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UMS Ambassadors

“The UMS Ambassadors champion the mission and advance the goals of the University Musical Society through community engagement, financial support, and other volunteer services.”

UMS Ambassadors are like-minded community members drawn together by a passion for the performing arts and their commitment to the University Musical Society, the internationally acclaimed arts presenter. This group of friendly, dedicated, and motivated volunteers helps UMS fulfill its mission as the country’s premier arts organization.

The group was created in 1972 to enhance relationships between the university and the community through the arts. Since its inception, enthusiastic members have contributed thousands of hours of service. Read the full history of the Ambassadors

Being a UMS Ambassador provides wonderful opportunities to see friends and meet new people, whether working together on a project or socializing. Members speak of their experience as a “gift,” a “privilege,” and “one of the best volunteer experiences” they’ve had. Here are some recent comments:

“Being an Ambassador in support of UMS is an honor. I especially enjoy working as a team with other members to achieve specific goals.”

“I love ushering at School Day Performances!”

“UMS is a precious jewel in the crown of Ann Arbor. Ambassador meetings and parties are a great way to connect, form friendships, and make plans to attend productions together.”


UMS Ambassadors serve as many as 13,000 area students annually by volunteering for School Day Performances. The K-12 Program is the largest youth education program of its type in the four-state region. Members help introduce the next generation to a wide range of uncommon and engaging experiences through the finest in performing arts.



Ambassadors provide UMS with event support, enjoying a rich variety of experiences as they interact with staff, students, artists, educators, patrons, community members and each other. They promote UMS’s mission and programs throughout the community and sometimes assist UMS staff with various organizational tasks.


Since 1995, Ambassadors have raised over $2,000,000 in support of UMS’s Education and Community Engagement programs through proceeds from special projects and fundraising events. They also contribute to UMS’s mission by promoting concert attendance and advocating for the organization’s diverse offerings.


“Ambassador Nights” are fun, casual parties for members, spouses, and friends to become better acquainted. Hosted in members’ homes several times a year, these get-togethers are a great way to meet people. Additionally, members enjoy discounted Group Ticket rates for a chance to socialize while attending select UMS productions together.