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March 11, 2018

March 9, 2018: Your Arts & Culture Adventure Picks


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UMS Wallace Blogging Fellow Hailey Dukes is a sponge for all things related to art and culture. Originally from Kent, Ohio, this Detroit-based transplant has spent over three years showcasing and highlighting Detroit music art and culture through her work as a Contributing Editor for with Detroit creative arts agency PLAYGROUND DETROIT and Detroit based publication Grand Circus Magazine. With an inherent passion for writing, a social nature, and a personal draw to cultural happenings of all sorts, she has combined her love and interests to promote a bouquet of talent in Detroit while having fun in the process. 

Detroit’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade
March 11, 12:30pm
Corktown, Detroit

The moment some people look forward to forgetting all year!  Detroit’s classic St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a time for the community to come out, enjoy the parade,  smash corned beef sandwiches, bar hop, and fool in the streets.  Located in a diverse community, the St. Patty’s Day parade brings a mix of cultures out to indulge in the traditionally Irish celebration.

With Corktown being the oldest neighborhood in Detroit and a 19th century hub for Irish immigrants, it is quite the wonder to consider the centuries of Irish citizens, culture and history that has befallen the popular neighborhood.  One of my favorite parts of Detroit is the ethnic diversity and March 11th is another day to celebrate one of Detroit’s popular cultures while having a great time.

The Prince and Michael Experience
March 16, 8pm
El Club, Detroit

Looking back to some my earliest memories on this planet, I recall hearing my parents singing both Prince and Michael Jackson’s music in the car, while cleaning the house, on TV and more. The music was always around me and passed down from my parents to me like a sacred family heirloom.

With these memories in mind, I was naturally drawn to the Prince  and Michael experience at Detroit’s popular nightlife destination, El Club in Southwest. At this event the music, image and impact of these respective artists will be celebrated with music, drinks, pizza and good times.  The event is sure to reverberate iconic music and positive vibes out into the night air so get off the wall and party like it’s 1999!

Sound Bath @ The Schvitz
March 16, 8pm
The Schvitz, Detroit

This month a super cool mash up of music and mood create a one of a kind experience. March 16, a new and exciting event series  kicks off at Detroit bath house, The Schvitz Health Club bringing unique experiences together as one. The promising series will be bringing an eclectic mix of local and visiting DJ talent the  relaxation hub, and event goers can listen to ambient, house, and techno sounds  while enjoying the historic amenities of the renowned bath house. This year, the location has made a huge splash, hosting exciting events and interesting  artisans for patrons’ enjoyment. The building is under new management and has undergone monumental renovations, most recently including a Himalayan Pink Salt Sauna. Come bust a sweat and a move at the Sound Bath debut this month.

Introduction to Weaving
March 18, 10am-3pm
The Guest Room, Ypsilanti

Do you ever sit back and think about how much time you’ve spent stuck on the couch watching Netflix stuck? Why don’t you take some time away from the tube and learn a new skill! The Guest Room in Ypsilanti is offering an introductory course to weaving “in a fun and welcoming environment.” Event goers will learn the basic terminology and process of weaving, exploring variant patterns, colors and textures. The hands-on class believes in a kinetic learning structure so event goers will learn by doing and exit the class with their own loom started and yarn to keep it going after the class is finished. Don’t spend this spring catching up on six different Netflix original series at a time, rather use your hands, calm your mind, enhance your focus and surprise yourself!

Poetry Slam II: Poetic Boogaloo
March 18, 7-9pm
Ann Arbor Poetry, 324 S. State St.

I love a good poetry slam. Attending them, that is! (haha) Although I’m not much of a performance artist,  I love to come out and witness the magical marriage of wordplay and performance that makes for a captivating reading. In a competition style, readers will perform for two rounds, 3 minutes each. Judged by a panel, a winner is crowned at the end of the competition rounds.  In it for the love of the game? Join in at the tail end for judgment free Open Mic Night. Not into performing at all? Sit back and listen to the smooth sounds of your community’s writers.

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