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Spotlight on Sara Sanders

If you’ve attended a performance presented by UMS in the last three seasons, you may have seen Sara Sanders in the lobby.  As UMS’s Front-of-House Coordinator, Sara manages everything that happens “in…


They say it takes a village – well my village is the UMS Usher Corps

Suzie Davidson, UMS staff member takes a moment to send a HUGE thank you to the incredible UMS Usher Corp for their generous baby shower gift.


Launching the UMS Lobby with Bela Fleck!

bright orange tablecloths + neon green t-shirts + fortune cookies + flip cams + an amazing concert with Bela Fleck = THE LAUNCH of the UMS LOBBY. It was amazing to see…


David Soyer, Guarneri Cellist, passed away 2/25/2010

UMS has just learned of the sad news that David Soyer, founding cellist for the Guarneri String Quartet, passed away yesterday, one day after his 87th birthday.


Links: UMS in the News

Since the beginning of January, we’ve had a busy and exciting 8 weeks of 12 performances in all the big genres: dance, jazz, world music, classical music, and theater. It’s definitely a whirlwind experience for all of us on staff to see and talk about so many events…


This Day in UMS History: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (Feb 19, 1985)

Editor’s Note: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performs in Ann Arbor on January 11, 2016. February 19, 1985 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Yehudi Menuhin, conductor “While Yehudi Menuhin’s name is synonymous…


This Day in UMS History: Guarneri String Quartet (Feb 18, 1986)

February 18, 1986 Rackham Auditorium, Ann Arbor Guarneri String Quartet Arnold Steinhardt & John Dalley, violins Michael Tree, viola David Soyer, cello One of the first questions I was asked at UMS…


What Are YOUR Most Memorable UMS Performances?

We’re dying to hear from you — what are some concerts that have left a lasting impression on you over the years?  Whether it was last week or 50 years ago, tell…


This Day in UMS History: “Paderewski’s Piano Recital” (Feb 15, 1892)

February 15, 1892 University Hall, Ann Arbor During my time at UMS, I’ve become used to seeing the ghosts of famous musicians.  I’ve stumbled across signed photos of Jascha Heifetz (for whose…

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