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Thank you to our community of institutional and individual donors who have made generous annual gifts over the past year.

Institutional Support

Thank you to the businesses, corporations, foundations, government agencies and University of Michigan SCUs generously supporting UMS this season. We apologize in advance for any omissions or errors – please contact us at with corrections.



Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

University of Michigan School of Engineering

Michigan Medicine

University of Michigan

U-M Arts Initiative


Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellan Foundation

Bank of Ann Arbor

DTE Foundation
Ford Motor Company Fund



Paul M. Angell Family Foundation

William Davidson Foundation

Michigan Arts and Culture Council


Sesi Lincoln logo

University of Michigan College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

University of Michigan Credit Union

Wacker Chemical

All Seasons - For the joys of senior living
Masco Corporation
National Endowment for the Arts

old national bank logo

Retirement Income Solutions logo
The Pulpo Group

WDF Director Discretionary Philanthropic Fund of the United Jewish Foundation



Mardi Gras Fund

Individual Support

Thank you to our community of donors who have made generous gifts to UMS over the past year July 1, 2022 – August 1, 2023.

Every gift is important to UMS. We apologize in advance for any omissions or errors. Please contact us at or 734-647-1175 with corrections.

President’s Circle Platinum ($100,000-$499,999)

Menakka and Essel Bailey
Rachel Bendit and Regent Mark Bernstein
Howard Bond
Catherine Gust Estate
Matt and Nicole Lester
Eileen Weiser and Richard Caldarazzo
Robert O. Weisman, in loving memory of Darragh H. Weisman

President’s Circle Gold ($50,000-$99,999)

Stephen and Rosamund Forrest
Patti Askwith Kenner, in memory of her father Bert Askwith
Tim and Sally Petersen
Elaine and Peter Schweitzer
Max Wicha and Sheila Crowley

President’s Circle Silver ($20,000-$49,999)

Emily W. Bandera, M.D.
Anne Chase
Chris and Dana Conlin
John Dryden and Diana Raimi
Sid Gilman and Carol Barbour
Anne and Paul Glendon
Susan and Richard Gutow
Susan R. Harris Estate
Neil and Annmarie Hawkins
Alfred and Therese Hero
Martin Family Foundation
Mrs. Robert E. Meredith
Bert and Kathy Moberg
Gil Omenn and Martha Darling
Dick and Norma Sarns
Nancy and James Stanley
Louise Taylor
Shaomeng Wang and Ju-Yun Li
Sandy and Jon Willen, in honor of Brian Willen, UMS Board Co-Chair

President’s Circle Bronze ($10,000-$19,999)

Michael Allemang and Janis Bobrin
Carol Amster Estate
Elaine A. Bennett
Jerry and Helga Bilik
Joan Binkow
Maurice and Linda Binkow
Karen and Charlie Chapell
Laura Chang and Arnold Chavkin
Carl Cohen
Katherine and Clifford Cox
Tim and Robin Damschroder
Destination Ann Arbor
Sharon and Dallas Dort
The Ehrenberg Family
Rachel and Daniel Feder, in honor of Leslie and Mary Ellen Guinn
George W. Ford
Norman and Debbie Herbert
David and Phyllis Herzig
Joel Howell and Linda Samuelson
James A. Kelly and Mariam Noland
Sally Kennedy, in memory of David Kennedy
Jerry and Dale Kolins
David Leichtman and Laura A. McGinn
Joseph Malcoun and Caitlin Klein
Tom and Debby McMullen
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Morelock
Caroline and Mitchell Nussbaum
Michael and Leslee Perlstein
Elaine and Bertram Pitt
Anthony L. Reffells
Vivian D. Roeder
Jane and Edward Schulak
Joe and Yvonne Sesi
Ellie Serras
Gary and Diane Stahle
Victor J. Strecher and Jeri L. Rosenberg
Peter Toogood and Hanna Song
Matthew VanBesien and Rosie Jowitt
David and Anne Wilhoit
The Zelenock Family

Leadership Circle Gold ($5,000-$9,999)

Jan and Sassa Akervall
Michael and Suzan Alexander
Karen Bantel and Steve Geiringer
David and Kiana Barfield
Sheldon and Barbara Berry
Marco and Melissa Bruzzano
Valerie and David Canter
Carolyn M. Carty
The Cozad Family
Julia Donovan Darlow and John Corbett O’Meara
Alison and Keith Dickey
Jim and Patsy Donahey
David and Jo-Anna Featherman
Penny and Ken Fischer
Betsy Foxman and Michael Boehnke
Sara and Michael Frank
Drs. Alec Gallimore and Reates Curry
Barbara Garavaglia
Tom and Kathy Briggs Goldberg
Marlys Hamill
Timothy and Jo Wiese Johnson
Alan Kalter and Chris Lezotte
Samuel Krimm
Ted and Wendy Lawrence
Carolyn and Paul Lichter
Richard and Carolyn Lineback
Tim and Lisa Lynch
Jerry A. and Deborah Orr May
Agnes Moy-Sarns and David Sarns
Jan Barney Newman
Rick and Mary Price
Prue Rosenthal
Judy and Don Rumelhart
Ghassan and Manal Saab
Naimish Shah and Dr. Sunjoo Lee
Frankie and Scott Simonds
Anne and Knut Simonsen
Susan M. Smith and Robert H. Gray
Steve Stancroff and Tamar Springer
Gail Ferguson Stout
Dalia Strasius
Edward and Natalie Surovell
Peter Toogood and Hanna Song
Alicia Torres
Rob and Cynthia VanRenterghem

Leadership Circle Silver ($2,500-$4,999)

