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All Einstein Coverage Round Up



Inside Einstein

Lindsay Kesselman, member of Philip Glass Ensemble, guest blogs for umsLobby.
Q&A with Lindsay
Anatomy of Auditioning for Einstein on the Beach
Inside the Einstein on the Beach Rehearsal Experience
On the day of the first preview performance of Einstein on the Beach

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Einstein as a Cultural Figure – Interview with Physicists
UMS Night School: Einstein on the Beach
Video 50 – Robert Wilson’s video exhibit at UMMA
Three Trucks, 28 Crew Members, 37 Performers: Einstein on the Beach Load-in at the Power Center
UMS on Film Series – Film screenings in conjunction with Pure Michigan Renegade
Not Quite-Live-Blogging Robert Wilson and Philip Glass Conversation at the Michigan Theatre
How to Produce Einstein on the Beach – Producers Talk


RENEGADE Contest – What’s a ‘renegade’ in 7 words


Featuring the original creative team, in which Philip Glass remembers the first night of Einstein, Robert Wilson sits next to Arthur Miller, and Lucinda Childs recollects the “Supermarket Speech.”

The technical challenges of producing an epic-scale work like Einstein, featuring UMS Programming Director Michael Kondziolka and UMS Technical Director Jeff Beyersdorf.




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