares and Julia Owens
Mark and Margaret Pieroni
Stephen and Bettina Pollock
Sara A. Pozzi
Stephen W. Ragsdale, in memory of Arthur C. and Doris V.H. Ragsdale
Donald Regan and Elizabeth Axelson
Ray and Ginny Reilly
Malverne Reinhart
Guy and Kathy Rich
Huda Karaman Rosen
Randel Richner and Eric Russell
Veronica and Sanjay Saint
Maya Savarino
Albert J. and Jane L. Sayed
Erik Serr
Matthew Shapiro and Susan Garetz, in memory of Janet R. Shapiro and Irving Shapiro
Janet Shatusky
George and Gladys Shirley
Carl Simon and Bobbi Low
Brook Sitterley
Juanita and Joseph Spallina
Gretta Spier and Jonathan Rubin
Rebecca Spangler and Peyton Bland
Carl and Jari Smith, in memory of Marilyn Finkbeiner
Michael Staebler and Jennifer Poteat
Cynthia J. Stewart
Jeffrey and Lisa Tulin-Silver
Tyler Family Fund
Susan B. Ullrich
Joyce A. Urba and David J. Kinsella
Alicia P. Van Pelt
Carol VanBesien
Karla and Hugo Vandersypen
Jack and Marilyn van der Velde
Bob and Liina Wallin
Ruth A Watson
Edward and Colleen Weiss
Mac and Rosanne Whitehouse
Pat and John Wilson
Charles Witke and Aileen Gatten
Drs. Margo and Douglas Woll
Douglas Wood and Kay Holsinger
The Worsham Family Foundation
Karen Yamada and Gary Dolce
Smilka Zdravkovska and Daniel M. Burns, Jr, in honor of Sara Billmann and Jeffrey Kuras

Patrons ($500-$999)

Roger Albin and Nili Tannenbaum
Christine W. Alvey
Barbara A. Anderson
Todd and Teresa Anson
Ravi and Padma Anupindi
Penny and Arthur Ashe
Michael Atzmon
Reg and Pat Baker
Nancy Barbas and Jonathan Sugar
Astrid B. Beck
Inderpal and Martha Bhatia
Dr. Carter R. Bishop II
Charles Bright and Susan Crowell
William Brinkerhoff and Kathy Sample
Christie Brown and Jerry Davis
Jenny and Jim Carpenter
John and Bogdana Carpenter
Carolyn C. Carty
Matt Castanier and Anne Marsan
Angela Cesere and Rob Thomas
Laurie Champion
W Peter Cherry
John and Camilla Chiapuris
Felix and Ann Chow
Beverly Ciokajlo
Hilary U. Cohen
Gordon Comfort
Connie and Jim Cook
Arnold and Susan Coran
Judith Coward, in memory of Lynn Bennett Luckenbach Welchli
George and Ann Crane
Joseph R Custer MD and Bonnie Pankopf Kulp
Marylee Dalton and Lynn Drickamer
Connie D’Amato
Ed and Ellie Davidson
David DeBruyn
Ed and Mary Durfee
Jane Dutton and Lloyd Sandelands
Robert and Mary Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Eisenberg
Alan S. Eiser
Charles and Julie Ellis
Carol Finerman
Scott and Janet Fogler
David Fox and Paula Bockenstedt
Betsy Foxman and Michael Boehnke, in memory of Ken Guire
Randall and Ellen Frank
Susan L. Froelich and Richard E. Ingram
Chris Gardiner and Cynthia Koch
Sandra Gast and Greg Kolecki
Janet and Charles Garvin
Robert Glassman and Jennie Lieberman
Steve Glauberman and Margaret Schankler
Patricia and John Glidewell
Kathryn Goodson and John Hieftje
Christopher and Elaine Graham
Linda and Richard Greene
Linda Gregerson and Steven Mullaney
Talbot and Jan Hack
Michael and Nikki Hathaway
Anne Heacock and Stephen Fisher, in memory of Raquel Agranoff
J. Lawrence Henkel and Jacqueline Sterns
Jim Heaton and Lou Ellyn Green
Carl and Charlene Herstein
Margaret Higley
Paul and Nancy Hillegonds
Kurt and Kathy Hillig
Dr. Elaine Hockman
Timothy Hofer and Valerie Kivelson
Robert and Joan Howe
Jim and Colleen Hume
Ann D. Hungerman
Hurley Foundation
Eileen and Saul Hymans
Henry and Billie Johnson
Mattias Jonsson and Johanna Eriksson
Jim Joyce and Emily Santer
Web and Beth Kirksey
Barbara and Michael Kratchman
Jane Fryman Laird
Danielle and Mika LaVaque-Manty
Mark Legnini
Melvyn Levitsky
Evie and Allen Lichter
Jeffrey and Deborah Liker
William and Lois Lovejoy
Fran Lyman
Dr. Oksana Malanchuk
Judythe and Roger Maugh
William and Jan Maxbauer
Olivia Maynard and Olof Karstrom
Martha Mayo and Irwin Goldstein
Ernest and Adele McCarus
Laurie McCauley and Jessy Grizzle
Susan McClanahan and Bill Zimmerman
Daniel and Carol McDonnell
James H. McIntosh and Elaine K. Gazda
Wendy Mead and Richard Coy
Martha and Dady Mehta
Herman and Bernice Merte
Fei Fei and John Metzler
Harry and Natalie Mobley
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Morelock
Trevor Mudge and Janet Van Valkenburg
Erika Nelson and David Wagener
Sarah W. Newman
John and Ann Nicklas
Richard and Susan Nisbett
Beth Nissen
Old National Bank Foundation
Elizabeth Ong
Marysia Ostafin and George Smillie
Steve and Betty Palms
James and Joan Penner-Hahn
Wesen and William Peterson
Pfizer Foundation
Joyce Plummer
Jeffrey and Joanna Post
Nancy Powell
Diana Pratt
Scott Ragon
Douglas and Robin Richstone
Alyson Robbins and Robert Oliver
Doug and Nancy Roosa
Stephanie Rosenbaum
Michael and Rosemary Rosenberg
Michael Rucinski and Marianne Wilczak
Ashish and Norma Sarkar
David Schmidt and Jane Myers
John J.H. Schwarz
John Scudder and Regan Knapp
Bonnie R. Schafer
Elvera Shappirio
Sandy and Dick Simon
Robert and Elaine Sims
Barbara Furin Sloat
Sidonie Smith and Greg Grieco
Cynthia Sorensen and Henry Rueter
Katherine R. Spindler
Daniel and Susan Stepek
Dana and Diana Stetson
Abby Stewart and David Winter
Allan and Marcia Stillwagon
Dennis and Jan Sullivan
Suzanne Tainter and Kenneth Boyer
Brian and Lee Talbot
Carolyn Tarzia
Stephan Taylor and Elizabeth Stumbo
Stephanie Teasley and Thomas Finholt
Doris H. Terwilliger
Hitomi Tonomura
John G. Topliss
Louise Townley
Jody Tull
Claire Turcotte
Fawwaz Ulaby and Jean Cunningham
Paul and Marcia Valenstein
Catherine Van Poznak
Elizabeth A. and David C. Walker
Paul Ward and Laura Lamps
Jeff Warren and Betsy Garofalo
Richard and Madelon Weber
Professor J. Wehrley and Mrs. Patricia Chapman
Lisa and Steve Weiss
Robert Westveer
James B. White and Mary F. White
Kathy White
Dianne Widzinski
David and Anne Wilhoit
Shelly F. Williams
Thomas K. Wilson
Charlotte A. Wolfe
Frances A. Wright
Mary Jean and John Yablonky
Thomas and Karen Zelnik

