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UMS Live Session: Wild Up & Music By Julius Eastman

UMS Live Session: Christian Schmitt, organ

Whoop House: St. John St Memorial Block Party

Late Night DJ Set with Todd Osborn

The Regenerate! Orchestra

Puppetry Workshop: The Power of Light & Shadow

Marsae Lynette – Reconnecting Currents: A Healing at the Huron

Power Moves: Breakdancing, Art, and Creativity

John E. Lawrence & The Power Band

Come Together: An Evening of Community and Song

Kaleigh Wilder Trio: The Story Cuts Across What the Map Cuts Up

Open Mic Night at the Freighthouse

No Safety Net: Closing Student Party

You Can Dance: Ballroom 22/23

You Can Dance: Tap 22/23

You Can Dance: Detroit Jit 22/23