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Digital Residency: Tunde Olaniran

Flint-based musician and activist Tunde Olaniran will activate a dynamic residency that features art-making across disciplines, community collaboration and co-creation, emergent technologies, and video animation.

Through the introduction of four singles from Tunde’s forthcoming full-length album, audiences will be invited to participate in the creative process using building blocks created by Tunde and a cohort of creatives, remixing them to create new artistic outputs.

Residency Support

Supporting Sponsors
Joe Malcoun and Caitlin Klein
Julia Darlow and John O’Meara
Anne and Paul Glendon

Patron Sponsors
Stephen and Rosamund Forrest
Beverley and Gerson Geltner
Susan and Richard Gutow
James and Nancy Stanley

Funded in part by
UMS Sustaining Directors

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

About the Artist

Born in Nigeria, Flint-based performer and activist Tunde Olaniran is a beloved fixture of the Detroit music scene and first got to know UMS in February 2019, when they hosted a performance by local musicians and performing artists as part of Yo-Yo Ma’s Day of Action focused on the Flint community. They spent part of the 2019/20 season as UMS’s research residency artist, where they focused on creating an experimental film series that would blend performance, music, and installation art. From that project, they developed the idea for a new experimental LP release — a series of modular, participatory, and experimental performance works that will be released over the course of the next season. Olaniran will explore art-making across disciplines and technologies, community collaboration and co-creation, emergent technologies, and social justice through this residency.

“Artists are experiencing a continuum of challenges and opportunities to their process. Inside and through incredible social upheavals, reawakenings, and uncoverings, the emotional lives and needs of an audience (as well as the artist) still exist.

I’m trying to explore how artists can show up right now, without assuming we are the representative or surrogate for any movement, but still reflecting the emotions that have the potential to exist inside of any particular moment. My question is how do our performances hold and reflect emotionality inside of virtual containers that aren’t particularly new, but hold a much different weight and meaning for audiences right now?”

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