Associates ($250-$499)

Wadad Abed
Jim and Jamie Abelson
Judith Abrams
Diane M. Agresta
Michael and Suzan Alexander
James and Catherine Allen
Helen and David Aminoff
Catherine M. Andrea
Meena Ariagno
Dr. and Mrs. William and Deaver Armstrong
Dr. Carol Barbour and Dr. Sid Gilman, in memory of Ricky Agranoff
Tracey Baetzel
Dr. Jayapalli R. Bapuraj
Barbara Barclay
Henry Bareiss
Lois and David Baru
Frank and Lindsay Tyas Bateman
Michel Beauvais
Gary Beckman and Karla Taylor, in memory of Michael Bonner
Christina Bellows and Joe Alberts
Merete B. Bengtsson
Jan Benson
Margaret Besh
Katarzyna Bigoszewski
Dr. Elizabeth S. Bishop
Mary E. Black
Roberta and Donald Blitz
Ronald and Mimi Bogdasarian, in memory of Dr. Richard Dorr
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Laura Bomia
Howard and Margaret Bond
Elizabeth Brooks
Catherine Brown
Robert Burack and Carolyn Anderson-Burack
Alan Burg and Kenneth Hillenburg
David Burks
Tony and Jane Burton
Irene and Charles Butter
Julia Caroff
Jo Carrillo
MJ Cartwright and Tom Benedetti
A. Craig Cattell
Samuel and Roberta Chappell
Matthew and Katherine Chosid
Jennifer Conlin and Daniel Rivkin
Anne Cooper, in memory of Dennis Serras and in honor of Ellie Serras
Jeff Cooper and Peggy Daub
Susie Bozell Craig and Family
John and Mary Curtis
Amal and Gregory Dalack
Dave Daniszewski
Susan T. Darrow
Katherine K. Delaney
Scott Dennis
Jacki Dilley
Rev. Timothy Dombrowski
James Eder and Kim Redic
Morgan and Sally Edwards
Thomas and Alice Fabiszewski
Susan Fancy
Susan Feigenson
Phil and Phyllis Fellin
Kay Felt, in honor of DJ and Dieter Boehm
Daniel Fendrick
Herschel and Adrienne Fink
Sara and Bill Fink
C. Peter and Beverly A. Fischer
Kathleen and Philip Fleming
Larry and Dorothy Fobes
Jessica Fogel and Lawrence Weiner
Ruth C. Forrest
Paul and Jennifer Fossum
Bernard Friedman and Sarah Mack
Philip and Renée Woodten Frost
Yan Fu
Renate Gerulaitis
Brenda and John Gillespie, in memory of Ken Guire
J. Martin and Tara Gillespie
Google, Inc.
Ralph Gorton
Charles and Janet Goss
Jeffrey B. Green
William and Martha Grimes
Henry Grix and Howard Israel
Michael Hall
Lynn Halton
Kenneth and Hillary Handwerger
David N. Harris
Susan S. Harris
Georgia Herold
Carol and Dieter Hohnke
Carol Hollenshead and Bruce Wilson
Ann Holmes and Michael Williams
Rebecca Hong
Jeanne Horvath
Colleen Howe
Stephen Hudloin
Greg and Carol Hulbert
Fred and Debra Huntzicker
David Irani and Laurel Moore
Richard and Suzette Isackson
Mark and Linda Johnson
Martha S. Johnson
Duncan Jones
Professors Monica and Fritz Kaenzig
Sharon and Jack Kalbfleisch
Brian Kelley, in memory of Maureen Belden
Barbara Kelly
David and Gretchen Kennard
David and Mary Keren
Bonnie and Robert Kidd
Catherine Kim
Edward Kimball
Michael Koen
Rosalie and Ron Koenig
Joseph and Marilynn Kokoszka
Tim and Kathy Laing
David Lampe and Susan Rosegrant
Lucy and Ken Langa
Linda M. Langer
John J. Lawrence and Jeanine A. DeLay
Allen Lee
Frank Legacki and Alicia Torres
Mark Legnini
James Leija and Aric Knuth
John Lesko and Suzanne Schluederberg
Leva Lessure
Anita Levin
Lawrence Lewis
Bernadette Lintz and Daniel Little
E. Daniel and Kay Long, in memory of Ken Guire
Marjorie S. Luther
Marilyn and Frode Maaseidvaag
Ann Martin and Russ Larson
Susan E. Martin
Bill Maxbauer
Karen McLean
Dennis J. and Carole C. McNamara
Marilyn Meeker
Dr. Gerlinda S. Melchiori
Rachelle and Mike Michelon
Christine Modey
Kara and Lewis Morgenstern
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Lisa Murray and Michael Gatti
David and Christine Nelson
Jean Nelson
Thomas and Barbara Nelson
Michael and Charlotte Nicholson
Arthur S. Nusbaum
Jeffrey C. Ogden
Jill O’Neill
Liz and Mohammad Othman
Patrick and Nancy Paige
Mara Palty
Karen Pancost
William and Hedda Panzer
Stephen R. Perrin
Emily Peterson and Anish Wadhwa
Donald and Evonne Plantinga
Tom Porter
Michael Powers
Peter Railton and Rebecca Scott
Patricia L. Randle and James R. Eng
Raj Rao
Jerry Robbins
Jessica C. Roberts
Kathryn Robine and Kevin Kerber
Jonathan and Anala Rodgers
Janice Roller
Stephen Rosenblum and Rosalyn Sarver
Richard and Edie Rosenfeld
Andy Rosenzweig and Rebecca Chottiner
Herbert Rossi and Sandra Gregerman
Carol D. Rugg and Richard K. Montmorency
Jay and Sunny Sackett
Michael and Kimm Sarosi
Helga and Jochen Schacht
Betina Schlossberg
Mark Schneyer and Deborah Field
Monica Schteingart
Larry and Bev Seiford
Susan Selig
Meg Kennedy Shaw and Jack Cederquist
Laurence Shear
Patrick and Carol Sherry
Susan and Patrick Shields
Susan Shore
John and Arlene Shy
Nina Silbergleit
Edwin and Diane Smith
Rodney Smith and Janet Kemink
Dr. Janice Stickney
James L. Stoddard
Dalia and Stan Strasius
Sandy Talbot ad Mark Lindley
Eva E. Taylor
William Tennant
George and Mary Tewsbury
Denise Thal and David Scobey
Kay Tuttle
Bram van Leer
James and Barbara Varani
Laurie and Tim Wadhams, in memory of David Kennedy
Jo Ann Ward
Karen Watanabe and Richard Cheng
Deborah Webster and George Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Weiermiller
Neal and Susan Weinberg
Lois Weisman
Michael Wellman
Carol Campbell Welsch
Cory and Meghan Wernimont
Ken and Cherry Westerman, in memory of Ken Guire
Mary Ann Whipple
John White
Kirsten Williams and Jay Alcock
Ann and Clayton Wilhite
I. W. Winsten
Lawrence and Mary Wise
Steven and Helen Woghin
Melissa Wyss
Wendy Zellers

