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Double Reeds, Double Fun

Learn about the Bassoon!

The ancient history of the bassoon is fairly murky, but precursors of the bassoon have been around since the middle ages. Double reed woodwind instruments called shawms were played in Europe during the 12th century, having arrived from the Middle East, where similar instruments were developed centuries earlier. Join UMS artist facilitator Maddy Wildman as she takes us on a musical journey demonstrating the extensive range and versatility of this extraordinary instrument.

To learn more about the bassoon, explore the accompanying slides and worksheets.

About the Artist

Maddy WildmanOver the course of her music making life, Maddy Wildman has been nurtured by an incredible artistic community, each day challenging her to be more joyful, humble, and kind. If she can extend even a fraction of that to others through her artistic practice, then she will consider her life a success.

Maddy Wildman (b. 1997) (she/her) is a bassoonist, composer, virgo, amateur baker, cocktail enthusiast, and proud cat mom.
As a bassoonist she plays with a lot of people, most notably Front Porch, slapslap, BRIGE and Moongreen. She also writes music (listen here).

Maddy is also honored to work in Education and Community Engagement with the University Musical Society. She manages a portfolio of work that connects the arts with campus life. She was born in Wyoming, raised in Spokane, Washington, graduated from the University of Michigan, and lives happily with her girlfriend in Ann Arbor, Michigan.