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UMS Lobby Guidelines

The UMS Lobby is a place to express both praise and criticism, to share differing viewpoints, and to create a fun and interesting conversation. You can participate in many ways, including commenting on past, present, and future UMS events, replying to blog posts, asking questions, generating new comment threads, and responding to others’ comments.

As the UMS Lobby evolves, these guidelines may also evolve.

That said, keep in mind the following when posting on

• The Lobby is an avenue for community interaction. Consider using your real name, or a consistent screen name so that others can get to know you. Although this is an online forum, developing good relationships is still the result of an honest, open approach to communication—the same as you would use in your face-to-face interactions with others.
• Please, no personal attacks or posts that contain profanity, hate speeches, spam, or solicitations of any kind. While the content here isn’t likely to be controversial, use good judgment before hitting the “submit comment” button.
• Links are OK, but don’t copy and paste articles. If you find a relevant article, include a link or an excerpt. Copying the whole thing could get UMS into legal trouble.
• At this time, a comment may not be edited by the poster after it has been submitted, so please proof your comments carefully before submitting them.
• If you wish to raise a concern in private, you can email for comments related to this site or for any other issue.
• The Lobby team reserves the right to moderate or remove comments that don’t meet these guidelines. If your comment is removed, you will receive a personal email explaining why.