Advocates ($100-$249)

MaryAlice Abbott, in memory of Ken Guire
Sarah Adams
Robert Adwere-Boamah
Anthony Aguirre
Debra Aidun
Herbert Alber, in memory of Marilyn Finkbeiner
Becky and Rick Altschuler
Dr. and Mrs. David E. Anderson
Dave and Katie Andrea
Alena Aniskiewicz
Scott Ankeney
Oren Armon
Lisa and Scott Armstrong
Dr. Frank Ascione
Kathryn and James Ashton-Miller, in memory of Ken Guire
AST Board of Directors and Staff, in memory of Joan “Joni” Levitsky
Rosemary Austgen
Julia Bailey
Scott and Denise Bailey
Ulysses Balis and Jennifer Wyckoff
Bernard and Barbara Banet
Arlene Barnes
Laurie and Jeff Barnett
David Barrett
Leslie Bash
Rajeev Batra and Priscilla Spencer
Jorg and Ingeborg Baumgartner
Deborah Bayer and Jonathan Tyman
Rachel Beaver
Kenneth and Eileen Behmer
David and Hellen Bennett
Christy Kelly-Bentgen and Barney Bentgen
Joan Bentz, in memory of Rodney R. Bentz
Joy Berent
Netta Berlin
Douglas Bessette
Janet and Martin Biancalana
Dennis Bierlein
Ilene Birge
James Blackburn and Lynn Videka
Francis X. Blouin Jr.
Fred and Laurie Blum
Susan and William Booth
David and Kate Borneman
Victoria C. Botek and William M. Edwards
John D. and M. Leora Bowden
James Boyd
Paul Boylan and Morris Risenhoover
Kathy and Nicole Brace
Daniel and Leona Bronstein
Cindy Browne
Adam Brunner
Phil Bucksbaum and Roberta Morris
Anjanette Bunce
Jan Burgess
Dan Burns and Smilka Zdravkovska, in memory of Carolyn Dana Lewis
Maureen Burns
Ben and Rosa Bushkuhl
Jonathan Bynum
Stephanie Caponigro
John and Jean Cares
James Carlson
Robert and Jeanette Carr
Ronald Cere
Barry and Marjorie Checkoway
Mark Chesler
Tori Clark
Heidi Clausius
Lynette Clemetson
Donald and Astrid Cleveland, in honor of Ken Fischer
Scott Clipper
Jacki Cohen and Terry Weymouth
Dr. Mark Cohen and Dr. Erica Person
Jonathan and Amy Cohn
William Collins
Wayne and Melinda Colquitt, in memory of Ken Guire
Pat Cooke
William Cooper
Matthew and Amy Corriere
Kai Cortina
Paul Courant and Marta Manildi
Sara and Earnest Courant
Jane Cowan-Zeidner
Richard D. and Nancy M. Cowan
Michelle and Arnold Cramer, in memory of Ricky Agranoff
Joyce Crane
Edith M. Croake
Bob Dascola
Doug Dempster
Frank and Karen Deogracias Daugherty
Kathleen and Michael Dergis
G. Jay deVries and Nancy Waring, in memory of Ken Guire
Richard and Jill DeVries
Della DiPietro and Gary Kade
Linda and Dick Dokas
Robert and Kathleen Dolan, in honor of Ken Fischer
Barbara Dombroski
Dr. Kirk Donaldson D.D.S. and Dr. K. Guenther D.D.S.
Marlene Donoghue
Raymond Duda
Matthew Dufon
Rebecca Dunkle
Matthew Duschenes
Angela Ebreo
Robin Edelstein
Ronald Emaus
Sebastian Encina
Daniel Enos
Don and Gwen Evich
Jeannette Faber
Jason Fahlstrom
Stephen Farr
Liz and Sam Febba
Fred Feinberg and Carolyn Yoon
Thomas Filardo
Sara and Bill Fink
Martha Fischer and William Lutes
Susan Fitzpatrick
Arnold Fleischmann
Kathleen Fleming
Henrike Florusbosch
Spencer Ford and Susan Goldsmith
Jennifer Foster
Sue Frazier, in memory of Ken Guire
Sally Freeman
Joanna and Richard Friedman
Gail Fromes
Eugene Furman and Vera Markina
Sean Galanti
Enid H. Galler
Glenn and Carol Galler
Niraj Ganatra
George and Ann Garcia
Gwyn and Jay Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Gargaro
Richard Garner
Jeff Gaynor
Michael Gerdenich and Ina Hanel-Gerdenich
Virginia Geren
Leonore Gerstein
Scott Gerstenberger and Liz Sweet
Ronald Gibala and Janice Grichor
Zvi and Marlene Gitelman
James Gleason and Robin Frisch-Gleason
Thea Glicksman
Will Glover and Farina Mir
Patricia R. Gotfredson
Reynaldo Goicochea
Edie Goldenberg
Ed and Mona Goldman, in memory of Raquel Agranoff
Eleni Gourgou
Peter Granda and Kari Gluski
Mary Sue Grant
Svea Gray
Leslie Green
Dr. Robert F. Green
Sarah Greifenberger
Dunrie Greiling
Linda Grekin
Penny Griffith
Ann and Richard Grzeskowiak
Arthur W. Gulick
Amorita Guno
Sharon Haar and Robin Wagner
Mark Haddox
Scott and Carol Hadley
Anne Haeckl, in memory of Ken Guire
Richard Haertel
Daryl M. Hafter, in honor of Margaret and Ron Lomax
John and Elizabeth Hammond
Michele Hannoosh
Jane Harris
Martin and Connie Harris
Walter and Diane Harrison
Clifford and Alice Hart, in memory of Joan Levitsky
William and Merrily Hart
Roberta Teris Hause
Bibo He
Dr. Joseph I. Helman
Jackie Henniger
Hannah J. Hensel
Alfred and Therese Hero
Arthur Herold
Richard Hill
Dave M. Hines
Diane S. Hoff
Peter Honeyman
Patricia Honton
Linda Hormes
Jack W. and Davetta J. Horner
Paul Hossler and Charlene Bignall
Norman and Cristine Howe
Laura Howe
John I. Hritz, Jr.
Linda S. Hubbard
Amy Hughes
Brian Hughes
Dean and Lucy Hully
Richard and Lesley Hume
Gaye Humphrey
Ella Hursh
Michael Jackson
Michael Edward Jacobson
Mary Jarzebowski
Marilyn G. Jeffs
Gail and Andrew Jennings
Feng Jiang and Lydia Qiu
Sue and Kevin Johnson
Liz Johnson
Barbara Jones-Picou
Elizabeth Jordan
Vijaya Kanumilli
Nancy S. Karp
Charles Kelly
James Kelly and Mariam Noland
Sally Kennedy, in memory of Cozette Grabb
Nancy Keppelman and Michael Smerza
Edith Kieffer
Kathleen Kiehl
Catherine King
Laurence King and Robyn Frey King
Martha Kinney-Sedgwick
Daniela Kister
Laura Klem, in memory of Ken Guire
Shira and Steve Klein
Jim and Carolyn Knaggs
Mark Kneisel and Lisa Scheiman
Janice Kneisel
Lisa A. Kohn
Marlene and John Kondelik
Case Koreman
Erica Kovacs
Brenda Krachenberg
Gary and Barbara Krenz
Paul Krutko and Ellya Jeffries
Steven and Robin Kunkel
Katharine Kush
Joe Laibman
Rachail Laine
Roger Lane and Jill Cohen
John Robert Lang
Anne Larin
Elizabeth Larin and Mike Wicks
Wendy Lawrence
Amy Lawson
Judith and Jerold Lax
Brandon Lee
John and Teresa Lee
Melissa and Michael Lee
Pam Legall
Leone & Uebel Families: Carol, Nick & Lisa Leone and Jeff & Lesli Uebe
Alytia Levendosky
Siew Gee Lim
Don and Erica Lindow
John Lofy and Laura Rubin
Margaret and Ronald Lomax
Eve Losman and Erikjan Wamsteker
Bruce Loughry
Karen Glorio Luther
