At UMS, we believe the performing arts should be a part of nurturing every young mind. Beyond the benefits of art for building creativity and exposing them to world-class performers, they also learn about different regions, different eras, new ways of looking at their world. We work with educators to arrange exceptional opportunities for young students. Through field trips, teaching guides, and curated content, we complement curriculum and inspire young minds. We would love to engage with you as well.


Since 1997, UMS has worked in proud partnership with Ann Arbor Public Schools and Washtenaw Intermediate School District through the John F. Kennedy Center’s Partners in Education Program. Our three organizations collaborate regularly on the development of accessible and high-quality arts education programs for our area’s students and teachers.

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  • UMS K-12 Field Trip Brochure (PDF)
  • Explore our 2015-2016 K-12 Field Trip Brochure:

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  • School Day Performance Ticketing Policies and Procedures
  • 2015-2016 UMS Youth Education Program
    Ticketing Policies and Procedures

    UMS policies and procedures are designed to ensure fair and equitable ticketing and registration processes.

    Performance Christmas Carol Tanya Tagaq Camille A. Brown Nufonia Must Fall Mariachi Vargas Zafir
    Performance Date  2/17-18 2/2 2/12 3/10 4/1 4/15
    50% Non-Refundable Deposit Due 9/30 11/13 11/13 11/13 11/13 11/13
    Final Payment & Confirmation of Ticket Numbers Due 12/1 1/20 1/29 2/25 3/17 4/1

    Ticket Requests
    Tickets may be requested at any time.  Requests should be submitted online.

    Making Changes to Your Order

    • School Day Performance tickets are $7 per student, teacher, or chaperone, unless otherwise noted. (Allow at least one chaperone per 15 students.)
    • 10-ticket minimum per performance.
    • Before requesting tickets, please be sure to check school calendars for conflicts and transportation availability.
    • Ticket demand often exceeds availability.  To accommodate demand, UMS reserves the right to cap ticket requests per school for each performance.
    • All performances are subject to change and cancellation.

    Ticketing Timeline

    1. Ticket requests will be honored as long as the performance still has available seats. Once tickets are sold out, UMS will add your order to a waitlist.
    2. UMS sends invoices in August for requests received between May and August. Ticket requests submitted after August are invoiced upon receipt. .
    3. 50% Non-Refundable Deposits are due September 30, 2015 for Fall performances (September through December).
    4. 50% Non-Refundable Deposits are due November 13, 2015 for Winter performances (January through April).
    5. Final payment and attendance numbers for all School Day Performances are due 14 days before the performance (see payment chart).

    Deposit and Final Payment Deadlines

    • 50% Non-Refundable Deposits must be received by the deadline to secure your reservation.
    • Full payment for tickets to attend any UMS School Day Performance must be received 14 days prior to the performance, or your reservation may be canceled.
    • Payments can be made by check (payable to “UMS”), money order, credit card, or purchase order.


    1.       50% deposits are not refundable.
    2.       Refunds will only be issued if school is cancelled due to inclement weather or if the event itself is cancelled.
    3.       UMS is unable to issue refunds if tickets are purchased for a day when school is not in session or if transportation is unavailable.  Please check your calendars carefully when booking events!


    UMS assigns seats to accommodate students with special needs and to ensure school group cohesiveness, stage visibility, and efficient auditorium entry and exit.  Seating assignments do not correlate to the time of ticket request submission.

    Ticket Discounts

    Schools with half or more of their students qualifying for Free or Reduced Lunch are eligible to receive a $1 per ticket discount on the total price of their group’s tickets for a UMS School Day Performance.  To be eligible for this discount, please send official documentation of this percentage to UMS with your ticket request.  UMS will apply the discount to your invoice.  This discount represents one way in which UMS is attempting to achieve equity of access to our programs for schools across the region.