Laurence R. and Barbara K. Baker
David and Monika Barera
Lydia Bates
Ronald and Linda Benson
Kathleen Benton and Robert Brown
John Billi and Sheryl Hirsch
Tom and Lori Buiteweg
Ryan Davis
Joan H. Engel
Carol Gagliardi and David Flesher
Thomas and Barbara Gelehrter
Zita and Wayne Gillis
Martha and Larry Gray
Robert and Karen Hahn
Clifford and Alice Hart
John Hogikyan and Barbara Kaye
Maurita Holland and Roger Chard
Charles and Christina Kim
Tom and Connie Kinnear
Wally and Robert Klein
Phil Klintworth
Donald and Jeanne Kunz
Preeti Malani and Mark Zacharek
Warde and Chrislan Fuller Manuel
Tim Marshall and Emily Moore-Marshall
Mary M. Matthews
Erin McKean and Steve Sullivan
William Nolting and Donna Parmelee
Susan and Mark Orringer
Marianne Udow-Phillips and Bill Phillips
Prof. Sara A. Pozzi
Bonnie Reece
Karen and David Stutz
Nancy Szabo and Steven Ratner
Elise Weisbach
Edward and Colleen Weiss
Susan Whitlock and Dr. Earl Lewis
Peter and Karen Wildman
Max and Mary Wisgerhof
Charles Witke and Aileen Gatten
Douglas Wood and Kay Holsinger
Ypsi Real

Leadership Circle Bronze ($1,000-$2,499)

Dr. Dharma and Mr. Devon Akmon
Richard and Mona Alonzo
Neil P. Anderson
Christiane Anderson
Carmen and Chris Andrianopoulos
Henry D. Appelman
Gaard and Ellen Arneson
Elizabeth R. Axelson and Donald H. Regan
John and Lillian Back
Lisa and Jim Baker
Lynn Baldwin and Tim McIntyre
John and Ginny Bareham
Robert and Wanda Bartlett
Anne Beaubien
Rosemary R. Berardi and Carolyn R. Zaleon
Sara Billmann and Jeffrey Kuras
John Blankley and Maureen Foley
Charles and Linda Borgsdorf
Grace Jordison Boxer
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Bozell
R.M. Bradley and C.M. Mistretta
Alan J. Burg and Kenneth L. Hillenburg D.D.S., M.S.
David and Jacqueline Burks
Dr. Michelle and Mr. Andrew Caird
Sarah Calderini
Sally Camper and Bob Lyons
Jack and Susan Carlson
Kenneth and Jean Casey
Angela Cesere and Rob Thomas
Patricia Chatas
W Peter Cherry
Dr. Kyung and Young Cho
Cheryl and Brian Clarkson
Hubert I. Cohen
Deborah Keller-Cohen and Evan Cohen
John Coleman
Roger and Midge Cone
Arnold and Susan Coran
Mac and Nita Cox
George and Ann Crane
Christopher Dahl and Ruth Rowse
David Deromedi
Macdonald and Carolin Dick
Andrzej and Cynthia Dlugosz
Jill and Doug Dunn
Charles and Julia Eisendrath
Alan S. Eiser
Paula and Tony Elliott
Ernst & Young Foundation
Harvey and Elly Falit
Esther Floyd
Dan and Jill Francis
Judy and Paul Freedman
Leon and Marcia Friedman
Jan Garfinkle and Mike O’Donnell
Beverley Geltner
Chris Genteel and Dara Moses
Heather and Seth Gladstein
Thea Glicksman
Drs. Vijay and Sara Goburdhun
John and Sherri Goff
Google Foundation
John and Renee Greden
Richard and Linda Greene
Linda Gregerson and Steven Mullaney
John R. Griffith and Sharon R. Quiroz
Margaret and Phil Guire, in memory of Ken Guire
Arthur W. Gulick
Stephen and Jessica Gushee
Randall and Nancy Caine Harbour
Cayenne Harris
Larry Hastie
Dan and Jane Hayes
Katherine D. Hein
Robert and Barbara Hooberman
Jim and Colleen Hume
Wallie and Janet Jeffries
Sue and Kevin Johnson
Mattias Jonsson and Johanna Eriksson
Barbara and David Kay
Jim Keller and Mary Ellen Hoy
Brian Kelley
James and Patricia Kennedy
Barbara and Michael Kratchman
Marvin Krislov and Family
Anne T Larin
Kathy Legatski
Richard LeSueur
Margaret and Ronald Lomax
Kay and E. Daniel Long
Joan Lowenstein and Jonathan Trobe
Fran Lyman
John MacKrell
Betsy Yvonne Mark
W. Harry Marsden
Ann W. Martin and Russ Larson
Laurie McCauley and Jessy Grizzle
W Joseph McCune and Georgiana M Sanders
Candice and Andrew Mitchell
Genevieve and James Morrissey
Moscow Philanthropic Fund
Mullick Foundation
Sarah W. Newman
Marylen S. Oberman
Susan Pollans and Alan Levy
Rachel Portnoy and Adam Eichner
Diana Pratt
John and Nancy Prince
Jeff and Katie Reece
Ray and Ginny Reilly
Malverne Reinhart
Huda Karaman Rosen
Rosemarie Haag Rowney
Lacie and Matt Sandstrom
Savarino Family
Albert J. and Jane L. Sayed
Paul and Grace Schutt
Larry and Bev Seiford
Erik Serr
Elvera Shappirio
Matthew Shapiro and Susan Garetz
Janet Shatusky
Nina Silbergleit
Carl Simon and Bobbi Low
Barbara Furin Sloat
Rodney Smith and Janet Kemink
Juanita and Joseph Spallina
Becki Spangler and Peyton Bland
Ted St. Antoine
Michael B. Staebler and Jennifer R. Poteat
Jan and Elena Stegemann
Cynthia J. Stewart
Eric and Ines Storhok
Cordelia B. Sweetland
Ted and Eileen Thacker
Carrie and Peter Throm
Louise Townley
Jeffrey and Lisa Tulin-Silver
Claire Turcotte
Ilene and Norman Tyler
Susan B. Ullrich
Jack and Marilyn van der Velde
Carol VanBesien
Karla and Hugo Vandersypen
Bob and Liina Wallin
Paul Ward and Laura Lamps
Stanford and Sandra Warshawsky
Harvey and Robin Wax
Richard and Gretchen Weir
Kathy White
Mac and Rosanne Whitehouse
Dianne Widzinski
Pat and John Wilson
Richard Woodhams
Mary Jean and John Yablonky

