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Welcome to UMS Performance Playground! Here you’ll find great resources about the performing arts for students in grades K-12. Check out our videos featuring UMS teaching artists performing and talking about their craft. You can join them to begin your own journey! To learn more, explore accompanying slides and worksheets.

These resources are for educational use only, and are free to everyone. Children are encouraged to explore resources with the guidance of teachers, parents, or on their own.

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NEW 2020/21 Units

For Grades 3-8 (Ages 8-13)

Dancing through Mexico's HistoryDancing Through Mexico’s History

Ballet Folklórico can be traced back to the ceremonial and social dances of indigenous people living in Mexico in the early 13th century. Spanish Conquistadores and later colonialists from Spain and other countries brought their own music and dances to Mexico, forever influencing this tradition. Join us on an historic journey as we learn about Mexico’s history through dance.
Added 7/22/2021

For Grades K-6 (Ages 5-11)

Learn about the OudThe Beat of Your Own Drum

The djembe is an African icon infused with legend and lore. Learn about this mystical drum played by West Africans for generations. Perhaps if you listen carefully, you will hear the traditional rhythms and songs that were lost to the past and the spirits that once were.
Added 7/9/2021

For Grades 3-12 (Ages 8-17)

Learn about the OudA King Among Instruments

The oud has a mysterious beginning, with its origins hidden in antiquity and enhanced by myth, story, and legend. Come with us on a musical adventure through ancient times and civilizations as we explore the music and one of the most popular instruments from the Arab world.
Added 6/17/2021

For Grades 1-6 (Ages 5-11)

Learn about the BanjoStrummin’ Along

From the strumming sounds of New Orleans jazz to the fingerpicking melodies of Bluegrass, no other instrument better represents the diverse tapestry that shaped American culture than the banjo. Learn about this 400-year-old instrument and its origins from West Africa to across the continental United States.
Added 6/4/2021

For Grades 5-12 (Ages 10-17)

Telling Stories Through SongTelling Stories Through Song

Sometimes we feel emotions so intense that the only way to express them is through song. Musical theatre allows characters to express thoughts, feelings, and hopes in dynamic and entertaining ways. Join us on a journey of storytelling through song. Added 5/14/2021

For Grades 5-12 (Ages 10-17)

Performance Playground Detroit JitTime to Jit

Kicks, wiggles, floor and intricate footwork fused with the music of Funk and Techno give us Detroit’s native dance style called Jit. Learn the origins of this unique art form and get to know the artists that continue to push the boundaries of this dynamic dance style. Added 4/20/2021

For Grades 5-12 (Ages 10-17)

Performance Playground Rhythm and PoetrySpoken Word

Celebrate the power of words! Join us on a journey of alliteration, metaphor, and imagery as we explore this ancient oral tradition and show you how to write your own spoken word composition.

Added 4/5/2021

For Grades K-7 (Ages 5-12)

Performance Playground Rhythm and PoetryNot Just Another Stringed Instrument

Learn about the harp, one of the oldest instruments in the world, and discover the musical beauty of this majestic instrument.

Added 1/29/2021

For Grades K-4 (Ages 5-9)

Performance Playground Rhythm and PoetryViolin Vignette

Discover the wide range and versatility of this 400-year-old instrument and how to make your very own beginner violin at home.

Added 12/17/2020

For Grades 6-12 (Ages 11-17)

Performance Playground Rhythm and PoetryRhythm and Poetry: Rap and Hip Hop Culture

Explore the robust landscape of Rap and Hip Hop culture. Learn the history behind this truly trailblazing art form and how to create your own raps.

Added 12/7/2020

Previous Units

For Grades Pre-K – 4 (Ages 4-9)

Cara GraningerDance Improvisation for Two of Us or More

Learn how to create a solo, duet, or ensemble dance through movement improvisation. This unit is appropriate for children of all abilities or capacities.

For Grades K – 5 (Ages 5-10)

Susan FilipiakTap Dance/Body Percussion

Discover the basic skills of tap dancing and learn the history of this great American art form.

For Grades 6 – 8 (Ages 11-13)

Chineke! OrchestraOrchestras of Change

Discover the vibrant, innovative, and evolving landscape of classical music in the 21st century.

For Grades 6 – 12 (Ages 11-17)

Teagan FaranIntroduction to Tango Music

Explore the world of tango music, the tradition of aural music sharing, and the basics of improvisation.

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