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UMS Staff Playlist: Leap Day

To celebrate this bonus day, UMS staff members contributed songs for a playlist of their favorite bonus tracks (and other leap day songs!)

Listen on your preferred streaming service, and read about the inspiration behind some of our picks below:

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“Train in Vain (Stand by Me)” by The Clash

Submitted by Lisa Murray, Associate Director of Development and Terri Park, Associate Director: Learning & Engagement

I’ve been re-listening to the Clash lately, and this song was always a fave. I don’t think bonus tracks were a thing way back in 1979, but “Train in Vain” was a ‘hidden’ track; it wasn’t listed on the original album cover because it was added at the last minute, though I think it appears now. 

The title of this song never made it to the first printing of the album cover of “London Calling” which in my opinion is one of the greatest rock, new wave, punk albums of all time. Originally written and recorded for a promotional give away in connection with a popular British music magazine, the deal fell through. The song was so amazing the group decided to added it to the end of side four of the album, however the cover sleeves were already printed so it never made to track list. Of course people were very surprised when they played the album on this bonus track appeared.


“Tell Him” by Lauryn Hill

Submitted by Rochelle Clark, Patron Services Associate

This was a hidden track on “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” album. I remember when this song popped up and it just about took my breath away. At the time it wasn’t listed, but I think it became so popular that you’ll now find it on reissues. One of my favorite albums of all time!


“Tight” by Samara Joy

Submitted by Amy Valade, Finance Clerk

The interplay between the instruments and her voice is amazing! I’m so excited for her upcoming performance! This is a self-produced release, but it appears as a bonus track on the Japan special edition of her album “Linger Awhile Longer.”


“Questions for the Universe” by Laufey

Submitted by Candace Jung, Digital Marketing Assistant

This album expresses the often confusing emotions of yearning in a beautiful way, and “Questions For the Universe,” a bonus track on the deluxe version, ends the album asking for guidance to begin moving forward.


“Tristeza (Versión Acústica)” by Silvana Estrada

Submitted by Maddy Wildman, University Programs Manager

Former UMS employee Jake Gibson is actually the person who hipped me to this artist, listening to her in the office we shared. Her voice is so transportive, and much of her music is gorgeously orchestrated (highly recommend the album “Marchita”). I don’t think she’s super well known in the anglophone world, but I think she should be!


“One Day More” by the Original Broadway Cast of Les Misérables

Submitted by Miranda Tolsma, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Les Mis is always a bop, and what could be more appropriate for Leap Day than “One Day More”!


“Possession (Piano Version)” by Sarah McLachlan

Submitted by John Peckham, Director of Administration & Information Systems

My favorite bonus track is Sarah McLachlan’s “Possession.”  It is the title track on her album and the first song, and this hidden track at the end is a piano acoustic version of the same song.


“Punk Rock 101” by Bowling for Soup

Submitted by Corrinne Hamilton, Group Sales and Promotions Associate

I grew up during the punk rock (emo) era of the mid 2000s and have always loved Bowling for Soup. As their songs are often in jest of themselves or the world around them. This song is a perfect example of this, as they point out how quickly the “punk rock counter culture” become mainstream and in turn an over the top stereotype.


“Untitled” by Eminem (Explicit)

Submitted by Lilian Varner, Marketing and Media Relations Manager

The album is such a time capsule with a few undeniable bangers. The song leads in with, “Nah man. Not quite finished yet.” Goes too hard for a bonus track!


“Time” by Pink Floyd

Submitted by Justine Sedky, Community and Audience Programs Manager

you already know


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