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Volunteer Spotlight: UMS Ushers

It is so easy these days to attend a performance and never once interact with the presenter. If one purchases their tickets through the online system, has them mailed to their house and never has any questions then this patron of the arts could avoid all true human contact. Ushers are often the combo-breakers for our lack of interaction. Not only is it nearly impossible to pass through the lobby without a hello from an usher or staff member, ushers seat patrons, provide program books and give a warm smile to those that they come into contact with.


UMS Living Archive Interview: Paul Bianchi, Volunteer Usher

When we launched the UMS Lobby last February, we set out to create a space that could capture our community’s response to what we experience at UMS.  With this post, we’re beginning…


Spotlight on Volunteers in August & September

We simply couldn’t do business without the support of volunteers, who collectively offer over 45,000 hours each year volunteering for UMS programs.


UMS’s Arts Round-up: August 13

This week’s news includes the release of Rosanne Cash’s memoir, a look at music copyright enforcement, and coverage of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


UMS Staff Picks: Takács Quartet selected by Liz Stover, Programming Coordinator

We’ve heard the Takács Quartet perform many times here in Ann Arbor (12, to be exact), but I’m also excited to hear them collaborate with other notable musicians: pianist Jeffrey Kahane (who is also music director of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and Colorado Symphony), bassist John Feeney (principal bass of the Orchestra of St. Luke’s in New York), and cellist Paul Katz (who performed here three times as cellist of the Cleveland Quartet).


Volunteer Spotlight: UMS Choral Union

Despite all the diverse interests of the singers in the Choral Union, there is one unifying quality that brings us all together, and makes us more than happy to donate our time: our love of singing and making music as an ensemble.


UMS Announces Additions, Changes to 10/11 Season

UMS announces season additions, including superstar Lebanese singer Assi El Helani and six-production series of NT LIVE high-definition broadcasts.


UMS Arts Round-up: August 6

This week’s news includes Wynton Marsalis’s latest project, Wyclef Jean’s run for the Haitian presidency, and Mark Morris’s work with Parkinson’s patients.


UMS Staff Picks: The Cripple of Inishmaan selected by Sara Billmann, Director of Marketing & Communications

I’ve seen two of Martin McDonagh’s plays when they were produced in New York in the mid-late 1990s, and they are simply brilliant pieces, in part because of the way they force you to re-examine your own morals. He sets up these outrageous scenes that are absolutely hilarious, then delivers the knock-out punch that makes you realize you’ve been laughing at something that is, in fact, incredibly tragic.

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