Patrons ($500-$999)

Roger Albin and Nili Tannenbaum
Raymond and Sandy Aldrich
Christine W. Alvey
Helen and David Aminoff
Dave and Katie Andrea
Elaine and Ralph Anthony
Reg and Pat Baker
Nancy Barbas and Jonathan Sugar
Liz Barry
Jan Benson and Nancy Whitelaw
The Jonathan and Sara Bonesteel Foundation
Charles Bright and Susan Crowell
David and Sharon Brooks
Robert and Jeannine Buchanan
Charles and Joan Burleigh
Susan and Oliver Cameron
Thomas and Colleen Carey
Jenny and Jim Carpenter
Peggy Carroll
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Felix and Ann Chow
Mark Clague and Laura Jackson
Mary Sue and Kenneth Coleman
Jennifer Conlin and Daniel Rivkin
Connie and Jim Cook
Ellie and Ed Davidson
Michele Derr
Grace A. Duren
Jane Dutton and Lloyd Sandelands
Gavin Eadie
Charles and Julie Ellis
Steve Feenstra and Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra
David Fox and Paula Bockenstedt
Randall and Ellen Frank
Bernard Friedman and Sarah Mack
Susan L. Froelich and Richard E. Ingram
Chris Gardiner and Cynthia Koch
Sandra Gast and Greg Kolecki
Dr. Gerlinda S. Melchiori
Ronald Gibala and Janice Grichor
David and Maureen Ginsburg
Steve Glauberman and Margaret Schankler
Christopher and Elaine Graham
Nicki Griffith
Talbot and Jan Hack
Jackie Henniger
Margaret Higley
Timothy Hofer and Valerie Kivelson
Linda S. Hubbard
Eileen and Saul Hymans
Anthony and Marilyn Iesulauro
Patricia Insely
Stuart A. Isaac
Ibrahim and Therese Jarjoura
Dr. Joachim Janecke, in memory of Christa Janecke
Feng Jiang and Lydia Qiu
Mary and Kent Johnson
Henry and Billie Johnson
Jim Joyce and Emily Santer
Monica and Fritz Kaenzig
Jack and Sharon Kalbfleisch
Mark and Madolyn Kaminski
Paul and Leah Kileny
Cathy and William King
Rich and Myra Klarman
Thomas Klinefelter, in memory of Gary Woodworth
Jean and Arnold Kluge
Linda Korobkin
Jamie and Janna Kryscynski
Jane Fryman Laird
Stephen and Pamela Landau
James and Melissa Lewis
Evie and Allen Lichter
John and Shannon Lohr
William and Lois Lovejoy
Jayne Maerker
Susan McClanahan
Amy Meltzer and Scott Gitlin
James M. Miller and Rebecca H. Lehto
Elizabeth and John Moje
Melinda Morris, in memory of George Rosenwald
Drs. Louis Nagel and Julie Jaffee Nagel
Erika Nelson and David Wagener
Barbara Stark-Nemon and Barry Nemon
Old National Bank Foundation
Stephen and Elizabeth Palms
Carlos Palomares and Julia Owens
Stephen and Bettina Pollock
Mary Post
Floretta Reynolds
Jonathan and Anala Rodgers
Stephen Rosenblum and Rosalyn Sarver
Daria and Erhard Rothe
Amy Saldinger and Robert Axelrod
Ashish and Norma Sarkar
Mark Schlissel and Monica Schwebs
John Scudder and Regan Knapp
Brooks Sitterley
Sidonie Smith
Jeff Spindler
Andrea and Gus Stager
Dana and Diana Stetson
Rick and Lia Stevens
James L. Stoddard
Stephan Taylor and Elizabeth Stumbo
Bette M. Thompson
Alvan Uhle
Joyce A. Urba and David J. Kinsella
Paul and Marcia Valenstein
Richard and Shelley Walinski
Arthur and Renata Wasserman
Richard and Madelon Weber
Neal and Susan Weinberg
James and Karen Westphal
Robert Westveer
Prof. James B. White and Mary F. White
Thomas K. Wilson
Lawrence and Mary Wise
Steven and Helen Woghin
Frances A. Wright

Associates ($250-$499)

