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5 Pivotal Scenes from ‘The Godfather’

The Godfather is widely regarded as one of the greatest films of all time, and full of memorable scenes that showcase the brilliant acting, writing, directing, and cinematography of the movie.


Donor Spotlight: Neil Hawkins and his Love of ‘The Godfather’

Neil Hawkins is a film buff, longtime supporter of UMS, and enthusiastic sponsor of The Godfather Live. We sat down with Neil to discuss his interest in the film and why he thinks it’s one of the great movies of all time.


The Maestro at Michigan: Remembering Leonard Bernstein in Ann Arbor

Actor and director Bradley Cooper spent six years preparing for his role as a musical legend in his much-anticipated film, Maestro. Learn how Cooper immersed himself in the life of Leonard Bernstein, and explore Bernstein’s cherished conducting history at UMS.​


November Lookback: Activating the Arts Across Campus and in the Community

UMS’s mission is to connect audiences with artists in uncommon and engaging experiences, and this month’s events on and off campus have been particularly impactful! Enjoy a look back on a fantastic November with DakhaBrakha, the Akropolis Reed Quintet, and The Javaad Alipoor Company.


Meet the Soloists: ‘Messiah’ 2023

Meet the four amazing soloists joining us for this year’s Messiah performances on December 2 and 3.


Why Nino Rota’s Score for ‘The Godfather’ is So Memorable

From the opening “Godfather waltz” to its iconic love theme, the music of The Godfather is one of the most beloved soundtracks in film history.


Artist Statement: Javaad Alipoor on ‘Things Hidden’

Theater-maker Javaad Alipoor’s latest work, Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World, closes a trilogy that explores the relationship between contemporary technology and contemporary politics.


Gershwin’s Unexpected Inspiration Behind ‘An American in Paris’

In advance of the Akropolis Reed Quintet’s performance, U-M SMTD professor Mark Clague shares some background on Gershwin’s unexpected inspiration behind his iconic An American in Paris.


Introducing Anthony Feimster, Flint Artist in Residence

Anthony Feimster aka Feimstro, sits down with UMS to discuss his residency and his latest album – an acoustic version of his 2022 album, Nina, recorded in live performance that takes inspiration from legendary singer/songwriter Nina Simone.

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