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Resources for Arts Integration

White Papers for Faculty

UMS has commissioned an ongoing series of white papers and case studies for U-M faculty members, to support them as they incorporate UMS performances and arts-based learning into their university courses.

How to Incorporate a UMS Performance Into Your Course
Introduces faculty to strategies to choose a performance experience for your course, and how to work with UMS to arrange tickets and craft a meaningful contextual experience for students.

Performance as a Tool for Inclusive Teaching
Outlines how faculty can use the performing arts to support the goals of an inclusive classroom: creating a greater sense of community and dialogue; supporting multiple learning styles; and understanding, centering, and respecting difference.

Discussing Performance in the Classroom
Outlines entry points for discussing a performance before and after your class attends the work, as well as strategies and key vocabulary to support students watching unfamiliar performances in music, theatre, and dance.

Arts Integrative Teaching in a Tenure and Promotion Portfolio
Outlines how arts-integrative teaching can be discussed in a tenure and promotion portfolio as an important part of teaching philosophy, and how arts-integrative teaching supports several strategic priorities for the University of Michigan.

Putting It Into Practice: Integrating UMS into Humanities Classrooms
Provides detailed case studies on how faculty in History, Classics, and English have used UMS performances in their courses. ”

Putting It Into Practice: Integrating UMS into Science and Medicine Classrooms
Provides detailed case studies on faculty in Physics, Psychology, and Medicine who have used UMS performances in their courses.

Case Study in the Sciences: Orchestrating a Musical Understanding of Chemistry
Spotlights how Ginger Shultz and Brian Coppola used the complex structures of music as a tool to unlock understanding of organic chemical structures for their students.

Case Study in the Sciences: Theatre as a Lens for Communication of Science
Details how Laura Olsen used attendance at UMS’s presentation of “Every Brilliant Thing” to foster discussion with her students on how to best communicate scientific concepts to a broad range of audiences.