Dr. Diane Agresta
Catherine M. Andrea
Lois and David Baru
Frank and Lindsay Tyas Bateman
Rajeev Batra and Priscilla A Spencer
Astrid B. Beck
Sarah Bendit
Lynda W. Berg
Dr. Elizabeth S. Bishop
Mary E. Black
Bobbie and Don Blitz
Ronald and Mimi Bogdasarian
Steven Bollini
Lou and Janet Callaway
Laurie Champion
Samuel and Roberta Chappell
Beverly Ciokajlo, in memory of Reginald Ciokajlo
George Collins and Paula Hencken
Jeff Cooper and Peggy Daub
Roger Craig and Sherry Root
Susan Bozell Craig and Family
Amal and Gregory Dalack
Marylee Dalton and Lynn Drickamer
Connie D’Amato
Art and Lyn Powrie Davidge
Monique Deschaine
Susan Diehl
Don and Kathy Duquette
Ed and Mary Durfee
Swati Dutta
Morgan and Sally Edwards
Mary Engelhardt
C. Peter and Beverly A. Fischer
Arnold Fleischmann
Jessica Fogel and Lawrence Weiner
Paul and Jennifer Fossum
Philip and Renée Woodten Frost
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Gargaro
Michael Gerdenich and Ina Hanel-Gerdenich
Scott Gerstenberger and Liz Sweet
J. Martin and Tara Gillespie
Patricia and John Glidewell
Kathryn Goodson and John Hieftje
Jeffrey B. Green
Linda Grekin
Henry Grix and Howard Israel
Charles D. and Carol C. Groves
David Hamilton
Drs. Erik and Dina Hanby
Susan S. Harris
Jeff and Melissa Hauptman
D Craig Hausman and Holly Heaviland, PhD
Jacqueline Stearns Henkel
Mark and Janette High
Carol and Dieter Hohnke
Carol Hollenshead and Bruce Wilson
Paul Hossler and Charlene Bignall
James S. House and Wendy Fisher House
Jane H. Hughes
Greg and Carol Hulbert
Richard and Lesley Hume
Matthew and Lidia Ickes
Richard and Suzette Isackson
Mark and Linda Johnson
Fred and Susan Kellam
Charles Kelly and Allison Sugiyama
David and Gretchen Kennard, in memory of John B. Kennard Jr.
Nancy Keppelman and Michael Smerza
David and Mary Keren
Bonnie and Robert Kidd
Michael Koen
Rosalie and Ron Koenig
Joseph and Marilynn Kokoszka
Lucy and Ken Langa
John K. Lawrence and Jeanine A. DeLay
John and Theresa Lee
Daniel Little and Bernadette Lintz
Louise and David Lutton
Marilyn and Frode Maaseidvaag
Louis and Carol MacCini
Rajesh Mangrulkar and Madhu Gupta
James E. Maslanka and Catherine E. Giebel
Judythe and Roger Maugh
Regent Olivia P. Maynard
Martha Mayo
Margaret and Harris McClamroch
Theresa and Tony McDonnell
Beth McNally
Marilyn Meeker
Stefano and Karin Mengozzi
Mike and Rachelle Michelon
Gayle and Michael Michelon
Trevor Mudge and Janet Van Valkenburg
Bernhard and Donna Muller
Lisa Murray and Michael Gatti
Thomas and Barbara Nelson
Constance K. Olson
Liz and Mohammad Othman
Daniel P. Padilla
Karen Pancost
Hedda and William Panzer
Karen Park and John Beranek
Rodger and Terri Park
Stephen R. Perrin
Emily Peterson and Anish Wadhwa
Olga Podolyako
Tom Porter
Jeffrey and Joanna Post
Kirk Profit
John and Alison Reed
Anne Remley
Lou and Sheila Rice
Michele Roberge
Sherry Root and Roger Craig
Susan Rose, D.O.
Herbert Rossi and Sandra Gregerman
Carol D. Rugg and Richard K. Montmorency
Carole and Mitchell Rycus
Michael and Kimm Sarosi
Helga and Jochen Schacht
David Schmidt and Jane Myers
Suzanne Selig
Patrick and Carol Sherry
George and Gladys Shirley
Edward and Kathy Silver
Sandy and Dick Simon
Will and Megann Smith
Robert W. Smith
Richard Soble and Barbara Kessler
Katherine R. Spindler
Susan Stepek
Dennis and Jan Sullivan
Suzanne Tainter and Kenneth Boyer
Sandy Talbott and Mark Lindley
Louis Taylor, in memory of Larry Berlin “Mr. Tosca”
William Tennant
Denise Thal and David Scobey
Kay Tuttle and Gordon Larsen
Fawwaz Ulaby and Jean Cunningham
Sara E. Vander Voort
Jo Ann Ward
Deborah Webster and George Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Weiermiller
Julie Wheaton
Steve and Peg Wilcox
I. W. Winsten
Charlotte A. Wolfe
Eric Woodhams
Joel Young

Advocates ($100-$249)

