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April 1, 2021

Meet the Newest UMS Staff Members


Since the pandemic began just over a year ago, UMS staff has been extremely grateful for the countless Zoom contributions made by our added work-from-home colleagues. Today, on April 1, 2021, we thought it most fitting to introduce some of our newest team members to you.

Please note that due to their hectic schedules, we kindly request that you contact their personal assistants directly using our staff directory.


Director of Digital Barketing

This digital dingo is a master of handshakes, high fives, high jumps, and generally being a good boy during Zoom calls. Those perky ears make him a great listener when assigned tasks and commands, except while in the presence of his one “Achilles’ heel”… squirrels.

Personal assistant: Eric Woodhams, Director of Digital Media



Assistant Meowanager of Ticket Services

Ensures all writing instruments have been properly chewed on, especially pencils. Expert purr monster. Professional napper.

Personal assistant: Anné Renforth, Ticket Services Assistant Manager




Hen in the Foxhouse Endowment Chief Risk Officer

This brown leghorn produces the biggest yolks you’ve ever seen. She has a high tolerance for risk and is most definitely an over-communicator. Always striving for efficiency, she lives by the tagline, “Last in, First Out.”

Personal assistant: Mary Roeder, Programming Manager



Education and Community Engagement Pawgrams Intern

Chimichurri “Chimi” Alberto Perez-Mozumdar is a Ph.D. candidate in Treat Studies at the University of Michigan with over two months of experience as a cuteness consultant for UMS. His dissertation, “A Complete Guide to Stealing Mommy’s Headbands,” was awarded the Goodest Boi Academic Award in 2021. A proud Wolverine, Chimi is an undefeated tug-of-war champion. In his free time, he enjoys Zoom-bombing his parents’ meetings with loud squeaky toys and unsolicited kisses.

Personal Assistant: Christina Mozumdar, Education and Community Engagement Programs Manager



Presidentastix and Chief Treats Officer

Angling for treats; hangdog looks; more angling for treats

Personal assistant: Matthew VanBesien, UMS President




Catmunications Specialist

Demands treats 24-hours a day. Is adept at interrupting Zoom meetings that bore them by demanding belly rubs (often on camera and usually by screaming). Regularly sends cryptic messages to colleagues when her human steps away to refill her coffee. The very best snuggler in all of the land.

Personal assistant: Rochelle Clark, Ticket Services Associate



Director of Pawtron Services

In addition to ensuring her human stays on track at work Fern specializes in reviewing web content, especially when there is an opportunity to chase that little arrow thingy around the screen. She is also expert at attention to detail, specifically her tail, which she has yet to catch.

Personal assistant: Christina Bellows, Director of Patron Services


Freddie and Lulu

Co-Directors of eduCATion and Canine Engagement

Freddie and Lulu have been an incredible addition to our team. They are experts at looking out the window at squirrels, sleeping on our heads, and fuzzifying our blankets and pillows. They are especially talented vocal meowcians (pun for musicians) as they love to show off their vocal talents especially in the early hours of the morning. Lastly they provide a sense of calmness to a stressful work environment as they zoom bomb our meetings.

Personal assistant: Terri Park, Associate Director of Education & Community Engagement



Vice President of Naps, Treats, and Belly Rubs

Responsible for chewing on absolutely everything, tail chasing, and playing games in the backyard. Other responsibilities as assigned.

Personal assistant: Cayenne Harris, Vice President of Education and Community Engagement



Pawtron Services Assistant

Levi’s passion for the arts along with his people skills make him an invaluable asset to UMS. He will go above and beyond to help out around the office by sitting on keyboards, chewing wires, and even deciding that the computer needs a restart. He is such a hard worker and so deeply committed to his position at UMS that he falls into a deep slumber after only 2 hours of work.

Personal assistant: Justine Sedky, Patron Services Assistant


Front of Lawn Manager

Lilly Anne’s responsibilities include making sure unauthorized birds and chipmunks do not enter the lawn, catching any frisbees thrown and bringing them back to the house, and napping in the sun.

Personal assistant: Victoria Spain, Front of House Assistant Manager


Little May

Sr. Pawgramming Manager

Likes to sniff around the jazz and new music bins. Has her paw prints all over her pawgramming. Chases after many sounds.

Personal assistant: Mark Jacobson, Senior Programming Manager



Director of Happiness and Smiles

Otis enjoys bringing happiness and smiles to virtual meetings, but holds us accountable for outdoor exercise and indoor naps in the sunlight. He enjoys adult meetings more than virtual first-grade appearances. Otis looks forward to Michigan summers at the lake. Go Blue!

Personal assistant: Will Smith, Assistant Manager, Major Gifts



Group Tails and Pawmotions Associate

Padawan spends the work day on Zoom calls and taking naps in the sun. Paddy attended Kojima University with a degree in Good Doggos, minoring in Jedi studies. She looks forward to giving you and your pets a group discount to shows!

Personal assistant: Bridjet Kojima, Group Sales and Promotions Associate



Director of Develickment

A real arfs lover, Piper has a talent for sniffing out like-minded suppawters and shepherding them into the fold. A talented funraiser, Piper excels at fetching needed resources and showing those donors her love as only an affectionate Aussiedoodle can.

Personal assistant: Susie Craig, Director of Development


Executive Director of Fur Distribution

Yvaine’s primary skill is appearing unannounced in every zoom call. When off camera, she fills her day by screaming for food, sleeping at least 16 hours a day, and getting her fur on literally every surface in the house. She yells at birds out the window and probably loves bonito flakes more than her moms.

Personal assistant: Maddy Wildman, Education and Community Engagement Programs Manager



Senior Donor TREATment Specialist

Zealand joined the development staff a year ago to help make sure UMS donors are TREATed well. Her duties include sniffing around to make sure donors are well fed. She sometimes barks orders at others, but usually commands respect with simple tricks and rewards.

Personal assistant: Marnie Reid, Associate Director of Development, Major Gifts and Planned Giving