Victoria Lyras
Ann Lyzenga
Diane Macaulay
Louis and Carol MacCini
Cynthia Macdonald
Laura Machida
Lawrence Mack
The Mack Family, in memory of Marilyn Finkbeiner
Shelley MackMillen and Gary Decker
Michele Madden
Jane Maehr
Jayne Maerker, in honor of Bob and Darragh Weisman
John and Linda Magree
Hans and Jackie Maier
Lisa Nagro
Elham Mahmoudi
Rob Mahan
Jeffrey Maisels
Prof. William Malm and Jutta Gerber-Malm
Rita Malone
Steven Mandell and Loren Levy
Edwin Marcus
John and Barbara Markley
Emmanuelle Marquis
Timothy Martin
James Maslanka and Catherine Giebel
Kelly and Rose Maxwell
Peggy McCracken and Doug Anderson
Carolyn J. McCreary
Fritz McDonald
Susan McDonough and Arnold Sameroff
Karen Mcfarland
Beth McGough
Beth McNally
John-Michael McNew and Teresa Minton
Roger Menear
Lawrence and Terri Merte
Joshua Messner
Liz Meyerhoff
Joetta Mial
Gayle and Michael Michelon
Cheryl Miller
Carmen and Jack Miller
Cheryl Miller, in memory of Ken Guire
Patricia Miller
Thomas Mobley
Douglas Moffat
Dr. Van C. Momon and Dr. Pamela L. Berry
Deborah Dash Moore
Carrie Morris
EA Jackson Morris, in memory of Ken Guire
Brian and Jacqueline Morton
Molly Motherwell
David Mulder
Charlie Murphy
Lora G. Myers
Rochelle Najmy
Belinda Needham
Bob and Kim Needham
James Nelson
Helen Neu
M. Haskell and Jan Barney Newman, in memory of Ken Guire
Cynthia Nicely
Len Niehoff and Lisa Rudgers
Kenneth and Betsy Nisbet
John and Martha Nitz
Andrew and Bonnie Nolan, in memory of Raquel Agranoff
Helene Nu
Ashley Oberheide
Patrick O’Brien and Cofrrie Tablon
Paul Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Olson, Jr.
Kathleen I. Operhall
Dr. Jon Oscherwitz
John and Sharon O’Toole
Dieter Otto
Scott Page and Jenna Bednar
Steve and Betty Palms, in memory of Joan Levitsky
Eftychia Papanikolaou
Terri and Rodger Park
Leslie Parsels
Andrew Patel-Schneider
Vivian M. Patraka
Henry Pedersen
Neal Perksy
Nancy Perloff
Warren and Shelley Perlove
Perry Pernicano
Margaret and Jack Petersen, in memory of Marilyn Finkbeiner
Ruth and Bryan Pfingst
Nicholas Phan
Douglas Phelps and Gwendolyn Jessie-Phelps
Nancy S. Pickus
Robert and Mary Ann Pierce
Susan Pierson
Julianne Pinsak
Malesa Plater
James and Marcia Plunkett
Henry and Lana Pollack
Ronald Porter
Stephen W. Pratt
John and Sally Preston
Donald Price
Julian and Evelyn Prince
Ellen Pryor
Debra Polich and Russell Collins
Marlon Ramos
Steve and Ellen Ramsburgh
Claudia Rast
Stephen and Agnes Reading
Martha Ream
Jeff and Katie Reece
Eric Reicin (’91) and Jodi Reicin ’91, in memory of Joan Levitsky
Anne Remley
Linda Rexer
James Reynolds
Lou and Sheila Rice
Kathy Rich and Janet Shatusky, in honor of Ken and Penny Fischer
Amy Richards
Frank and Betsy Richardson
Renee and John Robbins
Julie Robertson
Mary M Roby, in memory of Lynn Bennett Luckenbach Welchli
Mireille Roddier
Felix and Caroline Rogers
Lawrence and Margaret Root
Tim Root
Elizabeth Rose
Susan Rose, D.O.
Joan Rosenbaum
Victor and Valerie Rosenberg, in memory of Ken Guire
Jean Rowan
Steven Rubin
Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra and Steve Feenstra
Carole and Mitchell Rycus
Bruce Sagan
Linda and Leonard Sahn
Raya Samet
Ann Sanford
John and Reda Santinga
Ellen Sapper
Teresa Savage
Douglas and Wendy Scales
Anita Schaible
Alexander Scheel
Linda Scherdt
Mary Schieve
Ann Schluederberg
Bonnie Schmick
Lorenz and Rebecca Schmitt
Yizhak Schotten and Katherine Collier
Paul Schulte
Bill and Inger Schultz, in memory of Ken Guire
Richard and June Schwartz, in memory of Ken Guire
Ruth Scodel
Evelyn Sebik
Joel Seguine
Harriet Selin
Edward and Patricia Shalis
Cliff and Ingrid Sheldon
Bill and Chris Shell
Jean and Thomas Shope
David Sibbold
Nancy Sifton
Alyce K. Sigler
Barbara Simon
Scott and Joan Singer
Jurgen Skoppek
Richard Slama
John Sloat and Kirsten Lund
Brenton Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Will and Megann Smith
Elena and Edward Snyder
Tom and Elinore Sommerfeld
Lydia Soo
Cheryl Soper
Kate and Philip Soper
Sebastian Sotelo
Geralyn Spadafino
Rick Sperling and Marian Short
Jeff Spindler
Katherine R. Spindler, in memory of Marilyn Finkbeiner
John and Karen Spittler
Leslie Stainton and Steven Whiting
Leslie Stambough
Ted Stanulis
Daniel Stankey
Charity Steere
Jan and Elena Stegemann
Rick and Lisa Stevens
Andrea Stevenson
Michael Stevenson
David Stewart
James B. and Carolyn A. Stokoe
Bill Sturm
Eugene Y. Su and Christin Carter-Su
Drs. Joel and Michele Swanson
Nancy Sweet
Timothy Taebel
David D. Tao
Sarah Taub
Thomas and Nancy Taylor
Paul Teed
Steve and Diane Telian
Randy and Babette Ten Haken
William Tennant
Katarina and Robert Thomas
Bette M. Thompson
Stewart Thornhill
Carrie and Peter Throm
Ellen Tickner
Luke Tillotson
Bruce Tobis
Patricia J. Tompkins
Jacqueline V. Tonks
Louise Townley, in memory of Joan Levitsky
David T.
Michael Twomey
Tyler Family Fund
George Tysh
Christopher Tzetzo
Wendy Uhlmann
UMS Choral Union, in memory of Marilyn Finkbeiner
University of Michigan Information Assurance, in honor of Alan Levy
Joe and Suzanne Upton
Linda Upton
Sandra Vadlamudi
Tanja Vandervoo
Rebecca Van Dyke
Michael Van Tassel
Amiram and Diane Kaplan Vinokur
Kerstin Barndt and Johannes VonMoltke
Grant and Robin Von Wald
Ann Wagar
Barbara and Thomas Wagner
Erin Wakeland
Virginia Wait
Alan Walthall, in memory of Linda Kartes
Jane Warren and Richard Hertel
Katherine Weber
Jonathan Weinberg
Arnold J. Weiner
Thomas Weisskopf and Susan Contratto
Charles Werney
Steven Werns
Julie Wheaton
Toni Whited
Sandy and Sarah Wiener
Ann and Robert Wiles
Terry Wilfong
Charles and Angela Williams
Robin Wilson
Donna Winkelman and Thomas Easthope
Stewart and Carolyn Work
Grace Wood
Eric Wright
Susan Wooding
Bryant Wu
Roger Wykes, in memory of Barbara R. Wykes
Elizabeth Yakel
Dean Yang and Sharon Maccini
David and Sarah Yentz
Hazel Young
Virginia Young
John Zainea
Xiaoyan Zhang
Arturo Ziraldo

