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February 8, 2018

February 8, 2018: Your Arts & Culture Adventure Picks


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hailey dukes

UMS Wallace Blogging Fellow Hailey Dukes is a sponge for all things related to art and culture. Originally from Kent, Ohio, this Detroit-based transplant has spent over three years showcasing and highlighting Detroit music art and culture through her work as a Contributing Editor for with Detroit creative arts agency PLAYGROUND DETROIT and Detroit based publication Grand Circus Magazine.

Political Banner & Poster Making Workshop
February 10, 12-4pm
Stamps School of Art & Design, Ann Arbor

In February, we celebrate Black History Month to honor the legacy of African Americans in this country. As a black millennial writer and DJ, I have always admired the use of music and literature in the African American fight for equality and have always been fascinated in the many ways that individuals and groups use messaging to create change.

In this drop-in banner and poster making workshop presented by Stamps School of Art & Design, “participants will explore methods of creating messages and visuals along with historical design and composition and how they continue to influence and inspire present day resistance materials.” With provided materials and knowledgeable representatives hailing from Talking Dolls Studio Detroit and Pincause, this event presents the perfect opportunity to learn about visual imaging, make sure your voice is heard, and your cause is represented. Now is a better time than ever to speak up so use your voice, your words, your images and get out there! Find out more here.

Détroit Noir: A Celebration of The Black Aesthetic
February 10, 12-7pm
Norwest Gallery of Art, Detroit

Detroit’s newly opened Norwest Gallery of Art is putting its name on the map with Détroit Noir: A Celebration of The Black Aesthetic’s Opening Reception. I love love love going to check out new galleries and this lovely event will serve as Norwest’s inaugural reception! Self-described as a gallery, “dedicated to contemporary art with a curatorial focus on African and African-American Art…”  Norwest is a unique gallery who, “seeks to gain prominence by being recognized for featuring visually and intellectually intriguing works of art that widely represent and promote African-American and Diaspora Art.” The opening reception, Détroit Noir was curated by Asia Hamilton & Co-Curator Tanya J. Stephens and will feature groundbreaking local artists who are making an impact on the greater Detroit community.  Admission is FREE and open to all, so don’t miss the first glance at this promising event. Find out more here.

Paçzki Day
February 13
Hamtramck, and all over SE Michigan

Ok, so I know this isn’t directly arts related, but in my humble opinion, paçzki are art! When you enjoy the little things in life, you open your eyes to the luminous golden-brown color, the delicate kiss of powdered sugar and a saccharine sea of gushing filling sending your mouth on a journey to Polish heaven. The harmonious elements of this Michigan favorite dominate on Fat Tuesday as we joyously find paçzki in our work break rooms, on our kitchen tables, and in the finest bakeries Metro Detroit has to offer (Although the best are obviously found in Hamtramck.) One of the most beautiful things about Metro Detroit is the mosaic of culture and tradition that brings its citizens together. In a celebration of Polish culture, Michigan celebrates one of its tastiest and highly anticipated dates on the calendar. Want to learn more about paçzki in Metro Detroit? Check out this super quick read from Eater Detroit.

Film Screening of “Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child”
February 10, 1-3pm
Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills

You’ve been sleepin’ if you haven’t heard of the Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring exhibitions at the Cranbrook Art Museum. They are a must see and will be traveling so make sure you get a sneak peek before they’re gone! Lucky for us, Cranbrook is bringing Basquiat’s art to life with a screening of Jean-Michel Basquiat: Radiant Child. The film is jam-packed with documentary footage and understanding of 1980’s NYC, a time of unbridled creativity in the legendary city.  From humble beginnings in Brooklyn to fame and fortune in Manhattan, The Radiant Child puts viewers into the inner workings of a vulnerable yet outspoken artistic genius. More info here.

Kumbuka III
February 15, 7-9pm
Jam Handy, Detroit

Poetry was my first love. When I first began writing, it was my medium of choice and I constantly felt inspired by crafting up words. I loved the freedom of poetry, and how you could really make it whatever you want it to be, from haikus, to limericks, to sonnets, free prose and more. Although I’m not much of a poet, it always pulls on my heart strings when I can see some live poetry, so I was delighted to see Kumbuka III back for another year.

Featuring poetry, stories, songs, and more, this celebration of black history and culture is intimate, impressive, moving, and interwoven. A variety of readings will guide you through decades and centuries past, telling the stories of pillars in black history. As skilled and experienced performers bring all words to life in a friendly and welcoming setting, you can hear a pin drop in the attentive crowd.

Presented by Detroit’s Kaylan Waterman for the third consecutive year, this reading, “celebrates posthumous African American authors with the oral reading of their spoken, sung and written words by living black luminaries in our community.” Last year, I went to this reading alone and a little weirded out because I was by myself. In Jam Handy’s cozy setting I found friends, tasty nibbles, relevant and breathtaking performances, respect, and community. I hope you all find your way to this reading to relish in the same things. More info here.

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