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UMS Forward Fund

You’ve been part of the crowd.
Now we’re asking you to be part of our community.

Give to the Forward Fund and support UMS as we safely return to live events.

Make a Gift

Make a gift today and double your impact! Bank of Ann Arbor will match first-time gifts from the first 250 new donors for up to $25,000 in additional support.

Contributions made before the end of 2021 will help offset projected operational deficits for the next two years that are a direct result of the pandemic.

What is the UMS Forward Fund?

The Forward Fund will provide funding for UMS over the next 2-3 seasons as we safely return to live events. In the 2021/22 season alone, we are projecting a $1 million loss as a result of public health and safety measures.

During the pandemic, our service to the community never stopped, even while our venues were shuttered. We presented dozens of free digital presentations that connected the beauty and emotion of the performing arts to people all over the world.

As we return to live performances, we will continue to offer programming in the digital sphere, sharing our creativity with new audiences that transcend geographic boundaries. We are also doubling down on our commitment to becoming a more diverse, inclusive, and anti-racist organization.

We need you…

to invest in UMS as we look forward to live events again.

to invest in what makes our community vibrant, bold, and joyful.

to invest in art, creativity, and possibility.

to invest in the future of who we are.

Virtual Donor Wall

Thank you to the following supporters who have contributed to the UMS Forward Fund!
(as of April 29, 2021)

Jessica and Piotr Adamczak
Joanne Alexander
Joshi Alumkal
Bank of Ann Arbor
Erika and Peter Bigalow
Sara Billmann and Jeffrey Kuras
Dr. Elizabeth S. Bishop
Christie Brown and Jerry Davis
Marco and Melissa Bruzzano
Matt Castanier and Anne Marsan
Dr. Lisa D. Cook
Tim and Robin Damschroder
Ryan Davis
Brian Dervishi
Andrzej and Cynthia Dlugosz
Barbara Ericson
Parker Finn
Stephen and Rosamund Forrest
Evelyn Galster
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Gargaro
Zita and Wayne Gillis
Susan Harris
Diana Hawes
Catherine Hayes
Dan and Jane Hayes
Anne Hiller
Carla and Jamie Hine
Amy Homkes-Hayes
Linda Spector and Peter Jacobson
Versell Smith, Jr.
Jerold Kellman
Michael J. Kondziolka and Mathias-Philippe Badin
William and Alice Kopp
Samuel and Marilyn Krimm
Marcia LaHaie
Frances Lee
Sua Lee
Richard LeSueur
James and Melissa Lewis
Benjamin Lorch
Tim and Lisa Lynch
Michael and Kristie Martin
Thomas and Lisa McKarns
Terri Middleton
Marjorie Mullen
Lora G. Myers
Andree Naylor
Kay and Gayl Ness
Shannon and Christopher Nitchie
Perry Pernicano
Stephen R. Perrin
Carmencita and Thomas Princen
Robert and Karen Rock
Prue Rosenthal
Andy Rosenzweig and Rebecca Chottiner
Deborah Salerno
Ali Shapiro
Elvera Shappirio
Sandy and Dick Simon
Ted St. Antoine
Dana and Diana Stetson
Heather Sullivan
Laura Kathleen Sutton
Carrie and Peter Throm
Karen Tuttle
Ann Marie Van Duyne
John and Jane Voorhorst
Virginia Wait
Brian Willen and Monica Hakimi
Eric Woodhams