Friends ($10-$99)

Anonymous, in memory of Carl and Sue Gingles
Anonymous, in memory of Ken Guire
Anonymous, in memory of Gail Davis Barnes
Anonymous, in memory of Ken Guire
Richard Abel
Diana Abouali
Sarah Abramowicz
Joseph Ademuwagun
Joseph S. Ajlouny Jr.
Buzz Alexander and Janice Paul
Gwen Alexander
Amanda Allan
James Allen
Audrey Altman
Barbara Alvarez
Hoggie Amare
Helen and David Aminoff, in memory of Joan Levitsky
Valerie Amo and Richard Brandt
Mr. Augustine Amaru
Margot Amrine
David Anderson
Monika Anderson
Olivia Anderson
Richard and Margaret Anderson
James Andonian
Jeffrey Andonian
Susan Aramaki
Gail Arnold
Kartar Arora
David and Martha Arscott
Emilia Askari
Carolyn D. Autrey-Hunley
Camille Avestruz
Jen Avnet
Catherine Badgley
Angeline Baecker
William Bagley
Jennifer Bailey
Linda Balogh
Alexander and Olga Balyabo
Pat Bantle
Andrea Bare
Michael Barger
Robert and Joanne Barhite
Melissa Barnes
Raegen Barnes
William Barsan
David Barton
Stephen and Mary Bates
Paul Bator
Jake Baur
Molly Baugh
Todd Beard
Frank and Gail Beaver
John Becic
Jill Becker
Prof. Udo Becker
Bruce Beier
Lynne Bekdash
Karen Bellamy
Thomas Bellinson
Sarah Bendit
David Benjamins
Mary Bennett
Tracy Bennett
Benjamin Bennett-Carpenter
Ronald and Linda Benson, in memory of Joan Levitsky
Lauren Bergquist
Andrew Bemish
Benjamin Bennett-Carpenter
Merritt Bern
Andrew Bernard
Nasma Berri
Andrew H. Berry, D.O.
Sheila Besirli
Peter BeVier
Grace Bidigare
Remzi Bilgin
Jason Bing
Lynn Bishop
Tina Bissell
Lars Bjorn and Susan Wineberg
Emily Blackmer
Daina Blackstone
Evelyn Blanford
Donna Blaszczak
Lindsey Bloor
Sondra Bobroff and Scott Wilderman
John Bochnowski
Eugene Bohland, Jr.
Nicolaas and Miriam Bohnen
Jean Bokram
Dale and Dorella Bond
Ian Bonner
Melissa Brading
Terrill and Lee Bravender
Marcy Breslow
Teresa Breymaier, in memory of Lynn Bennett Luckenbach Welchli
Celia Bridges
Lois and Michael Brinkman
Alan Brown
Ezra Brown
Gary Brown and Diane Sommerfield Brown
Gillen Brown
Lisa Brown
Nancy Brucken
V Brugeman
Louisa Buatti
Mary Ann Buckley
Traci Buckner
Jane Bunnell
Erika Buri
Donald Burian and Mary Norris
Ann K. Burke, in memory of Marilyn Finkbeiner
Wendy Burke
Joe Burman
Margaret Buttenheim
Nicole Butz
Pam Buynak
Ayse Buyuktur
Mary Ellyn Cain
Steve and Gail Caird
Helen Callow
John Came
Cam Cameron
Philip and Barbara Camp
Bruce Campbell
Linda Campbell
Robert Caplis
Kellie Carbone
Vince Carducci
Susan Y. Cares
Beth S. Carlson
Melinda and Philip Carlson
Luke Carmichael
Susan Carroll-Clark
Rolan Castello
Gail Catron
Rachel Cawkwell
Felipe Cortes Castelan
Constance Chang
Kelly Chantelois
Curtis Chapman
Elizabeth Chase
Sally and Thomas Chase
Amitabha Chatterjee
Benjamin Cher
Kathleen Chou
Roberta Christie
Morris and Karen Christlieb
James Church
Barbara Cingel
Tara Clifford
Keith Clifton
Jeff Clingenpeel
James Cohen
Michael Collins
Barbara Comai
Christine Comer
John Connell
Raymond Conner
Jason and Jennifer Corey
Sarah Corporandy
A Bruce Cowan
Dorothy Ann Coyne
Don Cramer
Jill Crane
Susan Crawford
Linda Crooker
Eileen Cropley
Kathleen Culbertson
Iann Cummings
Rachel Czwartacky
Kathleen Daly
Ewa Danielewiczrale
Aruna Datar
John and Virginia Daugherty
Jude Davies
James Davis
Pamela Davis-Kean
Jeffrey Day
Jens Decker
Heidi Deininger
Patricia Delamielleure
Jose De la Rosa
Inigo De La Cerda and Sioban Harlow
Brian and Meg Delaney
Ginger Derrow
Adam DesJardins
Mona C. DeQuis
Dea DeWolff
Kayleigh Dietz
Jeanine Diller
Francis DiPierro
Bobby Dishell
Joseph and Marjorie Dobos
Dan Doelker
Jean Dolega
Anne Domanski
Colin Donihue
William Downey
Karen Downing
Claire Durocher
Kathleen Dvorak, D.C.
Rachelle Dwaihy
Steven and Carol Dworkin
Beth Dwoskin
Kristina Eden
John Eder
Richard and Myrna Edgar
Katherine and John Edgren
Daniel Edwards
Avraham and Emily Eisbruch
Elliot Eisenberg
Robert Elenbaas
Aaron Elkiss
Mikel Ellcessor
Patrice Eller
Heather Entrekin
Jonathan Epstein
Suzanne Erbes
Susan Erickson
Rose and Moses Everett
Sheryl Fagin
Shelley Ferguson
Carolyn Ferrari
Chiara Ferrero
Jeff Fessler and Sue Cutler
Norman and Barbara Fichtenberg
Rebecca Filbey
John Filios
Peter Fink
Sally Fink
William and Cindy Finn
Kathleen and Jef Fisk
Wayne Flowers
Kevin Flynn
Wanita and William Forgacs
Elizabeth Fohrman
Peter Forster
Janice Fournier
Patricia Fowler
Sara and Michael Frank, in memory of Tom Haug
Lora Frankel
Alfred Franzblau and Lisa B. Slattery
Allison Freedman
Pamela French
Rob and Nancy French
Jim Frey and Lisa Brush
Candace Friedman
Susan and Gary Frierson, in memory of Rick Hammond
Belinda Friis
Susan Fry
Sylvia Funk
Bruce Galbraith
Tracy Gallup
Swaminathan Ganesan
Lois Ganzi
Elena Gapova
Maria Garcia
Sharon Gardner
Hilary Garton
Aaron Gauthier
Kristin Gedeon
Maryanne George and David Broat
Alan Gibson
Stephen and Nanette Gill
Mary Lou Gillard
John Gingrich
Nathaniel Gittlen
Jens Glaser
Susan Glowski
Lois Godel and Jay Silverman
Richard Goff
Dan Goldberg
Gertrude Golden
Anita and Albert Goldstein
Michael and Arna Goldstein
Arturo Gomez
Laura Gomez
Denise Gonzalez
Peter and Hanna Goodstein
Sharri and Michael Gordon
Patricia Gossen
Bob Gray
Kenneth B. Gray
Stephanie Gray
Judith Lempert Green
Dr. Leslie M. Green
Molly Green
Steve Green
Susan Green
Marjorie E. Greene
Janet Green-Hopson
Bronson Gregory
Eugene Grewe
Tatyana Gribnikova
Catherine Groll
Ann and Richard Grzeskowiak
Abby’s Guerrero Media Family, in memory of Joan “Joni” Levitsky
