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March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017: Your Arts and Culture Adventure Picks


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I’ve seen a lot of theatre. From grungy cabarets to Broadway smashes. As much as I love a classic musical, or Sarah Ruhl production – I grow tired of act one, fifteen minute intermission, act two, and scene. How about we spice it up a bit?

Luckily, we live in an area full of opportunity to explore unique theatre experiences. Most of these productions are devised, totally original, and may never be performed in this area again! So make sure to mark your calendars, because the next few weeks are packed with rare performances.

YKB 10th Annual Monologue Show

Rackham Auditorium | March 23

Monologues are an exciting showcase of talent. They’re usually short, and have the ability to change dramatically from performer to performer. Yoni Ki Beat (YKB) is an organization on UM’s campus aimed at raising awareness around social justice issues, especially those pertaining to South Asian women and women of color. Every year they present this monologue show where no topic is too taboo. YKB says you will laugh and cry all while supporting Mai Family Services with the proceeds from the show. Some of the monologue titles include, “I Refuse to Apologize Again,” “I Protest for You, Ma,” and “Did I stutter?” Cash only at the door.

Photo Credit: Sean Carter Photography

Photo Credit: Sean Carter Photography

Here’s to You, Here’s to Me

Location varies by date | March 23-April 2

One of my favorite things to do is grab a drink before or after a show. With Kickshaw Theatre, both the show and the drinks happen all at once! Check out this completely original 30 minute performance in bars across downtown Ann Arbor. Expect songs, dances, and communal toasts. “Once you have a glass to raise, you will take a seat. As the story unfolds, you’ll be toasting along with us,” explains director Lynn Lammers.  Check out Kickshaw Theatre’s website for specific times and accessibility information. Only 30 tickets to each performance!

Teatro Chico: [Other Americas]

Living Arts | March 25

Spoken word, live music, and clay-based-activities are not always a part of a regular theatre experience. “We are proud to have talented artists in spoken word and music speak to the immigrant experience in [Other] Americans,” said Living Arts. The clay based hands-on art activity will be hosted by Ladybug Studios. There is a suggested donation of $10, and is recommended for ages 13+. Support the voices of a diverse set of artists, and enjoy a multi-genre experience in Detroit.

Complicite-Encounter-5-by-Tristram-Kenton-x1080The Encounter

Power Center | March 30

UMS is bringing a one-man show unlike any other to Ann Arbor with Simon McBurney’s “The Encounter.” This performance retells a journey through the Amazon Rainforest and is delivered using binaural technology, or 3D audio. Everyone will get a pair of headphones for this fully immersive performance, and can enjoy a pre and post discussion with the artist. The performance was on Broadway for 3 months, and is now making its way to Ann Arbor for this 2 hour long production with no intermission. Visit UMS’s website to learn more about tickets and services for the hearing impaired.

I Have Found: A Journey Through Song with Jessica Grové

The Encore Musical Theatre Company | April 1

Cabaret is one of my favorite forms of story-telling, and rarely do we get to see a seasoned professional tackle this genre in Southeast Michigan. Encore Musical Theatre Company presents “I Have Found: A Journey Through Song with Jessica Grové” for one night only in Dexter, Michigan. This autobiographical tale tells the story of Jessica’s journey through show business, starting at the age of 14 with her Broadway rendition of Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz.” Travel 15 years through the lights on Broadway, all the way to finding love and motherhood. This is sure to make every theatre-nerd’s heart sing all the way through winter!


Thanks for reading! What awesome theatre performances are coming up that have you excited? Let me know on Twitter!

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Photos courtesy of artists and performance spaces.

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