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21st Century Artist Internship

21st Century Interns 21/22

2021/22 Season 21st Century Artist Interns

The ever-changing environment of the performing world is requiring new skill sets of the 21st century performing artist. They must be skilled at reaching communities and potential audiences in innovative and unexpected ways. They must be able to speak dynamically about their work and their inspirations, share their creative processes, provide interactive experiences for novice audience members, and transmit themselves and their artistry through any number of transmedia platforms.

The 21st century performing artist must appreciate and embrace the necessity for entrepreneurialism and audience engagement strategies that go beyond pure performance.

Each year, UMS and the School of Music Theatre and Dance (SMTD) typically select 4 students to intern for 5-7 weeks between May and August with a professional dance, theater, or music ensemble that UMS plans to present during its upcoming season.

UMS presents ensembles from all over the world, though many will be based in major metropolitan areas in the USA. The ninth cohort of 21st Century Artist Interns will be selected to pursue internships either in-person or remotely during the summer of 2022. Students:

  • Work with the University Musical Society.
  • Spend the summer with an artist or ensemble.
  • Earn $5,000 to support your summer internship.

The intern’s stipend can be applied to travel, housing, and living expenses during the summer internship. Upon returning to campus, interns will enroll in a one-credit independent study during the semester in which his/her assigned company is visiting the U-M campus (ARTSADMN 491). Only current sophomores and juniors enrolled in the U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance are eligible to apply.

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Application Deadline

Friday, February 4, 2022 by 5 pm

Applications should be submitted directly to the School of Music Theater and Dance


Current sophomores and juniors enrolled in the U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance


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