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March 8, 2010

Cyro Baptista – Your donkey is safe.

By Carlos Palomares

In Ann Arbor last month, Cyro Baptista appeared with Luciana Souza.  During the concert, he had the audience in stitches, especially when he showed why Home Depot should consider endorsing him. He said he gets most of his instruments at Home Depot these days. One example was his flexible stainless-steel gas line flute. I wonder if, in addition to being a world-class percussionist, Cyro also does stand-up comedy.

In the video above, Cyro talks about what “Beat the Donkey” means. (Cyro insists they will not be beating or hurting any donkeys.) While Cyro invites you to bring your own donkey, we ask that you do not bring any animals to the performance. I have not confirmed the university policy, but it is probably safe to say that donkeys are not permitted in the Power Center.

In this second video, Cyro explains his desire to come to Ann Arbor after hearing about the town from his father, who came here when Cyro was young.  I wonder if Ann Arbor lived up to his expectations.

You can also download a video of highlights from Beat the Donkey’s appearance on the WBGH program La Plaza.


Carlos Palomares was the UMS Production Manager/Artist Services Coordinator from 2007-2010. He received his MA in Ethnomusicology at Michigan in 2007.
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