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September 17, 2010

UMS’s Arts Roundup: September 17

By Susie Bozell Craig

Many members of the UMS staff keep a watchful eye on local and national media for news about artists on our season, pressing arts issues, and more. Each week, we pull together a list of interesting stories  and share them with you.  Welcome to UMS’s Arts Round-up, a weekly collection of arts news, including national issues, artist updates, local shout-outs, and a link or two just for fun. If you come across something interesting in your own reading, please feel free to share!

Arts Issues

Artist Updates

  • Pianist Glenn Gould:  Nut or Genius? A fresh look through a new documentary.
  • NPR talks with Patti LuPone about life on Broadway and her new memoir
  • A reflective Riccardo Muti starts his tenure with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

UMS News

  • Don Calamia reviews opening theater production, Susurrus, for Encore Michigan

Local Shout-Outs

Just For Fun

  • Guess there can be only one Graceland:  the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas is closing


Susie is celebrating the start of her 10th season at UMS, where she currently manages UMS’s Corporate Partnerships.