Lisa Alexander
Becky and Rick Altschuler
Jonathan and Amy Cohn
James and Cathy Andonian
Padma and Ravi Anupindi
María Arce
Scott and Lisa Armstrong
Dan E. and Monica Atkins
Danielle and Mika LaVaque-Manty
Catherine Badgley
Scott and Denise Bailey
Thomas and Sarah Baird
Arlene Barnes
Leslie Bash
J. Beasley
Gary Beckman and Karla Taylor
Susan and Todd Beel
Joy Berent
Joel and Alice Berman
Edward Bernreuter
Maria Beye
Francis X. Blouin Jr.
Vicki Botek and William Edwards
Joshua Botkin
Les and Bonnie Bricker
The Brower Family
Cindy Browne
Phil Bucksbaum and Roberta Morris
Julie Claire Burgess
Maureen Burns
Julie Greer Campbell
Susan Cares
Matt Castanier and Anne Marsan
Barry and Marjorie Checkoway
James Chen
Matthew and Katherine Chosid
Lynette Clemetson
Susan Cnudde
Mr. Max Colley III
Barbara Comai
Amy and Matthew Corriere
Richard D. and Nancy M. Cowan
David Craig
Natalie Davidson
Iruschka De Ritis
Sue Dempsey and Gregory Czarnecki
Frank and Karen Deogracias
Daniel Edwards
Frank and Betsy Richardson
Chuck Ellis
Ron Emaus
Drs Barbara Ericson and Mark Guzdial
Don and Gwen Evich
Yuan Fang
Margaret Faulkner
Norman and Barbara Fichtenberg
Sara V. Fink
Michael Finnane
Alice Fishman and Michael DiPietro
Spencer Ford and Susan Goldsmith
Joanna and Richard Friedman
Hajime Fujita
Robert Gantz
Betsy Garofalo and Jeff Warren
Bill Garvey
Thomas M. Gervasi
James and Robin-Frisch Gleason
Keow Mei Goh
Edie Goldenberg
Peter and Hanna Goodstein
Peggy and Jon Gordon
Gail M. Graham
Peter Granda and Kari Gluski
Mary Sue Grant
Judith Lempert Green
Clinton and Sandra Greenstone
Milton and Susan Gross
Fred and Iris Gruhl
Sharon Haar and Robin Wagner
Daryl M. Hafter
Hansen Marketing Services, Inc.
Joan Harris and Ed Sarath
Nancy R. Harris
Lee Hartmann
Esther C. Heitler
Mark and Lorna Hildebrandt
Ken and Carol Hovey
Norman and Cristine Howe
Gaye Humphrey
Ann D. Hungerman
Erich and Ann Marie Jensen
Liz Johnson
Carol and Mark Kaplan
Noah and Helen Kaplan
Shirley and Tom Kauper
Tim and Dianna Kellman
Barbara Kelly
Marilyn Klar and Steven Lauer
Shira and Steve Klein
Jim and Carolyn Knaggs
John and Marcia Knapp
Ira Konigsberg
Brenda Krachenberg
Robert and Ileana Krumme
Dr.s Yeong Kwok and Cathy Kim
George LaVoie
Judith and Jerold Lax
John Lesko and Suzanne Schluederberg
Thomas Gerold Libby
Jeffrey and Deborah Liker
Trish Lindemann
Julie M. Loftin
Bruce Loughry
M. Lori Maher
Dr. Oksana Malanchuk
Matthew Mason and Renate Klass
Peggy McCracken and Doug Anderson
Andrea and Timothy McDonnell
Jill McDonough and Greg Merriman
Martha and Dady Mehta
Cheryl Miller
Jim and Kathleen Mitchiner
Thomas Mobley
Deborah Dash Moore
Lora G. Myers
Carl Nitchie
John and Martha Nitz
Jim and Linda Oldfield
Kathleen I. Operhall
Dr. Jon Oscherwitz
Mara Palty
Marie Panchuk
Henry Paulson and Sarah Buss
John and Mary Pedley
Professor Silvia Pedraza
Judith Pennywell
Warren and Shelley Perlove
Perry Pernicano
Douglas Phelps and Gwendolyn Jessie-Phelps
Nancy S. Pickus
Robert and Mary Ann Pierce
Julianne Pinsak
Pat Pooley
Karen and Berislav Primorac
Fred Raimi
Steve and Ellen Ramsburgh
The Ravikant and Thakur Family
Russ and Nancy Reed
Linda K Rexer
James Reynolds
Karen Riedel
Jessica C. Roberts
Alice Rolfes-Curl
Richard and Edie Rosenfeld
Jean Rowan
Steven Schneider and Marigretchen Scheider
L. Scherdt
Monica Schteingart
Karen Schulte and Bill Sverdlik
Joanna Spencer-Segal and Yaniv Segal
Catherine Selin
Sharon Senk
Laurence Shear
Cliff and Ingrid Sheldon
Bill and Chris Shell
Susan and Patrick Shields
Jean and Thomas Shope
Brenda Shufelt
Raymond C. Siciak and Beverly Ostrowiecki
Mary Ann Sincock
Scott and Joan Singer
Jurgen Skoppek
Valeriy Sterligov
Andrea Stevenson
James B. and Carolyn A. Stokoe
Eugene Y. Su and Christin Carter-Su
Thomas and Nancy Taylor
Jacquelin B. Telesford
Bruce Tobis
Hitomi Tonomura
Linda Tubbs
Joe and Suzanne Upton
Jon and Grace VanderVliet
Anne and Jeff Veis, in loving memory of George Rosenwald
Virginia Wait
Elizabeth A. and David C. Walker
Jack and Carolyn Wallace
John Weber and Dana Zakalik
Arnold J. Weiner
Joan and Matt Weisberg
Lois Weisman
Joan B. Wells
Charles Werney
Ann and Robert Wiles
John and Friedelle Winans
Matthias Wolf
Stewart and Carolyn Work
Bryant Wu
Roger Wykes
York-Peng and Cynthia Yao
Daniel Zucker

Friends ($1-99)

