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UMS Ambassadors

“The UMS Ambassadors champion the mission and advance the goals of the University Musical Society through community engagement, financial support, and other volunteer services.”

Ambassadors are drawn together by our passion for the performing arts and our dedication to the University Musical Society, an internationally acclaimed arts presenter and recipient of the 2014 National Medal of Arts, the nation’s highest award to artists and arts organizations.  We are a volunteer group of dedicated and motivated members with a focus on enabling UMS to fulfill its mission, while continuing to be the premier arts organization in the country.

Formerly known as the UMS Advisory Committee, the group began in 1972 to enhance relationships between the university and the community through the arts.  It is currently an organization of approximately 60 volunteers who contribute over 4000 hours of service to UMS each year.  Since its inception, more than 1,000 individuals have served. Read the full history of the Ambassadors.


As Ambassadors, we serve 4,000-13,000 students annually by working as ushers and volunteers for school day performances.  The K-12 Program is the largest youth education program of its type in the four-state region.

We are a driving force in introducing the next generation of students to a wide range of uncommon and engaging experiences through the finest in performing arts. Through our diverse backgrounds, we are also well positioned to provide skilled volunteer resources in support of UMS by enabling dialogue on pressing social issues, broadening access through adult learning programs, and deepening the performance experience for current UMS audiences.



  • Ambassadors assist with teacher advisory workshops.
  • Ambassadors build partnerships with classroom teachers.
  • Ambassadors assist in developing classroom materials to help teachers incorporate  performances into their curricula.



  • Ambassadors assist UMS staff with various administrative tasks.
  • Ambassadors offer UMS staff event support, giving members a wide range of opportunities to interact with students, artists, educators and community members.


Since 1995 UMS Ambassadors have raised well over $2,000,000 in support of the Education and Community Engagement programs through proceeds from various special projects and fundraising events.  We also contribute to the mission of UMS through concert attendance and advocacy of their diverse offerings.


Designed to be purely social, Ambassador Nights provide casual opportunities for members, spouses and friends to become better acquainted. Most often hosted in the homes of members or alums, these get-togethers are fun and easy, and are a lovely way to make new friends.

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