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“Alone in the Jungle for Days” — An Interview with Tarek Yamani
UMS guest contributor Doyle Armbrust interviews Tarek Yamani about his inspiring self-reflection and journey finding a unique musical voice and "Afro-Tarab" style.
Sticky Narratives and (Guilty) Pleasures: Exploring the Music of Dvořák
Guest contributor Doyle Armbrust shares the unabashed romance and masterful writing of Dvořák's music.
Our Sweet Hereafter
Guest contributor Doyle Armbrust explores Renaissance master Orlando di Lasso's Lagrime di San Pietro in advance of Los Angeles Master Chorale’s performance.
The Space Where You Used To Be
Doyle Armbrust, Chicago-based violist and member of the Spektral Quartet, explains his take on understanding Górecki’s Third Symphony movement by movement.
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the United States: Interview with Gabriel Kahane
Hitchhiker's Guide to the United States: Doyle Armbrust interviews Gabriel Kahane.
How to Win Fans and Influence (Young) People
Doyle Armbrust explains what Leonard Bernstein did best, and it has to do with winning fans and influencing (young) people.
Bridging Musical Languages with Tarek Yamani & Spektral Quartet
Sammy Sussman interviews Tarek Yamani and members of the Spektral Quartet in advance of their digital world premiere collaboration.
The Way We Remember War
Britten's War Requiem is not the 1812 Overture, with its make-believe bravado. This is not about imagined valor — it’s about real people.
Living that #QuartetLife
Playing in a string quartet is both exhilarating and infuriating. Often simultaneously.
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