Katy Adams
Philip I. Adamson
Eytan Adar
Ruth Addis and Marj Schloff
Justin Adkins
Alex Agbabian
Michael Allen and Janice Whelan
Cheryl Allerding
Claudia Cameratti-Baeza
Amiram and Diane Kaplan Vinokur
Sharon Ammen
Margot Amrine
Rebecca Van Dyke
Eric Anderson
Rowan G. Anderson
Ann Arbor Camera Club, in memory of Margaret Bond
Gabriel Antoniak
Carol Appel
Barbara Arbuckle
J T. Arnedt
Lewis D. Arscott
Patricia Arscott
Andrea Aubuchon
Sara C. Awartani
Michaela Baer
Gloria Baiocco
Nora J. Baker
Anthony Balderas
Grace Ball
Anne Marie Ballew
Maria Barajas
Shoot Van Barber
Raegen Barnes
Gerri Barr and Tom Egel
Mefi Barrera
Robert and Linda Barry
Rebecca Bartlett
Sandra Bashaw
Melvin Baskin
John H. Beck
Kathleen Beck
Daniel Bednar
Kristina Bee
Crystine Begic
Bruce Beier
Dorit Linsk Ben-Ami
Rita Benham
David Benjamins
Audrey Bennett
Darlene Benson
Rolando Berrelez
Lee Berry
Andrew H. Berry, D.O.
Paul Bigler
Bonita Bingham
Suzanne Bixby
Charles E. Blakeslee Jr.
Lindsey Bloor
Michael Bogert
Joseph Bollinger
Andrea Paul-Bonham
Teri and Sean Bormet
Reva Bornstein
Thomas Bowes
Susan Braymer
Jamison Brewer
Thomas Brewer
Jon Breyfogle
Paula Bridges
Carolyn Bright
Terra Brock
Cliff and Amy Broman
Elizabeth Brough
Marifran Brown
Karen and Lawrence Brown
Daryl Brown
Brittany Brown
Kathleen Brown
Abigail Buchmeyer
Abbie Buhr
Ellen Bunting
Jan Burgess
Ms Susan A Burke
Joseph S. Burman
Bulent Buyukbozkirli
Ayse Buyuktur
Betty Caldwell
Linda and Bruce Campbell
Sean Carter and Heidi Bennett
Deloris D. Carter
Angela Bodley Carter
Clancy Caruso
Ruth Caston
Garry Cathey
Jack Cederquist and Meg Kennedy Shaw
Lisa Cermak
Elaine Cervera
John and Marsha Chamberlin
Timothy Chambers
Kristen M. Chapman
John and Kathryn Charpie
Rebecca Chen
Che Chen
Kirsten Clark
Ben and Julie Cohen
Genna Cohen
David William Cohen and Gretchen Elsner-Sommer
Mark Coleman
Rey Collingwood
Constance Colthorp Amrine
Matthew Colville
Carolyn Comai
Anthony Comazzi
Cheryl Conrad
Kayla J. Conrad
Dylan Cook
Luise Cornelli
Anne Costello
Jacqueline Courteau
Mark Crawford
Charlotte Croson
Jean Crudden
Kathleen and William Culbertson
Susan Cybulski
Frank and Marylin D’Alessandro
Mary Beth Damm
Dennis Darling
James and Joanna Davis
Lynn Davis
Andrea DeAgostino
Jens Decker
Bernard and Francoise Degnan
Jeff and Staney DeGraff
Michael Del Zio
Karla DeMea
Amanda and Walter Dempsey
Jane Deng
Gil Dhason
Maria Jose Colmenares Diaz
Andy and Diane Dincolo
Marianne Dinsmore
Joseph and Marjorie Dobos
Janet Dombrowski
Lynne Doute
Zhe Du
Matthew Dufon
Kathleen Dvorak, D.C.
John Dwyer
Michael Elledge
Sarah Elmouchi
Michael Emrick
Vicki L. Engel
Daniel Enos
Richard Erne
Susan Ernst
Justin Esdale
Raymond Estes
Bob and Chris Euritt
Valary Evans
Benjamin Ewing
Christina Fanning
Zackariah A. Farah
Dennis Farmer
Gary Feldhandler
Barbara Felt and Samuel Kelly
Lee Feng
Kloe Ferriman
Dr. Britany and David Affolter-Caine
Anne Fink
Martin Fischhoff
Christopher Fishel
Lennard and Patricia Fisk
Rick and Cathy Fitzgerald
Susan Fitzpatrick
Carol E. Fletcher
Peter Flintoft
Wayne Flowers
Thomas and Sarah Flynn
Wanita and William Forgacs
Andrew Watson Forsyth III
Lora Frankel
Max Freeland
Jennifer Friess
Belinda Friis
Ann Frisinger
Margaret Fulton
Elena Gapova
Delores Garcia and Robert Gillett
Iris Zapf-Garcia
Edward Gargiulio
Kenneth Garner
Richard Garner
Larry M. Gauthier
Elizabeth Gearin
Matthew W. Gebarski
Linda van Gelder
Briand Gentry
Maryanne George and David Broat
Amy and Eberhard Geyer
Aimee Gibbs
Miguel Gijon
Robert Giles
Steve Gillis
Mary Gillis
Elena Gimenez
John Gingrich
Steven Girard
Thomas and Ann Gladwin
Ira and Cynthia Glovinsky
David and Krista Golden
Anita and Albert Goldstein
Sabiha Gologlu
Phyllis L. Goodman
Sharon Gourdji
Elizabeth Grace
Brian Grant
Kenneth B. Gray
Stephanie Gray
Andrew Grusnick
Maria A. Guadiana
José Guerrero
Martha Gundlac
Robert Haas
Lynn Halton
Susan A. Hamilton
Bruce Hammond
Idelle Hammond-Sass
Wenonah Handschu
Craig Hane
Elliot Hardy
Martino Harmon
Paul Harms
Roger Harms
Patricia Hart
Anne Hart
Jasmine Hartzell
Jamal Dillman-Hasso
Will and Paula Hathaway
Amanda Haug
Leigh Jameson-Heise
Dr. Joseph I. Helman
Fred A. Helmer Jr.
Krissy Hentschel
Andres Hernandez
Kathe Hetter
Daniel and Lynn Heumann
Amy Higgins
Lynn Hilkene
William Hill
Carol Hill
Jade Hill-VanGelderen
Amy Hofing
Jeff Holden
Ronotta Holliday
Donnell Hollister
Michael and Nina Homel
Patricia Honton
Bettina Hoops
Paul Howell
Margaret Howes and Scott Eisentrout
Harvey Hudson
Liz Huldin
Rebecca Hullinger
Sylwia Hunsinger
Alan and Karen Hunt
Anne Cong-Huyen
Rochelle and Stephen Igrisan
Amanda Inks
Robin and Brian Jacob
Gilberto Ortiz Jasso
Gautham Jayaraj
Sheila M. Johnson
Katherine Johnson
Kim Johnson
Barbara A. Johnson
Rebecca Joitke
Jeffrey P. Jones
Cynthia D. Jones
Gail Jones
Lars Junghans
Regina and Jerry Jurkiewicz
Professor Susan M. Juster
Eric Kaldjian and Cynthia Stiles
Ayano Kaneko
Emily Kania
Megan Kanous
Hiroyuki Kato
Andrei Katychev
Ellen Katz
Heiko Kaufmann
Jacqueline Kauza
Kristen Keefe
Robert Keener
Ralph and Erika Keith
Angie Kennedy
Esther Kerr
Roland and Jeanette Kibler
Kelley Kimball
Arlene Kindel and Ashley Froelich Flores
Brenda Kitchen
Allison M. Klein
Marie Knoerl and Andrew Morrill
Abhimanyu Kommareddi
Marlene and John Kondelik
Charles and Linda Koopmann
Will Kopachik
Richard and Leah Korth
Kristina Kosta
Ron Kramer
Isaac W. Kratchman
Ann and George Kruszewski
Ruth Krzyzowski
Danguole Kviklys
Ken and Maria Laberteaux
Lily Ladin
Mary Laidlaw
Irene Lamanen
Naomi Lamoreaux
David Lampe and Susan Rosegrant
