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K-12 Teacher Appreciation Party 2019

Julius Caesar Conversation: Peter Holland with director Arthur Nauzyciel

Talk: On Shakespeare’s Roman Trails

Pre-Performance Talk: The Sense of Endings

Lawrence Brownlee Master Class

Eric Owens Master Class

Omar Offendum Residency: Work in Progress: Little Syria

Omar Offendum Residency: Reimagining Historic Artifacts & Archives

Pre-Performance Talk: Richard Meyer on the Legacy of Robert Mapplethorpe

Penny Stamps Speaker Series: Bryce Dessner and Korde Arrington Tuttle

Work in Progress: “Dreamers” Workshop

Flint Voices: Culture, Community, and Resilience

Pre-Performance Talk: “War, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation”

Cabaret 2019: An Evening to Remember

Pre-Performance Discussion: Meet the Conductor

Las Cafeteras Artist Talk: Bridging Art, Activism and Community

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Love great music, theater, and dance?

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