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Behind the Scenes with Jason Moran and the Fats Waller Dance Party

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Photo: Jason Moran performs in Fats Waller mask (made by artist Didier Civil). Photo by John Rogers.

UMS: We’re so excited to kick off our 2013-2014 season with the Fats Waller Dance Party on September 6! What should we know about this event? Can you share your favorite Fats songs with us?

Jason Moran: The Fats Waller Dance Party is simply that, a party. It is about movement and music. Fats Waller’s music got people moving back in the 30s. He is a supreme entertainer, pianist and composer. His music is a perfect vehicle for bringing people together. Working with my partner, Meshell Ndegeocello, makes this a very special examination of an American icon. Also September 6th is my 10th wedding anniversary, so we will have a nice party on that night.

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