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Want more Stew? Catch the interview…

By Jim Leija

We had the chance to interview the amazing Stew with his collaborator Heidi Rodewald on Wednesday night in the former Leopold Brother’s space (where Stew performs all weekend), and we captured it all on video.  It’s an excellent, engaging, and funny conversation about life, art, and music.  The interview lasted about 1 hour plus a Q&A.  We’ve split it up into several parts.  I’m posting the first two parts here — you can click through to YouTube for the whole thing.


Jim Leija is UMS Director of Education & Community Engagement. He's an alumni of the University of Michigan College of LSA, School of Music, Theatre & Dance, and School of Art & Design. Jim lives in Ann Arbor with his partner Aric and two dog-children named Olive and Maisie.

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