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UMS Gift Certificates

Available in any amount and redeemable for more than 70 events throughout our season.

For College Students

Our ticket programs for college students.

$12 & $20 UMS Student Tickets

New for Students: Rush pricing that you don’t have to rush around for! Take it easy and plan ahead because this year instead of hoping last minute rush tickets will be available, you can purchase tickets at low prices all year long.

Whether you buy in advance or on the day of the show, college students (not just University of Michigan students!) will always get the same sweet deal: All student tickets are $12 or $20, depending on seat location.

Please Note: For every production, UMS designates a significant number of seats to be discounted for student purchase. Should student seats ever sell out, UMS will continually monitor sales demand for full price tickets, for student tickets, and seat inventory in order to assess whether more student seats can be made available.  If it is possible to increase the number of student seats, they will become available each Tuesday at 10am. As long as a performance is not sold out, student tickets will also be available at the door.


Arts & Eats: Dig in with UMS

Sponsored by the University of Michigan Credit Union, Arts & Eats: Dig In with UMS is a $15 ticket package deal that includes a great seat at the performance, exclusive access to a pre-show dinner, and a fun activity to get you thinking about the performance in a whole new way. You can pick up your tickets for the show at the Arts & Eats event.

The UMS Student Committee will be hosting Arts & Eats before the following UMS performances:


Bert’s Ticket for undergraduate U-M first-year and second-year students

Bert Askwith holds THANK YOU card from U-M students
Photo: Bert Askwith holds “Thank you” card signed by U-M students.

Bert Askwith (1911-2015) was a true victor for the arts and an incredible advocate for the U-M student experience. In 2012, at 102 years old, Bert pledged to buy every U-M first- and second-year undergraduate student a free ticket to a UMS performance and a second ticket for a friend available for only $10.

For Winter 2016, Bert’s Ticket is available for all performances with the exception of American Ballet Theatre’s Sleeping Beauty and NT Live: Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Stop by the Michigan League Ticket Office (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-1pm) to get your free ticket.

Busting student myths

Our Student Committee put together a few student myths about UMS – and then busted them! Check out some of these common misconceptions and learn more about our student programs.

Myth 1: Tickets are expensive!

Wrong! All students (not just University of Michigan students!) can get student tickets starting at just $12 to most UMS performances. University of Michigan undergraduate first- and second-year students are also eligible to receive one free Bert’s Ticket to a UMS performance of their choice.

Myth 2: UMS just presents classical music.

Wrong! UMS actually presents all kinds of performances, from classical music and chamber music to theater, dance, jazz, global, and even Indie music. Check out our full season to explore all of our offerings.

Myth 3: I won’t fit in, or I have to dress up to attend a UMS performance.

Wrong! There’s no dress code at UMS performances. While there’s sometimes a culture of dressing up nicely for classical music orchestra performances and recitals, most of our audiences dress casually. We encourage you to wear what you want to the performance – this is Ann Arbor, after all!

Myth 4: It takes too much of a time commitment to go to a UMS performance.

Wrong! UMS performances vary in length, but they generally begin at 7:30 pm or 8 pm and last an hour or two. Most UMS performances are right here on University of Michigan campus. You can enjoy world-class artists all before 10 pm, when the night is still young.

Got more questions or myths? Contact the UMS Student Committee at


Get access to more performances as a volunteer usher. Contact Ellen Miller at, to learn more.