Megan Guldan
Bipasha Guptaroy
Dr. and Mr. Suat Gurkan D.D.S.
Michael Gustafson
Paul Gustafson
Lorraine Gutierrez and Robert Peyser
Robert Haas
Sally Hadden
Marcia Haddox
Scott Hall
Deborah Haller
Gregory Hallock
Kathyrn Hamann
Chrisstina Hamilton
Susan A. Hamilton, in memory of John Kennard
Lavinia Hanachiuc
Mary Hannon
Kara Hansen
Alexis Harris
Samantha Hart
William N. Hart III
Louise Hartung
Rex Hauser
Craig Hausman
James and Carolynn Hayman
Victoria Hays
Randi Heatherman
Susan Hedler
Margaret Hedstrom
Ken Heinlein
Helena Heinonen
Laura Heinrich
Katy and Craig Held
Susan Hellerman
Lisa Helper
Jean Henry
Kathie Hepler
Georgia Herold
Leslie Herrenkohl
Edie Herrold, in memory of Lloyd and Edith Herrold
Elizabeth Hershey and Khaled Hatahet
David and Phyllis Herzig, in memory of Thomas Haug
Kathe Hetter
Edward Hightower
Lynn Hilkene
William Hill
Daniel Himebaugh
Karen Himmelspach
Gideon and Carol Hoffer, in memory of Joan Levitsky
Gideon and Carol Hoffer, in memory of Ken Guire
Margret Hoft
Annemarie Hohman
Jeffrey Holden and Teresa Casey
Christine Holmes Joyce Hunter
Michael and Nina Homel
Margaret Hoogland
Natania Hortsch
Jennifer Howard
Jarred Howard
Charles Hubbert
Aaron Hula
Elissa Hult
Joyce Hunter
Stephanie Hunter, in memory of Ken Guire
Omar Hussain
Rochelle and Stephen Igrisan
Brian Igoe
David Ippel
Richard and Susan Izackson
Alan and Anne Jackson
Elisa Jackson
Nicholas and Julia Janosi
Steven Jarvi and Joanne Brownstein
Elizabeth Johnosn
Lisa Johnson
Roy C. Johnson
Jerome Johnston
Jeffrey Jones
Kathryn Jones
Toni Jones
Marius Jooste
Jacqueline Jove
Amanda Kachur and Doug Wathen
Joan Kadis
Meredith Kahn
Jaye M. Kain
Mark and Marsha Goldsmith Kamin
Ayano Kaneko
Emily Kania
Carol and Mark Kaplan
Alan and Cheryl Kaplan, in memory of Miriam Goren
Edward Karls and Marci Lesperance
Nancy Karp, in memory of Marilyn Finkbeiner
Raisa Katsman
Aron Kaufman
Martin and Hedwig Kaufman
Jacqueline Kauza
Donald Kaye
Ralph and Erika Keith
Barbara Kelly
Charles Kelly
Kathleen Kelly
James Kempton
Stan Kent, in memory of Joan Levitsky
Brenda Kerr
Karen Kerry and Bradford Chick
Martha and David Kershaw
Daniel Kesterson
Vadim and Ludmila Ketslakh, in memory of Joan Levitsky
Tali Khain
Viktoriya Khaykin
Roland and Jeanette Kibler
Lisa A. Kieb
Kenneth Kiesler
John and Kathleen King
Caroline Kirk
Rena and Ken Kirshenbaum
Bob and Barbara Kirstein, in memory of Joan Levitsky
Kelly Kiser
Peter and Susan Klaas
Marilyn Klar and Steve Lauer
Raymond Klavon
Jonathan Kleinman
Alison Knapp
Joshua Knebel
Suzanne Knight
Ekim Koca
Paula Koepke
Peter Koepke
Birgitta Kohler
John and Marlene Kondelik
Ira Konigsberg
John Koschik
Thomas Kowalski
Nancy Kramer
Joseph Krauss
Shannon Krug
William Kryska
Jolanta Kukowska-Latallo
Jennifer Kulick
Matthew and Tami Kunz
Sophia Kwitny
Donald John Lachowicz
Susan Lackey
Deb Ladenheim
Peter Laesch
Frances A. Laird
Lorraine Lamey
Lynn Suits Lamkin
Victoria Langland
Alesia Lapinsky
Judith and Jerold Lax, in memory of Ken Guire
Judith and Jerold Lax, in memory of Joan Levitsky
Wendy and Pablo Lavalle
Catherine Lawton
Maria Leal
Anne Lechartier
Byung Lee
Edward Lee-Ruff
Amanda Leggett
Corey Leon
Wade Leonard
Max Lepler and Rex L. Dotson
Patricia Liljestrand
Ann Lin
Edith Lin
Arthur and Karen Lindenberg
Shari Lindskov
Isabella Little
Thomas Litwack
Rob Loechel
Rafael Loera
Brent Lofgren
Julie M. Loftin
Carl and Mary Lofy
Elaine Logan
Margaret and Ronald Lomax
Benjamin Lorch
Gregory Loselle
Eve Losman and Erikjan Wamsteker
Marcia Louisell-McFawn
Margaret Lourie
Anne Loy
Alberto Loya
Steve Luongo
Laura Lutz
Marjorie Lynn
Stephen and Leslie Lynn
Jim and Tindy MacBain
Michael Madden
Yvonne Maes-Nazareth
Lisa Makman
Lauri Mallonen
Sarah Mallonga
Kathleen Mammel
Mary Manor
Jo Ann Marcoux
Sharon Marks
Linda Martin
David Martinez
Matthew J. Mason and Renate Klass
Randy Massey
Patricia Mathieu
Ginny Maturen
Michelle McAllister
Elizabeth McCallister
Rob and Ayanna McConnell
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. McCready
Fritz McDonald
Jill McDonough and Greg Merriman
Annette McGruder
Amy McKelvey
Tashima McKenney Fund
Kristina McKone
Dennis J. and Carole C. McNamara
William McPherson
Gitanjli McRoy
Christian Mecca
Marilyn Meeker, in memory of Marilyn Finkbeiner
Semyon and Terry Meerkov
Ife Melder
Sara Memmott
Patrick Merkel
Charles Messer
Bonnie Metzger
Gina Michael
John M. Michael
Darryl Mickens
Candice Middlebrook
Tom Millard
Ashley Miller
Frederick Miller
Jerry and Emily Miller
Julie and Greg Miller, in memory of Joan Levitsky
Susan Miller
Stacy Miller-Bond
Amanda Mims
Jeanne Miralrio
William Mitchell
Daniel Mittag
Michael Mizusawa
Geertrui Moerkerke
Antoinette Moncrieff
Mark Montjar
Jeannie Moody-Novak
Alan Moore
Dagmar Moore
Barrett Moore
Kittie Berger Morelock
Victoria Morgan
Karen Mori
David and Carol Morse
Judith Moskus
Devin Mudd
Bernhard and Donna Muller
Donna Mullins
Virginia Murphy and David Uhlmann
Joseph Myers
Lora G. Myers
Yoshihiro Naka
Seigo Nakao
Peter Nagourney
Lester Nathan and Linda Oaklander
Salvatore and Marianne Nati
Andree Naylor
Enrique Neblett
Sharon and Chuck Newman
Lynne Nickle
Chandra Nicol
Michael Niemi
Renee Nilan
Laura Niss
Larry and Lucie Nisson
Susan and Daniel Noetzel
Carol Noronha
Mitra Noroozian and Zachary DelProposto
Clark Nugent
Dawn Nulf
Patricia Nurse
Hannah Oberle
Mary O’Brien
