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Want more Stew? Catch the interview…

We had the chance to interview the amazing Stew with his collaborator Heidi Rodewald on Wednesday night in the former Leopold Brother’s space (where Stew performs all weekend), and we captured it all on video.  It’s an excellent, engaging, and funny conversation about life, art, and music.  The interview lasted about 1 hour plus a Q&A.  We’ve split it up into several parts.  I’m posting the first two parts here — you can click through to YouTube for the whole thing.

Who Is Stew?

Stew is Mark Stewart.
Stew is Mark Stewart’s stage name.
Stew is an artist.
Stew is African American.
Stew is from Los Angles.
Stew is a composer, musician, and poet.
Stew is creative collaborators with bassist and vocalist Heidi Rodewald.
Stew is a two-time Obie winner.
Stew is a 2008 Tony Award winner for his evening-length Broadway musical Passing Strange.
Stew is a co-resident of New York City and Berlin.
Stew is big.
Stew is gentle.
Stew is angry.
Stew is sweet.
Stew is communicative.
Stew is honest.
Stew is smart.
Stew is powerful.
Stew is magical.

Stew says, Black men ski:

Get to know Stew this week when he performs in Ann Arbor.  Discover who Stew is to *YOU* by checking out his artist interview “Post Minstrel Syndrome: A Public Conversation with Stew” this Wednesday, November 17 at 7:00pm at 523 S. Main Street.