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April 14, 2017

UMS in the Classroom: Murray Perahia, piano


Murray Perahia 2013e by Nana Watanabe

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This performance may connect meaningfully with courses in the following schools and disciplines:

  • History
  • Political Science
  • Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian Studies
  • Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Composition
  • Music Education
  • Musicology
  • Piano



  • Perahia says, “I’m drawn to…structure because this is what music is about to me – these subconscious elements, things that we’re not really aware of when we’re listening on the surface. But there is a pattern underneath, and you can see it more clearly if you study it. It’s the same with life.” What recurring structural elements did you hear in the works on the program? How did they shape the meaning of the works for you?
  • What stylistic or thematic similarities and/or progressions do you see among the works on the program? Why do you think Perahia chose to structure his performance this way?