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February 20, 2015

Resident Update: Artist Carolyn Reed Barritt on Compagnie Non Nova

By Gabrielle Carels
Compagnie Non Nova
Compagnie Non Nova production. Photo by Jean-Luc Beaujault.


Painter Carolyn Reed Barritt is a UMS Artist in Residence this season. We’ve asked five artists from across disciplines to take “residence” at our performances and to share the work these performances inspire.

Carolyn attended Compagnie Non Nova‘s performance of Afternoon of a Foehn this past weekend at Skyline High School’s black box theatre. She shares her thoughts on the performance:

“I didn’t think I could be so enraptured by ordinary plastic bags…The performance is mastered chaos — each fan controlled to create an airflow which allows the bag puppets to twirl, float and wrestle with each other and their creator in a confined space. Sometimes the puppets skate together along the floor; sometimes it seems as though they are tying to escape by floating up to the ceiling. Sometimes they seem to attack each other. Their creator moves with them, allowing them to dance and fight until they turn on him, using the wind that animates them to envelope and smother him with their bodies, making him so angry he destroys them all. The audio track ebbs and flows from sublime to sinister, the bag puppets go from charming to vindictive, the single, silent actor, ghost-like and imperious — all this in a home-made wind vortex.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Ann Arbor Michigan right now, there are more shows this coming weekend (February 19 – 21, 2015). Otherwise I hope this show comes to you someday!”

Read the full post on Carolyn’s blog

Interested in learning more? Read our interview with Carolyn.


Gabrielle joins UMS as a student in the Ross Master of Management Program. Prior to Ross, she earned her BA in Digital Environments Studies here at U of M through the Individual Major Program (IMP). Gabrielle's early background in the arts include piano, bassoon, and flute performance. More recently, she is pursuing her interests in photography and visual design. Gabrielle encourages students to sample a variety of UMS performances; they might discover something really memorable and inspiring! With an academic focus on the complexities of the digital sector and deep-rooted passion for the arts, she is excited to work as a digital media intern within the marketing department.