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Provocative Theater. Courageous Conversations. Safe Spaces.

“The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety.” (Goethe)

This season will include a three-week look at stage work that embraces the long theatrical legacy of intervening in social issues and drawing diverse voices into focused conversation. In doing so, we may be asked to reconsider our notions of the world and listen to different viewpoints. We will certainly be challenged to re-examine what we think we already know.

Through artistic presentation on stage, and an equal helping of discussion and inquiry off the stage, UMS will create a community platform for important dialogue — an invocation to move beyond our personal comfort zones and to lean in to the complexities of living in a global society.

From racism in America to terrorism to transgender identity to radical wellness and healing, these theater pieces will ask us to confront our own opinions and biases, with an eye toward better understanding and a greater resilience to face the world we currently live in.

Join us. For provocative theater and courageous conversations, all presented in the safe space of the theater.



  • Building Audiences for Sustainability initiative of The Wallace Foundation


  • Ann Arbor’s 107one, Between the Lines, and Metro Times


Arthur Miller Theatre
The Stamps Gallery


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