    Curriculum Connections

    Event Performing Arts Visual Arts English Language Arts Social Studies World Languages Arts IntegrationPre- & Post- show workshops
    School Day Performances            
    A Christmas Carol X X X X    
    Tanya Tagaq X X   X    
    Camille A. Brown & Dancers X     X   X
    Nufonia Must Fall X X X     X
    Mariachi Vargas X     X X (Spanish)  
    Zafir X     X X (Arabic & Spanish) X
    Educator Workshops            
    Character Interviews X   X X    
    Song of America X   X X    
    Incorporating Theater into the Classroom X   X X    
    Impact Roundtable X X X X X  
    Mexican Immersion X X   X X (Spanish)  

    Workshop Registration

    • All teachers must register and pay for workshops in advance.  Workshop registrants will be charged regardless of whether or not they actually attend.
    • Payments are due 72 hours prior to the workshop in order to guarantee that your spot is reserved.  If this date falls on a weekend, the deadline is extended to the following Monday.
    • A $10 workshop registration discount is available to teachers bringing students to a corresponding School Day Performance and to students enrolled in a university teacher education program.
    • Refunds are available if cancellations are received at least 10 business days before the workshop.
    • Workshop registrants will not receive a refund if they do not attend the workshop.

    Workshop Reimbursement

    • Ann Arbor Public School Teachers: AAPS will reimburse teachers’ workshop fees, up to $30 per workshop, subject to availability.
    • Washtenaw Intermediate School District Teachers: WISD will reimburse the workshop fees of the first five teachers to register.
    • Teachers who miss the workshop may not apply for reimbursement. Contact UMS Youth Education for more information.

    Questions? E-mail umsyouth@umich.edu or call (734) 647-4010

    Participation Agreement and Waiver

    I understand that my students’ participation in the Program is voluntary and that as a condition of my students’ participation, I agree to comply with all Program requirements including, but not limited to: (a) accurately completing all registration forms in a timely manner, (b) ensuring that students are aware of the Program’s standards of conduct; (c) and immediately notifying the Program Administrator of any concerns related to the health, safety security of my students, other participants, or Program staff.

    I understand that as part of my students’ participation in the Program that there are dangers, hazards and inherent risks to which my child may be exposed, including the risk of serious physical injury, temporary or permanent disability, and death, as well as economic and property loss. I further realize that participating in the Program may involve risks and dangers, both known and unknown, and I have chosen to allow my students to take part in the Program.

    Therefore, I, and on behalf of my students, have determined that it is reasonable to accept all risk of injury, loss of life or damage to property arising out of training, preparing, participating, and traveling to or from the Program and I do voluntarily accept and assume those risks.

    I release the University Musical Society and all officers, directors, employees, volunteers and agents from any claims or liability arising from my students’ participation in the Program, provided that such claim is not due to the gross and sole negligence of the released parties.

    In the event of an accident or serious illness, I authorize representatives of the University Musical Society obtain medical treatment for students. I hold harmless and agree to indemnify the University from any claims, causes of action, damages and/or liabilities, arising out of or resulting from said medical treatment. I further agree to accept full responsibility for any and all expenses, including medical expenses that may derive from any injuries to students that may occur during their  participation in the Activity.

    I acknowledge that the adult chaperones and teachers from my school are responsible for the supervision of students during the Program. Accordingly, the University Musical Society makes no assertions or assurances regarding background screening of the adult chaperones or other participants.

    I also agree to indemnify the University Musical Society and all of its employees and agents from any financial obligations or liabilities that my child may cause while participating in the Program, including attorney’s fees and court costs resulting from his/her misconduct, errors, or omissions.

    I agree that my students/classroom/school can be photographed/recorded for future UMS archival and promotional use. I will alert a UMS representative either in advance or onsite if any students in my class have current waivers on file that prohibit dissemination of their image or likeness.

    This Agreement is governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Michigan without regard for principles of choice of law. Any claims, demands, or actions arising under this Agreement must be brought in a court with applicable subject matter jurisdiction sitting in the state of Michigan and I consent to the jurisdiction of a Michigan court with appropriate subject matter jurisdiction. I agree that the terms and conditions of this Agreement are binding on my representatives, heirs and assigns.