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What to Support

Our work, connecting audiences and artists in uncommon and engaging experiences, comprises several programmatic areas. For more information about any of these options, please contact the UMS Development Office at 734-764-8489 or

General Operating Support

Gifts may be made for general operating support, providing UMS with the flexibility to use funds where they are most needed. Or, you may choose to support a specific project or program that sparks your passion.


Artists come from around the world to perform in Ann Arbor, frequently visiting only one or two other cities in the US. Your generosity can help us bring more than 60 exceptional performances to inspire our students and our community each season.

By sponsoring performances, you can ensure our community remains a foremost destination for the world’s most creative minds.


The Renegade Ventures Fund was established by Maxine and Stuart Frankel to support the presentation of artists and work that is challenging and full of risk-taking, experimentation, and boundary-pushing. The fund supports performances by and educational events about artists who, in their own time and context, color outside the lines, changing our expectations.

Your gift can help UMS serve as a launching pad for innovative ideas, new artistic work, and cutting-edge creativity.

U-M Programs

UMS is a Leader and Best among university-based performing arts organizations, engaging students through experiences that can positively affect the one, who may, in turn, affect the many. We seek to connect with U-M students in transformative ways that alter the trajectory of their existence, sending them out into the world to invent, cure, discover, and build in ways unleashed by their creativity.

By supporting UMS’s programs for U-M students, you can be a catalyst for achieving this vision.

K-12 and Community Programs

Learning is core to UMS’s mission, and it is our joy to provide creative learning experiences for our entire community. Each season, we offer school-day performances, workshops, and interactive experiences to connect students and educators to creative minds and unexpected ideas, bringing them closer to the heart of the artistic experience.

By supporting our K-12 and community education programs, you can help create a spark in people, young and old alike.

Special Events

Each season, UMS hosts a unique array of gatherings, and fundraising events designed to connect audiences not only with the artists and art forms we present, but also with each other.