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Beyond the Stage: UMS Community & Audience Programs 2021/22 Rewind
Each year UMS Education & Community Engagement programs invite Audiences and Southeast Michigan Community members to participate in context-building events, including workshops, panel discussions, and post-performance Q & A sessions.
10 Memorable Moments of 2021
As we reflect on the challenges and triumphs of 2021, we want to acknowledge all that you — our loyal audiences and supporters — have helped make possible.
Bridging Musical Languages with Tarek Yamani & Spektral Quartet
Sammy Sussman interviews Tarek Yamani and members of the Spektral Quartet in advance of their digital world premiere collaboration.
In Conversation with Tunde Olaniran
UMS 21st Century Intern Catherine Moore recently sat down with Tunde to talk about his UMS Live Session, upcoming projects, and collaborations with Yo-Yo Ma.
Want to engage with artists and activists next semester?
As theaters and venues close worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic, artists and presenters are developing innovative ways to inspire and challenge audiences. In collaboration with U-M arts presenter, the University Musical...
Corporate Spotlight: Masco Corporation, Lauren Plawecki
Masco Corporation just celebrated its 25th season of supporting UMS. We talked with Lauren Plawecki, Communications and Development Coordinator, to learn more about Masco’s history with UMS.
Ken Fischer’s New Book: ‘Everybody In, Nobody Out’
We sat down with UMS President Emeritus Ken Fischer to talk about his forthcoming book Everybody In, Nobody Out (University of Michigan Press).
Exciting New Additions to the 2020/21 Season
While some of UMS's live events that we announced in late April won’t take place as we originally planned, we are pleased to announce new programs that will provide unique opportunities, both in-person and in the digital space.
Meet Tunde Olaniran, 2019/20 UMS Research Residency Artist
UMS is pleased to announce Michigan-based musician Tunde Olaniran as this season’s Education and Community Engagement Research Residency Artist.
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