Liudas Landsbergis
Ronald and Beatrice Larson
Adrian Larson
John Larson
Joseph Laurel
The Lawrence-Lupton Family
Megan Lawson
Lauren Learmonth
Laurel Lee
Melissa Lee
Nanci Lefebvre
Carolyn Lepard
Donald E. Lesniowksi
Tanya Lexcen
Lucy Liggett
Clare B. Light
Yatidi Lightfoot
Andy Lin
Cindy Lin
Susan Linck
Lisete Lindenmeyer
Jing and Jun Liu
Rafael Loera
Carl and Sheree Lovell
Lisa Kane Low
Robert Ludolph
Bing Luo
Marjorie Lynn
Shelley MacMillan and Gary Decker
Michele Madden
Beha Makari
Michael S. Malian M.D.
Robert Manduca
Joanne Marbut
Gerard Marsalese
Kristle Marshall
Frank Marsik
Susan E. Martin
Ginny Maturen
Amanda Maurmann
Kelly and Rose Maxwell
Lloyd May
Christine McCamont
David and Susan McCreadie
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. McCready
John McCrudden
Geoffrey McDavid
Rosemary McElroy
Patrick McHugh
Mary K. McIntire
Tashima McKenney Fund
David McLaughlin
John McLaughlin and Sara Koenig McLaughlin
Teresa A. McMahon
Deborah McWilliams
Geeta Mehta
John Merkel
Beth Metty
Darryl Mickens
Michelle Mikatarian
Kaden Milkovich and Holly Rider-Milkovich
Heather Miller
Susan Miller
Richard Millis
Christine Modey
Douglas Moffat
Thomas Mohan
Ruth Mohr
Cynthia Mokray
Seetha Monrad
Bruce and Kristin Moore
Elena Morales
Kittie Berger Morelock
Jordan Morris
Sienna White and Preston Mortemore
Lilia Moshkina
Judy Moskus
Dana Muir and Tracy Grogan
Farah Muller
Michelle Murdoch
Rod Murphy
Tucker and Karen Myers
Tammie Nahra and Lee Hollander
Seigo Nakao
Laura Napiewocki Esq.
Robert and Susan Nash
Paulo Neuhaus
Ellen Nielsen
Judy Nikolai
Renee Nilan
Alexander Nosnik
Edgar Nunez
Esrold and Patricia Nurse
Tobias Ogemark
Luis Ortiz
Peter L. Osler
Stefan Osterbur
Edgar and Julianne Otto
Andrew Overmire and Stephanie Buttrey
Lauren G. Owens
Kelly Pahle
Alan and Susan Paikin
Natalie Palay
Alison Palmer
George L. Panzak
Janet Parker
Leslie Parsels and Jim Park
Ms. Janis Paul
Hank W. Burns-Pavlik
Jane Perrin
Susan A. Perry
Philip Perry
Neal W. Persky, M.D.
Ruth S. Petit
Andrew Petrovich
Cynthia Phinney
Donna Picklesimer
Cynthia Pine
Winifred Pinet
Chris and Kathy Piper
Philip Pitkin
James and Marcia Plunkett
Sheryl Pomerance
Brooke A. Portmann
Scott Powell
Stephen W. Pratt
Daniel Pressel
Roberta and Doug Price
Olivia Prichard
Eric Punnett
Timothy Race
Jared Ragsdale
Anita Rainey
Deepa Ramaswamy
Larry and Rose Ramey
Cathy Rapone
Alekhya S. Ratnala
Christopher Ratte and Claire Zimmerman
Rey Realtor
Kelly Doonan-Reed
Marsha Reed
John Regenhardt
Cherie Reiche
Susanne Reichert
Theresa Reid and Marc Hershenson
Barbara Remboski
Margaret Reynolds
Lane Rezek
Janet Rhodes
Shaun Richert
Douglas and Robin Richstone
Richard Rischar
Sarah Roberts
Ernest Robles
Eva Rodansky
Mireille Roddier
Miguel Rodriguez
Yasmin Rodriguez
Lidia Rojas
Diana Rooks
Phil and Katherine Roos
Jacob Root
Kirsten Roque
Teri Rosales
Sharon Rose
Abby Rosenbaum
Laura Rosewig
Candice M. Roth
Mike Rowan
Stephanie Rowden
Kathleen and John Rubin
Jan Ruff
Rimantas Rukstele
Elena Runion
Loretta Rush
David Rutledge, in memory of Geraldine Rutledge
Shigeru Sadakane
Rommel Sagana
Dmitriy Sakharov
Svetlana Sakharova
Barbara Salem
Heidi Salter
Charles E. Savatsky
Anita Schaible
Steven Schaus
Allison Schepers
Deborah Schimmel
Carol Schirr
Heidi Schmitz
Cynthia Schoen
Jason Scholz
Anna Schork
Benedikt Schuler
Paul Schulte
Eric Schwartz
Pam Schwarzmann
Dennis Sczomak and Angela Wolney
Mary Sdao
David Seaman
Dalida Sebikali
Scott M. Sedam
Louisa Self
Lisa Sellinger
Jeremy Selweski
Robert D. Shannon
Janice Sharkey
Erik and Peggy Sheagren
Steven Sheldon
Martha Shelton
Kay Shen
Margie P. Sherick
Paige H. and Jeffrey L. Silence
Venetia Sims
Kathleen Singer
Sharon Singh
Adela Skowronski
Terri D. Slaughter
R. Solomon Sloan
Andrew Smith
Suzanne Smitley
Marilyn Smoltz
Jenny Sohn
Christine Sommer
Tom and Elinore Sommerfeld
Kate and Philip Soper
Barbara Soyster
Beth Spencer and Art Schwartz
Michelle Spisz
Charity Steere
Russell Stegall
John Sterritt
Julie H. Stewart
Mark Stieber
Ms. Phyllis Stillman
Lisa Stock
Andrew Stocking
Miranda Stoddard
Donald and Julie Stolt
Stephen Strasburg
Dr. Ted Suh and Dr. Mirie Hosler
Steve Sullivan
Terry Sutherland
Jessica Swanger
Rachel Sylvester
Sheryl M. Szady
David D. Tao
Olivia Tarling
Monika Tarnutzer
Ambreen Tasawar
Pam Taylor
Kelsey Taylor
Margie and Graham Teall
Jennifer Thomas
Rebecca Thomas
Elizabeth Thompson
Alice Collins-Thompson
Jonathan Thompson
Albert and Rebecca Tochet
Linda Tomala
Terril and Patricia Tompkins
Ms. Alice Train
Linda Troesch
Lily Trombley
Marc and Leslie Tuchman
Donald Tujaka
Marleen Tulas
Anita Tuneff
Eli Turner
Michelle G. Turner
Amelia Valdez
Lana Valentine
Olga Vasquez
Gareth Vaughan
Aspen Vetter
Renee Vettorello
Laura Vollmer
John and Jane Voorhorst
Robert G. Vreeland
Hans H. Wagner
Jack Wagoner, M.D.
Geoffrey Wahonya
Susan M. Holmes-Walker
Rose Walker
Aisha Walters
Tim Wang
Josh Warn
Erika Washburn
Ruth A Watson
Alyssa Wealty
Hans Weickel
Sheryl A. Weinan-Yee
Diriest Alesia Crowell-Buffington
Paul Wesenberg
Rae Ann Weymouth
Robert and Sandra White
Katherine Whitney
Noah Whittaker
Prof. William Malm and Jutta Gerber-Malm
Rebecca Williams
Jeffrey Williams
Robin Wilson
Professor Elizabeth Wingrove
Linda Winterhalter
Patricia Wise
James Wissner
Elizabeth Wolden
Amanda Wolfbrandt
Patricia and Rodger Wolff
Lynn Wolfgram
Jeonghae Won
Alexa Wutt
Wen Ye
Harold Yerges
Gregory Young
Suzanne Yuzer
Kelly Zechmeister-Smith
Robert Zeek
Morgan Zehnder
Laurie Zemper
Emerson Zhang
Yufei Zhu
Yelena Zilberman
Kimberly Zold-Lintner
Kevin Zoromski

