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August 13, 2013

Do you KAZOO? Join the UMS Kazoo Orchestra



UMS is now recruiting members for the UMS Kazoo Orchestra. Learn the mysteries of this “trumpet for the everyman,” meet new and interesting people, and make members of your community smile along the way. No musical experience is necessary. Participation is free and a kazoo is included.

ka·zoo [kuh-zoo]
noun, plural ka·zoos.
1. a musical toy consisting of a tube that is open at both ends and has a hole in the side covered with parchment or membrane, which produces a buzzing sound when the performer hums into one end. Also called mirliton.

Here’s how to join

Turn up at one of our fun mini-workshops below, learn some songs, and you’re an official member.

    Where to catch our performances

    Sign up for UMS Kazoo Orchestra Updates by filling out the form below. We’ll be sending out information on performance moments that will happen “flash-mob style” throughout the year.

    Your first lesson

    Meet Garrett, the UMS Kazoo Orchestra Director

    Garret explains why his new role as director of the UMSKO was simultaneously unforeseeable and inevitable here.

    GarrettSchumannCurrently a doctoral student studying composition at the University of Michigan, collaboration and community is at the heart of Garrett’s musical activities. Garrett has participated in many kinds of music outreach including founding a community concerts series in Houston, Texas, called AroundHear. As a composer, Garrett Schumann’s music is expressive, dramatic – above all – imaginative. You can read Garrett’s thoughts on music on the new music websites,, and or visit him online at
    What song or piece of music would you like to hear arranged for kazoos?