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April 21, 2017

Ken Fischer in Conversation with U-M Students

By Mallory Shea

Throughout Ken Fischer’s 30-year tenure as president of UMS, he’s made it a priority to be surrounded by young people and to spend time with any student who reaches out. Whether they meet in his office¬†or go out for a cup of coffee, he shares his stories, provides guidance, creates opportunities, and leaves students feeling inspired.

We’ve captured some of these conversations¬†in a series of four videos. Experience them below and be sure to check back as new videos are released.

Ken with Chelsea Reighard

U-M Medical student
Captured November 23, 2016

Ken with Olivia Johnson

U-M School of Music, Theatre, & Dance masters student
Captured June 14, 2017

Ken with Westley Montgomery

U-M School of Music, Theatre, & Dance student
Captured June 22, 2017

Ken with Kat DeBartolomeis

U-M Communications Studies student
Captured December 19, 2016