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You Can Dance
Ali Chahrour

February 13, 2022
Have you heard about “Curious about Dance?”
  Have you checked out any of our free educational events? Take a look at the first Night School of the season: “Curious about Dance” on Feb. 2nd at 7 pm.  
Your Dance Make Me…../……Make Me Dance Submissions
Last year we collected your Hill Auditorium memories. This year we’re collecting your thoughts about dance because we’re focusing especially on dance this season. For a closer look at dance, check out:...
Rhino as Participant
Utilizing the expertise and enthusiasm of odd-toed herbivores in the family Rhinocerotidae to invite participatory experiences with the performing arts.
Presenting: UMS Tweet Seats Pilot Project
This season, UMS is launching a new pilot project: an experiment at the cross-section of live performing arts and technology commonly known as “tweet seats.”
Renegade Reflections – Guest Blog by Leslie Stainton
Lobby contributor Leslie Stainton will guest blog the San Francisco Symphony American Mavericks festival throughout this weekend.
All Einstein Coverage Round Up
A round-up of Einstein on the Beach coverage.
10 Memorable Moments from Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra’s Residency
The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra’s relationship with UMS dates back more than 25 years, with 20+ appearances in Ann Arbor since 1994! In October 2022, Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at...
Celebrating the Debut of ‘Fiddler’ in Concert!
Relive highlights from the world premiere performances of 'Fiddler on the Roof' in Concert.
Bridging Musical Languages with Tarek Yamani & Spektral Quartet
Sammy Sussman interviews Tarek Yamani and members of the Spektral Quartet in advance of their digital world premiere collaboration.
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