Jim and Linda Oldfield
Marcela Olson
Kathleen I. Operhall, in memory of Marilyn Finkbeiner
Anthony Opipari
Elsie Orb
Laura O’Rourke
Dr. Sarah Osborn Ph.D.
Mairen O’Shea
Dave Ostreicher
Edgar and Julianne Otto
Donald Packard and Maria Murphy
Alan and Susan Paikin
Kristin Palm
Tom Parker
Walter Parry
William and Susan Patton
Dale Payne
Barbara Payton
Sage Pazyamor
Clyde Pearch
John and Mary Pedley
Kimberly Pennington, in memory of Ken Guire
Frank Pentti
Steven Pepe
Jerome Pettus
Diane Pierce
Jan Piert
Catherine Pinkerton
Caroline Piotrowski
Chris Piper
Lorna Place
Paul Plante
Diane Platte
David Podulka
Mark Poll
Maria Ponti
Janet Popper
Emily Post
Suzanne Post
Dr. Kathleen Potempa
Linda Rae Powell
Alonzo Powers
Dennis Powers
Ann Poznanski
Hilde Preston
Christine and Whitney Prince
Stacie Printon
Mike and Lisa Psarouthakis
Helmut Puff
Tuija Pulkkinen
Elsie Orb
Joanna Quigley
Marijean Quigley-Young
Chris Quintana
Joshua Rabinowitz
James Ramirez
Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen
Marlon Ramos
Rodolfo and Vania Rasche
Lynne Raughley
Anne Rebandt
Randall Reeves
John Regenhardt
Martin Reineman and Patricia Arnold
Kate Remen-Wait
Lois Rentschler
Glenda Renwick
Roy Reyes
Brian Rice
Timothy Richards
Sophia Ridha
Helen Rishoi
Daniel Rivkin and Jennifer Conlin Rivkin
Noe Rizo
Christa Roberts
David Robinson
Margaret Roehl
Abigail Rogers
John M. Rogers
Theresa Rohlck
Derrick Roman
Arturo Romero
Carolyn Roney
Ronald and Sharon Rose
Gail Ross
Jill and John Ross
Marlene Ross
Rosemarie Haag Rowney
Marta Rubcich
Anthony Ruda
Laurie Ruel
Rimantas and Cheryl Rukstele
Marcy Ryan-Hooker
Sandy Ryder
Shigeru Sadakane
Angela Salacata
Jay Salliotte
Anita Salustro
Annemarie Sammartino
Maria and Pedro Sanchez
Austin Sanders
Katherine Sandmaier
Drew and Judy Sauer
Parker Schaub
Robert Schechter & Associates, LLC, in memory of Lynn Welchli
Marc and Susan Schechter
David Schemer
Audrey and Roy Schmidt
Jane Schmuker
Kay Schnee
Carol Schneider, in memory of Ken Guire
Andrew Schneider
Michael Schoenfeldt
Susan Schooner
Lisa Schryburt
Faye Schuett
John W. Schultz
Robert and Terry Schumacher
Monica Schwebs
Alexandra Scott
Katherine Seeburger
Deborah Sedore
Lori Seischab
Barbara Selinger
Lorena Serratos
Lisa Seyfried
Tanya Shaffer
Jaclyn Shaheen
Carol Shannon
David and Kate Share
Thomas Shaw
Meg Kennedy Shaw and Jack Cederquist, in memory of Joan Levitsky
Mallory and Dustin Shea
Charles Sheeley
Stacie Sheldon
Varis Shnatepaporn
Judith and Thomas Shook
Susan Schuur
Mary Siciliano
Renee Siegan
Annette Siffin
Kelly Simon
Jane Singer
Thomas C. Skrobola Sr.
R. Solomon Sloan
Laszlo Slomovits
Sandi Smith
Larry K. Snider, in memory of Joan Levitsky
Richard Soble and Barbara Kessler
Roberta Sokol
Eva Solomon
Daniel Sontag Sr.
Lydia M. Soo
Beth Spencer and Art Schwartz
Charles E. Sproger
Patricia Steele
Barbara and Michael Steer
Sandra Stegman
Julie Steiner
Susan Stevens
Rick and Lia Stevens
Suzanne Steward
Elaine Stienon
Donald and Julie Stolt
Bradford Stone
Helen Stormer
Daniel Strauss
David Strayer
Tony Suhy
Michael Sullivan
Ann Surratt
Michelle Suzuki
David and Elizabeth Swanchara
Jennifer Swanson
Lois Swartzell
Sharon Swindell
Amelia Swinton
Katherine Szocik, in memory of Carol Tice
Cheryl Talley
Sandra and Emanuel Tanay
Carolyn Tarzia, in memory of Ken Guire
Meggan Tavel
Valerie Taylor
Linda Teaman
Toby and Julie Teorey
Phyllis Tera
Ruth Anne and Mark Theobald, in memory of Marilyn Finkbeiner
Sally Thelen
Kendra and Jacques Theriot
Karsten Thiele
Frank Thompson
Nigel and Jane Thompson
Katelyn Thompsom
Beth Tibbs
Luke Tillotson
Renuka Tipirneni
Bruce Tobis
Albert and Rebecca Tochet
Peter Toogood and Hanna Song, in memory of Marilyn Finkbeiner
Ramona Truta
Linda Tubbs
Donald Tujaka
Dyanne Turner
Nicole Tuttle
Oge Udegbunam
Marianne Udow-Phillips and Bill Phillips
Brian Umberger
Cheryl Utiger and Lawrence Argetsinger, in memory of Marilyn Finkbeiner
Marcia Valenstein
Francesca Valenziano
Lynne Valiquette
Sarah Vallongo
Suzanne Van Appledorn
Margaret Van Bolt
Sonia Van Bragt
Jon and Grace Vandervliet
James VanSteel
Janet VanValkenburg
Janet Vecchio
Christine Veenstra
Veronica Vergoth
Camille Vozar
Hans H. Wagner
Mary Ann Walker
Jack and Carolyn Wallace
John Wallbank
Joseph and Sandra Walls
Russell E. Walstedt
C. Glen Walter and Edite B. Walter, MD
Joseph C. Walters
Jiaqi Wang
Sherry Warden
Amanda Kachur and Doug Wathen
Ruth A Watson
Matt Wawro
Addie Weaver
Anne-Coleman Webre
Sara Wedell
Karl and Nancy Weihman
Donald and Janet Weiss
Nancy Weiss
Kathy and Jim Welch, in memory of Ken Guire
Lesli Weston
Adrian Weyhing and Linda Sanchez
Brian White
Leslie Whitfield
Ann Whiting
Susan Whitlock
Mary Wigton and Raymond Anderson
Matthew Wikander
Keith Wilkowski
Gail and Hal Willens
Charles and Angela Williams, in memory of Raquel Agranoff
Marcus A. Williams
Carrie Wilson
Kari Wilson
Dr. Carl Winberg
Herbert Winful
Megan Winkel
Sarajane Winkelman
David Wise
Kenneth Wisinski and Linda Dintenfass
Kaitlin Wojciak
Jacqueline Wolf
Chuck Wolfe
Colleen Wolfisberg
Katherine Woo
Eric Woodhams
Leigh Woods and Agusta Gunnarsdottir
Meg Worcester
Stewart and Carolyn Work
Philip Wright
Judie Wu
Walid Yassir and Lisa Prosser
Kathleen Young and Gary M. Gatien
Vilma Yuzbasiyan
Elizabeth Zahodne
Mike Zdrodowski, in memory of Joan Levitsky
Laurie Zemper
Angelina Zheng
Christopher Zientek
Dana Zink
David Zubl

