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Public Q&A: Ask Stile Antico



When the young British ensemble Stile Antico performed two years ago, the event was one of the most talked-about that season.

The ensemble is now firmly established as one of the most original and exciting new groups in the choral music world. Working without a conductor, the 12 members of Stile Antico rehearse and perform as chamber musicians, each contributing artistically to the end result. Their performances have been repeatedly praised for their vitality and commitment, expressive lucidity, and imaginative response to text.

Now’s your chance to ask the musicians your questions. Tweet your questions @UMSNews, post them on our Facebook page, or in the comments below.

We’ll post Stile Antico’s response here on the Lobby before they return to perform again on December 7.

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Q&A with Stile Antico


Q&A with Stile Antico
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