Endowed Funds

The success of UMS is secured in part by income from UMS endowment funds. You may contribute to an existing endowment fund or establish a named endowment with a minimum gift of $25,000. We extend our deepest appreciation to the many donors who have established and/or contributed to the following funds:

H. Gardner and Bonnie Ackley Endowment Fund
Herbert S. and Carol Amster Endowment Fund
Catherine S. Arcure Endowment Fund
Menakka and Essel Bailey Endowment Fund for International Artistic Brilliance
Carl and Isabelle Brauer Endowment Fund
Anne and Raymond Chase Endowment Fund
Choral Union Endowment Fund
Lisa D. Cook Endowment Fund
Dahlmann Sigma Nu Endowment UMS Fund
Hal and Ann Davis Endowment Fund
Dallas and Sharon Dort Endowment Fund
Doris Duke Foundation Endowment Fund
John R. and Betty B. Edman Endowment Fund
Epstein Endowment Fund
Oscar Feldman Endowment Fund
Samuel and Marilyn Krimm Endowment Fund
Ken Fischer Legacy Endowment Fund
Barbara Fleischman Theater Endowment Fund
Stephen and Rosamund Forrest Student Ticket Endowment Fund
Ilene H. Forsyth Endowment Funds for Choral Union, Chamber Arts, and Theater
James Garavaglia Theater Endowment Fund
Anne and Paul Glendon Endowment Fund
Leslie and Mary Ellen Guinn Endowment Fund
Susan and Richard Gutow Renegade Ventures Endowment Fund
George N. and Katharine C. Hall Endowment Fund
Karl V. Hauser and Ilene H. Forsyth Choral Union Endowment Fund
Norman and Debbie Herbert Endowment Fund
David and Phyllis Herzig Endowment Fund
Richard and Lillian Ives Endowment Fund
JazzNet Endowment Fund
William R. Kinney Endowment Fund
Wallis Cherniack Klein Endowment for Student Experiences
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Kolins Shakespearean Endowment Fund
Marion Lawrence Endowment Fund
Frances Mauney Lohr Choral Union Endowment Fund
Natalie Matovinović Endowment Fund
Medical Community Endowment Fund
Dr. Robert and Janet Miller Endowment Fund
NEA Matching Fund
Nicoli Family Fund
Ottmar Eberbach Funds
Palmer Endowment Fund
Mary R. Romig-deYoung Music Appreciation Fund
Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal K-12 Education Endowment Fund
Charles A. Sink Endowment Fund
Herbert E. and Doris Sloan Endowment Fund
Dr. Hildreth H. Spencer Endowment Fund
James and Nancy Stanley Endowment Fund
Helmut F. and Candis J. Stern Endowment Fund
Susan B. Ullrich Endowment Fund
UMCU Arts Adventures Endowed Fund at UMS
UMS Endowment Fund
UMS Theater Endowment Fund
The Wallace Endowment Fund
Darragh Humphrey Weisman Chamber Music Fund
The Zelenock Family Endowment Fund

Gifts in Kind

Join us in thanking these fine area restaurants and businesses for their generous gifts in-kind, made as of September 1, 2022.

Interested in making UMS patrons your customers? Businesses providing in-kind support of $500 or more gain exposure to a loyal group of audience members who might well become your best customers.

For more information, please contact the UMS Development Office at 734.764.8489 or


216 East Washington

Dixboro House
5400 Plymouth Road

Knight’s Downtown Steakhouse
600 East Liberty

216 South State Street


Graduate Ann Arbor
615 E Huron St

Gifts and Services

PNC Bank
101 South Main Street

Sesi Motors
3990 Jackson Road

4150 Varsity Drive