Renegade Ventures Fund Donors

The following have provided matching gifts to the the Renegade Ventures Fund:

$100,000 and above
Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation
Michigan Economic Development Corporation
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Mary and Brian Campbell in memory of Herbert Amster
The Dahlmann Campus Inn
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
The Power Foundation

Jane and Edward Schulak
James and Patricia Read
Edward Surovell Realtors
Glenn Watkins
University of Michigan Health System

Subir and Malini Chowdhury Foundation
The Herbert and Junia Doan Foundation
Susan and Richard Gutow
Carl and Charlene Herstein
David and Phyllis Herzig
Jerry and Dale Kolins
Stephen and Barbara Munk
Prue and Ami Rosenthal
Judy and Lewis Tann

Learn more about the fund

Endowed Funds

The success of UMS is secured in part by income from UMS endowment funds. You may contribute to an existing endowment fund or establish a named endowment with a minimum gift of $25,000. We extend our deepest appreciation to the many donors who have established and/or contributed to the following funds:

H. Gardner and Bonnie Ackley Endowment Fund
Herbert S. and Carol Amster Endowment Fund
Catherine S. Arcure Endowment Fund
Carl and Isabelle Brauer Endowment Fund
Dahlmann Sigma Nu Endowment UMS Fund
Hal and Ann Davis Endowment Fund
Dallas and Sharon Dort Endowment Fund
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Endowment Fund
John R. and Betty B. Edman Endowment Fund
Epstein Endowment Fund
Stephen and Rosamund Forrest Student Ticket Endowment Fund
Ilene H. Forsyth Endowment Funds for Choral Union, Chamber Arts, and Theater
James Garavaglia Theater Endowment Fund
Anne and Paul Glendon Endowment Fund
Susan and Richard Gutow Renegade Ventures Endowment Fund
George N. and Katharine C. Hall Endowment Fund
Norman and Debbie Herbert Endowment Fund
David and Phyllis Herzig Endowment Fund
JazzNet Endowment Fund
William R. Kinney Endowment Fund
Wallis Cherniack Klein Endowment for Student Experiences
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Kolins Shakespearean Endowment Fund
Frances Mauney Lohr Choral Union Endowment Fund
Natalie Matovinović Endowment Fund
Medical Community Endowment Fund
Dr. Robert and Janet Miller Endowment Fund
NEA Matching Fund
Ottmar Eberbach Funds
Palmer Endowment Fund
Mary R. Romig-deYoung Music Appreciation Fund
Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal K-12 Education Endowment Fund
Charles A. Sink Endowment Fund
Herbert E. and Doris Sloan Endowment Fund
James and Nancy Stanley Endowment Fund
Susan B. Ullrich Endowment Fund
UMS Endowment Fund
The Wallace Endowment Fund
The Zelenock Family Endowment Fund

Gifts in Kind

Join us in thanking these fine area restaurants and businesses for their generous gifts in-kind, made as of September 1, 2018.

Interested in making UMS patrons your customers? Businesses providing in-kind support of $500 or more gain exposure to a loyal group of audience members who might well become your best customers.

For more information, please contact the UMS Development Office at 734.764.8489 or


216 East Washington

Buddy’s Pizza
3153 Ann Arbor Saline Road

Carson’s American Bistro
2000 Commonwealth

The Chop House
322 South Main Street

Dixboro House
5400 Plymouth Road

326 South Main

Knight’s Downtown Steakhouse
600 East Liberty

Maizie’s Kitchen & Market
Michigan League, Ground Level

347 South Main Street

Real Seafood Company
316 South Main Street

Red Hawk Bar & Grill
316 South State Street

revive + replenish
619 East University
revive: 734-332-3366 • replenish: 734-332-3355

216 South State Street

The Original Cottage Inn
512 East William


Ann Arbor Regent Hotel & Suites
2455 Carpenter Road

Bell Tower Hotel
300 South Thayer Street

Gifts and Services

PNC Bank
101 South Main Street

Quest Productions
7015 Marshall Rd, Dexter

Sesi Motors
3990 Jackson Road

Tom Thompson Flowers
504 S Main St

4150 Varsity Drive


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