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Share your “Messiah Memories”

An annual tradition since 1879, UMS’s presentation of Handel’s Messiah has become a “signature” Ann Arbor experience. We’re so grateful for the participation of the community in this event year-after-year, and we hope you’ll share with us some of your favorite Messiah memories: how many years you’ve attended, why you look forward to Messiah every year, what makes this event special to you, little remembrances…


Want more Stew? Catch the interview…

We had the chance to interview the amazing Stew with his collaborator Heidi Rodewald on Wednesday night in the former Leopold Brother’s space (where Stew performs all weekend), and we captured it all on video.


UMS Arts Roundup: November 19

Many members of the UMS staff keep a watchful eye on local and national media for news about artists on our season, pressing arts issues, and more. Each week, we pull together…


Dispatch from across the pond: Shakespeare is on the way!

At the end of last week I took a rather last minute trip to London for a long weekend to pop in on Propeller’s “Richard III” rehearsals for a couple of hours. I was really excited by what I saw. Ann Arbor audiences, you’re certainly in for a treat!


Find us on Groupon!

We’re running a one-day promotion through Groupon today…this is the first time we’ve worked with Groupon, so check it out if you’re interested!


Stew, Space, and UMS: UMS Off-site

Can you imagine how it would feel to watch a football game on the stage of Hill Auditorium? Or how about listening to a string quartet in the Michigan Stadium? Just plain wrong, right? These questions are comical, but not unlike the questions UMS has to ask when deciding on where to present our artists.


Who Is Stew?

Stew is honest.
Stew is smart.
Stew is powerful.
Stew is magical.


Outlier: Hauntings of the Avant-Garde

One night, long, long ago (about 10 days heretofore, to be exact), UMS and “experimental film happening,” HOTT LAVA, took over the former UMMA Off/Site space on the corner of S. University…


UMS’s Arts Roundup: November 12

In this roundup: No progress made with DSO talks, so musicians travel with self-produced concert series. Orchestras now join the HD-broadcast performing arts trend in an effort to entice new audiences. Fela! musical (which appears on UMS 10/11 NT Live series) faces $5M lawsuit.

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