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August 23, 2010

This Day in UMS History: Single Ticket Day


Today, August 23, is UMS Online Single Ticket Day! As of 10am today, you can purchase tickets for events on our upcoming 2010/11 season on our website. Beginning at 10am on Wednesday, August 25, you can purchase tickets on the phone and in-person at our ticket office at the Michigan League.

Single Ticket Day in Burton Tower, 1979

The ticket-buying process has seen much change over our 132 years with new developments in technology: the telephone, printers, computers, and most recently, the internet!

In honor of Single Ticket Day, we dug deep into our photo archive to share photos of past Single Ticket Days with you. When viewing the slide show below, click the button on the bottom right to make it full screen, then click “Show Info” at the upper right corner to see captions of the photos.

One of the most exciting things about Single Ticket Day for the UMS staff is hearing what shows you’re excited about. So tell us–what tickets are you buying today?

Need suggestions? Want to try something new? Take a look at some of our Staff Picks here on to hear what we’re excited about!

Haven’t seen our Single Ticket Brochure yet? Click here to check it out!