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A Virtual Grand Night for Singing

October 29, 2020 Avid
People are Talking: UMS Night School – Session 4
UMS Night School is a free and open to the public series “classes” which include a 30-minute discussion of each performance in Pure Michigan Renegade, plus a 60-minute intro session for the next performance on the series. You'll find follow conversation, coverage, and materials here on the Lobby.
UMS Night School Report – Einstein on the Beach
Leslie Stainton covers the first night of UMS Night School, where she learned the meaning of "maverick." VIDEO interview with UMS Head Usher Dennis Carter as he prepares to usher at the Einstein on the Beach preview performances.
Student Spotlight: Alice Schmitz at The Knights
Find out what it's like to spend the summer with Broklyn's The Knights chamber orchestra.
UMS in the Classroom: The Knights with Avi Avital, Kinan Azmeh, and Colin Jacobsen
Interested in using a UMS performance in your university classroom? For each performance on the season, we provide suggested curricular connections, links to contextual material online, citations for scholarly material, and prompts for classroom discussion.
Educator Conversations: One Night in Bamako
Editor’s note: This post is a part of a series of conversations between educators in the K-12 community. Educators will offer suggestions and answer questions about integrating UMS School Day Performances or...
Hill Auditorium Trivia Night
UMS, WDET and Arbor Brewing Company invite you to join us for an evening of Hill Auditorium trivia and music!
Student Spotlight: Artist Internships for the 21st Century
The fast changing environment of the 21st century poses new demands on artists. They must reach potential audiences in innovative and unexpected ways. To address these needs, the U-M School of Music,...
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