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Orchestras of Change
Orchestras of Change
Gifts of Art Playlists
Enjoy a new playlist series, developed in partnership with Michigan Medicine’s Gifts of Art Program, to inspire, uplift and soothe anyone who finds music a balm to the soul in these trying times.
#UMSplaylists: Big Band Holidays Takeover
Deck the halls on Apple Music and Spotify with Wynton Marsalis and his Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.
#UMSplaylists: Chamber Arts (yMusic Takeover)
Hear the virtuosity and variety of sounds, ensembles, and works by composers featured in UMS's Chamber Arts Series.
#UMSplaylists | Max Richter: From Stage to Screen
Discover selections from some of our favorite Max Richter works — including innovative chamber music and original scores for television and film.
#UMSplaylists: Classical New Releases
Enjoy the newest orchestral and large ensemble recordings featuring UMS's 2019-20 season artists.
#UMSplaylists: Journeys
Discover the sounds and fresh perspectives of global artists whose sounds and harmonies have no borders.
Introducing UMS Playlists on Apple Music and Spotify
Open your ears to new listening experiences, updated weekly.
Best of Artist Playlists
Over the course of the past few seasons, we've asked some of our performers to tell us what they've been listening to lately. Here are some of our favorites.
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