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UMS Puppetry Immersion: Photos and Video

UMS Ed Intern Jordan with her freshly made muppet puppet at our Art of Puppetry Immersion. Photo by Omari Rush.

During a day-long puppetry immersion on November 2, 2013, participants create puppets of their very own through an exercise called “eye-bombing.” We pulled together some of your eye-bombing puppet photographs:

During another portion of the workshops, participants made their very own muppet puppets. Here’s what these puppets had to say in our in-venue video booth:

“This guy is going to be passed on to my four year old great nephew….”

“She doesn’t have a name or a voice yet but we’re working on it…”

“I just want to say that my hair looks so good today….”


More puppet confessional video booth here.

Did you attend the immersion? What did you think? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.