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Digital School Day Performance

Marvin’s Binoculars

Streaming Mar 11 – Jun 13


Marvin loves exploring the parks around his home looking for birds, bugs, and animals.

On his ninth birthday he receives his very own pair of grown-up, pro binoculars! But then something terrible happens: he loses them, and to get them back, he must face the intimidating park warden.

Marvin discovers wildlife and friendship in the most unlikely places in this wildly imaginative digital performance that touches on themes of grief, racial prejudice, and self-esteem. Marvin’s Binoculars will inspire children to not only want to explore the outside, but also reflect on their inner selves as well.

To complement this School Day Performance, our UMS Learning Guide offers context about the artists, set design, and birds.

Age Recommendation

Grades 1-6 and Families

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Gail Ferguson Stout

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