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For K-12 Educators

At UMS, we believe the performing arts should be a part of nurturing every young mind. As we continue to navigate the uncertainties of a global pandemic, the arts play a crucial role in learning, healing, and social change.

With evolving philosophies in arts education and new models for communication in the digital realm, UMS remains steadfast in its commitment to offering arts experiences that are engaging, thought-provoking, and accessible to everyone.

The arts have inspired curiosity, challenged beliefs, envisioned new possibilities, and promoted action for positive change for centuries. During our 2022/23 school year, we invite students and educators to experience how the performing arts can be a catalyst for meaningful conversations, offer new lenses of understanding, and create space to develop empathy.

2022/23 K-12 Brochure

Love great music, theater, and dance?

Love great music, theater, and dance?

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