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January 7, 2021

Corporate Spotlight: Retirement Income Solutions, Karen Chapell

Karen Chapell

Karen Chapell, Retirement Income Solutions Managing Partner

Retirement Income Solutions (RIS) are long-time supporters of UMS. For more than 15 years RIS has been a corporate sponsor of an annual UMS performance. In addition, RIS hosts its clients for a pre-performance reception and the performance they sponsor. We talked with Managing Partner, Karen Chapell, to learn more about RIS’s history with UMS, and Karen’s own background with the arts.

Tell us a little about your background with the arts: Musical talents? First performing arts experience? Did you grow up with the arts or come to them as an adult?

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, we had to drive into the city to see “that one” special performance each year. My folks enjoyed taking us to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the Nutcracker performance was an annual tradition. I was so taken aback when I arrived in Ann Arbor as a college student because I realized that performances that were running in Chicago were actually coming to Ann Arbor. I was struck by how easily I could obtain a ticket — and for a discounted rate!


retirement income solutions logoWhen and how did Retirement Income Solutions first become involved with UMS?

Retirement Income Solutions has partnered with UMS as a Corporate Sponsor for over 15 years. Larry Hastie and Griff McDonald, the firm’s Founding Partners, recognized the importance of supporting the arts and making it a philanthropic goal of the company, as well as a venue to engage with our clients, as many have become season ticket holders.


Please share your favorite UMS performance or memory?

Wynton Marsalis met my colleague’s 10-year-old nephew, who also played the trumpet, after a Christmas performance a few years ago. They began visiting backstage and discussed how to improve his embouchure. Wynton then handed this young boy his cell phone number and offered to facetime him so that Wynton could assess his progress!


UMS’s motto is “Be Present,” but during these times we hope our community “Stays Present” until we can safely return to our normal programming.  How are you Staying Present with the arts?

Staying in touch virtually, I believe, has been an unexpected benefit during this time. Those who are otherwise unable to attend a concert may find that this is a way to connect even though they have not had an opportunity to do so in the past. We need to remember that this will not be the case forever. But for now, taking advantage of a virtual concert offering has been refreshing entertainment.


RIS has been a longtime corporate donor to UMS. What has UMS meant to RIS and why is supporting the arts such an important component of RIS’s corporate philanthropy?

UMS is an incredible gift in our backyard. Having access to world-renowned artists, performances, and student clinics has been a key to this institution’s success and makes them a stand-out in our university community. Retirement Income Solutions recognizes that the arts may be one of the first places budgets are cut during this unprecedented time. We have committed to maintaining our level of support across the arts as we recognize the impact this institution has on our community, its families, and most importantly, for our students.

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